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Leverage productivity tools that allow you to focus on other value-adding tasks

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Be the first comment your prospects see, every time

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Prospect Monitoring

Increase touchpoints with prospects over time, building the relationships towards sales closure.

Strategize your outreach

Keep a bird’s eye view on your prospects. Segment prospects into separate lists based on their sales readiness.

Engagement opportunities delivered straight to your inbox

Discover which prospects posted recently on LinkedIn. Be the first 10 to add value to their posts and increase profile visits.

Synchronize your prospect lists from external CRM

Integrate Engage AI with your CRM tool to sync and streamline your prospect lists.

Join the 50,000+ who are already using Engage AI everyday.

Enhance your existing lead nurturing workflows

Deepen relationships with prospects without rehauling the entire sales process.

Engage AI Integrations

Sync Engage AI with your everyday tools to streamline engagement and drive sales.

Available integrations include:

  • HubSpot
  • Hootsuite
  • Zapier
  • Zoho CRM
  • Make
  • Integrately
  • Pipedrive

Synchronize prospect lists

Sync your CRM contacts to Engage AI and never miss an opportunity to engage with them to deepen the relationship.

Monitor your prospects’ LinkedIn posting activities directly in your CRM.

Stay informed about their recent posts, be the first to engage with them, strengthen your relationship, and maximize your chances of landing a sales meeting.

Get engaging comment suggestions within CRM

Receive comment drafts that resonate with your prospect’s LinkedIn posts directly inside your CRM.

Reach more prospects with your content

Discover, track, and seize LinkedIn hashtags with rapid follower growth.

Hashtag Analytics

Increase your LinkedIn content visibility and reach by adding 3-5 relevant hashtags that are gaining more followers in real-time.

Leverage trending hashtags

Popular hashtags like #marketing are usually to broad and overused. Seize trending hashtags with high follower growth rate instead.

No extensive web search required

Find out how a hashtag performs in terms of engagement, reach, and follower growth with just a few clicks.

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