Hello! I’m Jason Tan, and I empower conversations

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I’m building a Conversation Copilot with a Second Brain to empower SMB owners, enterprise BDMs, and customer service

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About Jason

Jason Tan is the Founder of Engage AI, a Conversation Copilot that remembers conversations across multiple channels to augment conversations in virtual and real-life. Since its release in Jan 2023, over 30,000 users worldwide have been using it to break the ice and engage with their prospects.

Taking the learnings from implementing Engage AI, he also assists and shares the learnt lessons with enterprises to embrace and incorporate Generative AI and Large Language Models into their business.

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Speaking Topics

LLMs, Generative AI, ChatGPT, AI, Career, Business Growth, Relationship Building, Networking

  • The framework for developing a Generative AI application
  • Insights from real-world experiences and challenges faced during the development process
  • Lessons learned from overcoming obstacles and refining
  • How Generative AI can revolutionise lead generation, customer engagement, and relationship-building
  • Real-world insights into the successful integration of GenAI
  • Creating lasting and meaningful connections in a digital age
  • The missing puzzle piece to complement LLMs
  • The unique challenges introverted tech founders face in building relationships
  • Creating a Second Brain to aid in utilising valuable conversations to strengthen relationships
  • Commenting as a strategy to foster authentic conversations with prospects
  • Striking the perfect balance between automation and personalization
  • Valuable real-world applications and success stories
  • Advancements in LLMs are bridging the gap between sci-fi and real-world AI application
  • We’re closer than we think to changing the way we build and use software
  • The challenges of creating Jarvis using LLMs

Jason deeply understood the user journey whilst applying his self-motivation alongside his highly developed problem solving skills and interpersonal skills (which is evidenced by the impressive traction from his company so far).

Matthew D’Cruz, Commercial Finance Partner, Revenue Growth at Canva

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