Our Mission

Building a Second Brain for every technical B2B SME founder on planet Earth to build relationships and sales pipelines

As Anne Hathaway is to Meryl Streep in the iconic movie, “The Devil Wears Prada

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How It Started

Born out of struggle to build relationships with people

Hey, Jason here.

As with many technical founders, my relationship-building skills aren’t inborn. They’re made.

Even as a consulting business owner:

It took me years to learn social cues and build relationships with clients.

It took me years to understand the importance of remembering the little details.

I worked out of my comfort zone. Learned by trial and error.

And in moments when my memory failed me as I sat before a client, I thought, “If only I had someone to remember and tell me these things when I need it.

You know, like Anne Hathaway’s character from “The Devil Wears Prada.” Those times, my mind would flash to that one scene where she gave Meryl Streep’s character vital information at the right moment. 

Fast forward to today. Relationships are still as important as ever. What’s more critical than before? Personalization.

But now… 

Communicable channels are endless. 

Conversations happen all over the place. 

Memory fades over time

Remembering where a conversation occurred could be tricky, much less recalling details others shared with us.

That’s why I built Engage AI. 

It’s to take the scattered pieces and piece them together. It’s to create a fuller picture for personalized human-to-human conversations, making information easily retrievable at any time.

I’m my family’s breadwinner. If I could have someone – or something – to help me build and keep important business relationships that translate into sales, I’d seize it in a heartbeat. 

Would you?

jason tan (2)

Founder, Engage AI

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fighting for the smb breadwinners

Fighting for the SMB breadwinners

SMB owners work hard to put food on the table for their family. Yet, 90% don’t have the voice, attention, and support they need, despite fuelling 40% of the economy.

All the glory, support, and fame? They go to corporate giants that are too big to fail or flashy startups that are venture-backed but financially careless.

Engage AI’s mission is to empower business owners around the globe with stronger communication abilities to build relationships leading to higher sales closure.

Meet our global team

Get to know our wonderful remote team from across the globe who’s leading our tech development, customer support, and brand growth.

li voon

Li Voon Loke

Technical Lead

Build & maintain AI models with computational mathematics

lps mehmil

Mehmil Abid

Growth Marketer

I drive customer acquisition and retention with AI-driven strategies

grant furlane

Grant Furlane


Serial entrepreneur with 40 years of technology experience


Jason Tan


15 years of assisting enterprises in embedding data and AI

Build strong relationships and sales pipelines