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6. Making the perfect comment to reinforce your authority

In this lesson, we’ll be going over something you probably already know a little bit about – leaving comments on other users’ posts! Since you’re here, you’re used to making comments already and likely make tons a week. The question is, are you doing it the best possible way?

Why bother?

At FILT Pod, we value leaving genuine, valuable, and insightful comments on the posts of our pod members. Subpar comments will not only look bad on you as an individual and our community, but it will also result in a ban from FILT Pod. Why is this?

By leaving comments like ‘Nice post’ and ‘Thanks for sharing’ on multiple posts a day, you’re not establishing yourself as a thought leader. It looks thoughtless and you look like everyone else, which is the other 98% of the first level workers on LinkedIn. 

comment to reinforce your authority,thought leader
Example of a subpar comment among insightful ones. Who would you trust?

Putting aside the potential loss of your precious LinkedIn account, you’ll also be damaging your own reputation by leaving comments like these. When others see you leaving comments like these consistently, they’ll notice that you’re putting very little effort into your comments, which they can only assume translates into your work ethic as well.

Put yourself in their shoes as a thought leader. If you notice that someone is consistently writing ‘Good post’ and ‘Thanks for sharing’ rather than leaving meaningful comments, what would your opinion of them be? Would you be willing to work with them or purchase a service from them? If the answer is no, you’re doing something wrong.

Always take time to evaluate yourself from the perspective of someone else.

The comments you leave on others’ content may not mean much to you, but it means a great deal to the person whose post you’re commenting on, and seeing the same ‘Great post’ everyday is very discouraging. 

Basically, don’t comment something that you wouldn’t want someone commenting on your post.

This doesn’t apply to FILT Pod sessions alone. You should be following this mindset whenever you comment on someone’s post, especially outside of the pod. Others will be a lot less understanding of poor comments, and if you’re trying to get noticed, these comments are not the way to go.

Now that we’ve gone over what not to do and why not to do it, let’s jump into what you should be doing!

How to leave amazing comments

Perfect comment to reinforce your authority: Don't be basic
Example of amazing comments that can start discussions

Leaving great comments is easy and everyone has their own style and tone that they use when doing so. This will be up to you, but here are our suggestions!

Start by reading the post or watching the video. We, of course, recommend reading or watching in its entirety, but if you’re running on a strict schedule and need to save time, try skimming through for main points. You can even do this for videos, especially those with captions! Scroll through the video and speedread the captions as you go to get a good idea of the topic and points.

Now that you know what the poster is talking about, it’s time to comment! Here are some suggestions from us;

  1. Praise them + emphasize on one of their points 
  2. Agree with them + reason for agreeing
  3. Disagree with them + reason for disagreeing (Stay polite, but don’t be afraid to start a discussion! We’re all professionals here.)
  4. Your own experience with their topic or points
  5. Add a point of your own to go along with theirs

Comments like these help to drive conversation, which we’ll be talking about more in Lesson 9! These comments show that you care and you’ve read or watched their content.

Of course, these suggestions might not work for every type of post out there – there’s a lot – but this can give you a basic idea of where to start so you can take it from there.

Tips from our top members: To save time and develop a more productive and efficient workflow, work like a carefully produced processing line at a factory.

Do one thing at a time.

In the context of FILT Pod, rather than engaging with others’ posts and responding to comments left on your post at the same time, you should focus on engaging with others’ posts first. Then only should you move on to replying to comments left on your post. This will not only be more efficient, but you will not need to constantly refresh your page waiting for new comments. Most of them will have already rolled in by the time you’re done engaging. You’ll be able to respond to every comment in one fell swoop.

For greater detail into adopting this more productive workflow, you can watch our video tutorial on the subject.