Create and Get Paid with
Engage AI Creator Grant

Empowering creators & influencers to Innovate, Collaborate, and Earn

Annual Budget: $1,000,000

We Created the Engage AI Creator Grant…

To provide creators and influencers with:

  • the support they need to grow their careers
  • additional streams of revenue
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Grant Benefits

Financial Sponsorship

We’ve set aside a fund of $1,000,000 every year to pay our contributors.

Lifetime Commissions

Based on conversions, get a 40% commission for every user you bring in.

Receive monthly payments for as long they remain subscribed. 

Our success is your success!

How Do Interested Creators Quickly Get Started?

There are just 3 simple steps:

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Step 1:


Time to dish out your skills!

Get your creative juices flowing with

🔗  Media kit


Step 2:


Publish the content and share your affiliate link with your audience.


We accept content from all social media channels!

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Step 3:

Get Paid

Get monthly 40% commissions for as long as your referrals remain subscribed.


No, but we temporarily close applications when we have used up the month’s fund.