LinkedIn Statistics and Facts B2B Business Owners Should Know (2024)

While many users flock to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, businesses depend on LinkedIn as a reliable platform to network with key decision-makers and business stakeholders. Even though LinkedIn has been the go-to podium for industry experts, many users are yet to understand its operations and implementation of expert insights into their daily lives. LinkedIn can be a goldmine for companies, aiding in increasing online visibility and staying relevant in the industry.

While LinkedIn acts as a pulse for professionals, here are a few LinkedIn statistics and facts business owners should know in 2024 to make the most of this platform and enhance their growth.

General LinkedIn Statistics:

linkedin statistics and facts b2b business owners should know i1
Source: Statista

1. In 2023, LinkedIn’s annual revenue was $15 billion (Statista)

2. LinkedIn is used for networking in 200+ countries (LinkedIn)

3. LinkedIn is used by almost 51.9% of workforce men (Statista)

4. The first quarter of 2024 saw a hike of 8% in LinkedIn’s revenue (LinkedIn

5. 450 million newsletter subscriptions is offered by LinkedIn globally (LinkedIn

6. Women represent about 46% of LinkedIn leadership (Statista)

7. LinkedIn helps 4 out of 5 people to take businesses decisions (LinkedIn)

8. 50% of hiring managers hire candidates using LinkedIn skills data (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn User Statistics:

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Source: Statista

1. Almost 92% of businesses uses LinkedIn in their marketing campaigns (Global Data)

2. LinkedIn has 1 billion users worldwide (LinkedIn)

3. 171.9 million users are expected to use LinkedIn between 2024 to 2028. The global LinkedIn users have continued to increase in the last few years, and the number of users is predicted to increase between 2024 and 2028 by 171.9 million (more than 22.3%) in total (Statista)

4. 11 million members use LinkedIn creator mode (LinkedIn)

5. 137 million US individuals use LinkedIn everyday (Statista)

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Source: Statista

6. User demographics (Statista)

  • 60% of users are millennial (25-34 years old) 
  • 21.7% are Gen Z users (18-24 years old) 
  • 2.9% of LinkedIn users are baby boomers (55+-year-olds)

LinkedIn Engagement Statistics:

1. 50% business users use LinkedIn to make purchase decisions (Blue Mail Media)

2. Businesses gain 2x more growth with organic posting and enhanced engagement on LinkedIn (Social Pilot)

3. LinkedIn offers 99.63% of search results for businesses (Social Pilot)

4. Consistent posting and enhancing engagement on LinkedIn offers leveraged benefits:

  • About 60% of users on LinkedIn are actively searching for business insights (Social Pilot)
  • An active and consistent business LinkedIn page achieves 5 times more page views, 11 times more followers, and 7 times more impressions (Social Pilot)

5. 42% LinkedIn engagement boost with the help of AI personalised content according to an Adobe study (LinkedIn)

6. 61 million people search jobs every week on LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

7. Every month, about 1.6 billion individuals visit LinkedIn (Similar Web)

8. Every week, about 40% of the platform users organically engage with a LinkedIn page (LinkedIn)

9. 1/3 of business engagement on LinkedIn is gained from its employees (LinkedIn).

10. LinkedIn has 16.2% of active platform users daily (Statista)

11. #India is the most followed on LinkedIn accompanying 67.6 million plus posts (Hootsuite)

12. Case Study of Johnson and Johnson: Success using LinkedIn Live (LinkedIn)

  • In 2021, Johnson and Johnson launched the “Road to Vaccine” video series (COVID-19 vaccine creation series)
  • LinkedIn’s professional targeting abilities and users’ trust in the platform and live streaming feature made J&J choose this platform to promote their products to their B2B patrons.
  • Johnson & Johnson used LinkedIn’s features: Sponsored content, Linked Live, and Message Ads to raise awareness and increase views of their product during the course of the series. The results of the campaign:
  • 1k views of LinkedIn users within 1 minute duration 
  • An average of 983k watched minutes of every weekly episode.
  • Most of the audiences viewed the complete 30-minute show!

LinkedIn Statistics for B2B Marketing:

B2B marketing on LinkedIn helps in gaining more leads and enhance visibility and credibility.

1. 40% of business marketers have analyzed that the platform is most effective in generating quality leads (Social Pilot)

2. LinkedIn is most affective platform for lead generation agreeing to most business marketers. (LinkedIn)

3. To perform successful lead generation, almost 96% of business marketers rely on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

4. 65 million B2B decision makers use LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics:

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LinkedIn Advertising is a paid promotions that help businesses to endorse their products and services. It aids businesses to convert prospects into their clientele. 

1. 80% of businesses use LinkedIn Advertisements to promote their products and services (LinkedIn)

2. Businesses benefit with 2X more conversion rates with LinkedIn Ads (LinkedIn)

3. 59% companies see high quality results when they utilise LinkedIn Ads (LinkedIn)

4. A LinkedIn ad exposure offers the business to gain 33% increased purchase intent (LinkedIn)

5. LinkedIn’s conversion tracking tool for advertisements leverage businesses with the benefit of 13.5% less cost per purchase (LinkedIn)

6. Compared to other online users, LinkedIn users gain 2x more buying power (LinkedIn)

7. In 2022, LinkedIn ads could reach 22+ million users (Flying V Group)

8. LinkedIn Ads can reach more than 14% of the global population (The Social Shepherd)

#LinkedIn Lead Generation Statistics:

Every business’s ultimate goal for implementing effective strategies on LinkedIn is Lead generation. It aids businesses to drive consistent and reliable revenues. A well-defined Lead generation strategy can help prospects achieve this goal.

1. 930 million business experts and 63 million companies use LinkedIn as the ultimate goal for B2B lead generation. The platform helps businesses to connect with the right prospects, generate leads, and ultimately grow their network (LinkedIn)

2. 40% Business marketers believe LinkedIn can generate high-quality leads (LinkedIn)

3. According to LinkedIn Analytics 89% of business marketers rely on LinkedIn for lead generation (LinkedIn)

4. 80% of social media leads are generated from the LinkedIn platform. Therefore, LinkedIn analytics will play a vital role in B2B success (LinkedIn

  • The most client-generating social media platform is LinkedIn, which offers 80% B2B leads (Social Pilot)
  • Nearly 65% of businesses have gained B2B leads through the LinkedIn platform (Social Pilot)
  • 62% of business marketers successfully perform lead generation (Social Pilot)
  • Almost 89% of businesses depend on LinkedIn to generate quality leads (Social Pilot)
  • LinkedIn offers 3 times more lead generation results than other platforms (LinkedIn)


With these LinkedIn statistics and facts, we can contemplate how the platform is impacting effective B2B strategies. This blog shows the platform’s progress, its impact on companies, and also the future it provides for businesses.

More and more users are relying on LinkedIn to connect and engage with decision-makers and business professionals. Likewise, AI implementation is the talk of the town for customised user experiences, creating lasting connections, and increased LinkedIn engagement. In the coming years, LinkedIn will aid in powerful marketing strategies to promote their product and services, target potential prospects, generate quality leads, and expand their business network.

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