Best Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Followers in 2021

How to Increase LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is a great way to network with like-minded individuals across the world. For your company’s message to reach more people, you can follow the tips on how to increase your LinkedIn followers in 2021 shared in this article.

LinkedIn Followers vs. LinkedIn Connections: What’s the Difference?

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In essence, the key difference between followers and connections is the nature of the relationship.

When you are connected with someone on LinkedIn, you can see the other party’s content on your feed just as they can view yours. Whereas if you were to follow a person, the other party would not receive a notification about your updates and content on LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn’s 2021 Connection Request Limit?

LinkedIn has updated its connection request limit to 100 per week in 2021 to improve user experience. 

There is, however, no limit to how many followers you can have. Therefore, you should increase your followers and then build solid relationships with them.

How can you convince professionals on LinkedIn to follow you? Here are some tips.

Establish Brand Credibility

Show that you’re a credible business or brand and your account is an official one. Be sure to add your company logo and provide essential details about your business in the relevant sections on your company profile.  Additionally, you’ll want to have some articles featured on your profile to show your expertise in the field.

Know Your Audience

People tend to follow those they see as leaders or people from whom they can learn. Therefore, you can increase your LinkedIn followers by understanding who are the ones that will follow you.

If you’re a brand catering to small business owners, don’t just post content about your products and services. For example, if you have a strong SEO background, you can provide tips and tricks that small business owners find useful.

You need to know what type of content resonates with potential customers within your niche or industry. Trying out different types of posts may increase their chances of considering following you in time.

Consider keeping a record of certain topics others find interesting so that you won’t find yourself running out of content ideas.

Be Consistent

Out of the 700+ million users on LinkedIn, only 3 million contribute content on the platform weekly. You can give yourself a competitive edge by posting consistently; show that you’re an active leader or industry expert.

This way, even if someone does not follow you straight away, they’ll continuously be exposed to your name in their newsfeed. The exposure can increase consideration levels over time and boost your chances of getting their following.

Hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags can bring a lot to the table. Without them, your posts can only be seen by your current followers and connections.

To boost the organic reach of your content, you can include at least one relevant hashtag. As a result, you can promote your post to a wider audience and get more people interested in following you.

When choosing a hashtag to use, you need to check the follower count. Ideally, the more followers you have for a certain hashtag, the higher your reach optimization.

However, you should also know that the popularity of a hashtag also equates to more competition, so you’ll need to come up with unique and valuable content.

With so many hashtag possibilities, the process of finding the right ones can be time-consuming. This free LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics saves your time and effort by giving you the total follower count of hashtags on LinkedIn instantly.


With so many different social media channels, the opportunity to connect with customers is endless. LinkedIn has much potential for business growth with the right content strategy. Try following these tips and start growing your LinkedIn followers.

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