Enables LinkedIn power users with AI
in breaking the ice and building relationships

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Engage AI augments comments for you to engage prospects on LinkedIn.

Save hours writing comments to attract your prospects and achieve faster conversions with every added touchpoint.

Say goodbye to generic comments like “Good post!”, “Thanks for sharing” and “Love your content!”.

engage ai (1152x648)
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Maximize featured integrations

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Use Engage AI to engage and nurture potential clients at scale

Build quick rapport with any high-potential LinkedIn prospect

Ready to break free of the endless hours spent separately engaging each and every lead?

Our three-step tool writes quality comments that get you in front of them, all without breaking the bank or wasting time.

Engage AI delivers insightful comments straight to the comment field.

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The app also has a pop-up panel you can use to augment LinkedIn comments.

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Make your comment strategy more efficient

Don’t let a single opportunity to engage with key leads and clients pass you by.

engage ai prospect monitoring

vector (3) Save key leads in one place.

vector (3) Monitor their LinkedIn post activities and time your responses perfectly so you get the best reach.

vector (3) Copy-paste the distinctive comment suggestions for each of your lead’s posts. This takes only seconds, so scaling your lead engagement process has never been easier.

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AI that’s built and tailored for your workflow on LinkedIn

forget tweaking ai

Forget about tweaking other AI copywriting tools to complement your LinkedIn strategy.

optimize workflow
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We develop Engage AI for the sole purpose of optimizing your workflow on LinkedIn.

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We work relentlessly to improve your productivity on LinkedIn so we can maximize your reach and opportunities to win more work.

Customer Reviews

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Get real, human-like comments

Human quality. Machine quantity.

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The AI-powered comments...

ai icon1 …for every post are not generic.

ai icon2 …are guaranteed to be relevant and unique.

ai icon3 …provide added value to your prospects and preserve your brand image.

ai icon4 …are crafted to stand out and capture the reader’s attention.

ai icon5 …can be re-generated or edited to your preference.

comment generation

Still figuring out where to start?


Start with a Chrome tool that works directly on LinkedIn

Ask Engage AI to craft comments anytime while you’re browsing LinkedIn! It will write memorable, authentic comments that stand out and save hours of your time engaging multiple leads.

Using a different browser?

Download for Microsoft Edge 

Download for Firefox


Take your engagement strategy up another notch

Register for an account so you can monitor the posting activities of unlimited leads on LinkedIn. Easily hit the 7 to 13+ touchpoints needed to convert a lead with AI-powered comments in a fraction of the time.

*no credit card required

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