How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in 2021: An Effective Guide

How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in 2021

The value of an individual has increased on LinkedIn over the recent years.

As more people understand the value of this social and content platform, the winners – LinkedIn Influencers – are those who have gathered authority through content marketing and other effective LinkedIn strategies.

After all, people are more likely to buy from someone they know, like or trust than a stranger.

What is a LinkedIn Influencer?

LinkedIn Influencers have the drive and skills to successfully shape a brand by consistently providing engaging, valuable content for their followers. They’re often recognised for:

1) Presenting informative and authoritative content that is beneficial to followers

2) Providing expert opinions on topics, which leads to increased visibility in the field

3) Actively engaging in dialogue with followers, which establishes a strong online presence

4) Having a following who is compelled by their message

5) Generating revenue from LinkedIn engagements

Why Should You Become One?

LinkedIn is a great place to network and find opportunities, but it can be hard to stand out now that everyone is starting to realise the value of being active on LinkedIn.

Many small businesses struggle with the same problems:

“How do I get others to want to connect with me?”

“How do I attract a large following on LinkedIn?”

And, perhaps most importantly:

“How do I use LinkedIn to drive up conversions and increase my business revenue?”

By becoming an influencer on LinkedIn, you receive many benefits, such as:

1) Your voice gets amplified, and you will have the ability to reach a wider audience

2) You’ll be recognised as an expert in your field, which means that people looking for consultations on LinkedIn will more likely look to connect with you.

3) You eventually become well-versed in creating compelling content with all the practice you get in.

How Do You Become A LinkedIn Influencer In Your Field?

Become a LinkedIn Influencer in Your Field

#Tip 1: Create Content for a Niche, Localised Community

Do you feel passionate about a certain industry niche?

Do you want to contribute something meaningful to the community in which you work or have spent time as a customer or user?

Start small and get big returns.

Consider creating content that would appeal to the grassroots so that you have less competition and more opportunities to appear on your target audience’s newsfeed.

For instance, if you’re running a marketing agency in Brisbane, it would probably be worth creating content specifically for the business owner community within the city. You may even include relevant, localised hashtags to attract more eyeballs.

#Tip 2: Brand Storytelling

Successful LinkedIn influencers are masters of brand storytelling.

Brand storytelling is the skill of weaving a narrative with your target audience in mind. It’s about making your story compelling and relevant for each listener.

Think of it like this. You’re not telling your target audience what to do. Rather, you’re inspiring your followers and connections to take that next step in exploring your brand.

Ideally, your content should be about sharing expertise or knowledge within your niche and building trust through conversations rather than pure self-promotion.

#Tip 3: Be Consistent

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that LinkedIn Influencer status requires consistency.

It would benefit your business in the long haul if you’e active on LinkedIn at least once a day.

In addition, your posts should contain quality content with valuable information for followers.

#Tip 4: Engage with Others Actively

A successful LinkedIn influencer doesn’t just post content and hope for the best. Influencers also interact with followers, which creates a dialogue that leads to increased engagement on LinkedIn.

Every time you comment or answer someone’s question on LinkedIn, your follower count will grow exponentially, as people are more likely to follow those who engage in conversation rather than remain silent.

People also tend to become more curious about you when they see your content receiving strong engagement and likes.

It’s like a domino effect that will end in your favour, which is why it is vital to have an exclusive content distribution strategy that will allow you to get ahead of the competition with 5x reach. 

How Do You Measure Success As A LinkedIn Influencer?

Success as a LinkedIn Influencer is not easy to gauge; however, there are some ways of measuring success that you may use simultaneously:

  • Do your followers seem more engaged with your content?
  • Has the number of people following you increased over time?
  • Are you getting likes and comments on LinkedIn for each post that is published?
  • Are you seeing more connection requests from other business owners?
  • Do you have a higher conversion rate from LinkedIn leads?
  • Have any of your clients referred business to you?
  • Has traffic to your website or blog increased?

If these are all happening, then congratulations! You’re doing a great job.

Keep it up, and you will see all your efforts to grow your LinkedIn authority pay off.

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