About Us

As the team behind Engage AI, we empower our users to leverage AI in making insightful comments on relevant posts of their prospects and clients on social media platforms.

With the cues provided by Engage AI, users then add their personal touch and tones to the comments to engage prospects and clients.

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Who Is Engage AI?


Engage AI is a team of passionate tech and marketing enthusiasts.

Led by an engineer-turned-founder, we continue to build and refine our tools to benefit the wider LinkedIn community.

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Engage AI provides tools to those who want to put their businesses on the map.

Engage AI aims to provide a holistic solution for businesses to leverage and rise to prominence.

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Who Do We Serve?

Engage AI is for the 90% of SMBs that don’t always have the voice, attention and support despite fuelling 40% of the economy and working hard to put food on the table for their family.

It’s a fact. SMEs don’t get a lot of government handouts and funding (if any). They also don’t get headline news and media attention unless they can outbid the competition. All the glory and fame go to two types of businesses. First, the risk-taking corporate giants that are too big to fail. Second, flashy startups that are venture-backed but financially careless.

With Engage AI, business owners around the globe have a chance to reach audiences and form game-changing business connections. 

Your voice counts.
Rise above the noise.

As part of the SME industry, we create jobs, drive innovation and support our families and communities. Therefore, it’s only fitting for us to have the platform and strategies to scale our businesses.

Reach qualified audiences efficiently by using Engage AI to write engaging comments to capture their attention.

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Engage prospects
at scale

Engage prospects
at scale

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