Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Business Owners (2023)

best chatgpt chrome extensions for business owners (2023)

ChatGPT is a superhero sidekick for business owners. It’s boosting customer service like never before.

Lots of businesses now have these ChatGPT-powered chatbots that zip out instant answers to customer questions. That means happier customers, and it also means your human team can tackle the juicy, brainy stuff. Plus, ChatGPT whips up snazzy marketing stuff, product blurbs, and even those blog posts we all love. 

All in all, ChatGPT is helping businesses run smoother, saves time, and keeps the customers grinning. It’s the secret sauce for success in today’s cutthroat business world! If you thought that was cool, ChatGPT extensions for Chrome are the cherry on top, making it even handier for users to access its superpowers right in their browsers! 

And in this article, we will talk about some of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for business owners (2023).

Why Should You Be Using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions?

Using ChatGPT Chrome extensions? Well, let me tell you, it’s like having ChatGPT right at your fingertips while surfing the web. It’s a time-saver, for sure. You can get instant help with research, writing, or even casual conversation without switching tabs or apps. Plus, it’s a genius proofreader. No more embarrassing typos in your emails or social media posts. And if you’re learning a new language, it’s a personal language coach to help you out. So, basically, ChatGPT Chrome extensions make life on the internet easier, smarter, and more fun!

For Example: Meet Steve, an Operations Director in the Professional Training & Coaching industry. He recently tried EngageAI’s ChatGPT Chrome extension. Steve loves how it’s effortless to use – just a click to make a comment and select the ‘tone.’ Surprisingly, it worked wonders for him, with a whopping 90% success rate.

What’s interesting is that Steve didn’t initially seek a tool for LinkedIn leads or engagement. But now, he relies on the extension to manage leads efficiently. It lets him focus on connections he values, not just those the platform recommends.

Steve’s story shows how these extensions can be game-changers for professionals, simplifying tasks and improving online interactions. You can read his review here.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Let’s explore some super cool ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to help business owners supercharge their productivity and communication.

1. Engage AI

Engage AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to transform how professionals engage on LinkedIn. It helps you stand out by leaving thoughtful and personalized comments on people’s posts. And the cool part is you can write comments in any tone.

Whether connecting with new folks or talking to potential customers, Engage AI is the friendly sidekick, ensuring your comments receive the attention they deserve and allowing you to leverage its powerful AI technology to show you how to get your LinkedIn profile to the top of Google searches.

Key Features

Easy Prospect Tracking

Engage AI has a mini-CRM that simplifies keeping an eye on potential customers. You can store as many prospects in the platform so you don’t have to manually check on each prospect for their recent posts.

Long-Term Memory

It remembers your past comments you’ve made on posts, making it a breeze to deepen your relationships with prospects as you can bring up an old but relevant topic in a later post interaction.

Real-Time Email Alerts

You won’t miss a beat with Engage AI’s email notifications. They let you know when there’s a chance to engage with prospects right by suggesting their recent posts.

More Connection Opportunities

Engage AI encourages you to reach out more to prospects, breaking the ice and nurturing connections that lead to success.

Personalized, Human-Like Comments

This is where Engage AI shines. It crafts comments that sound just like they’re from you, personalized and attention-grabbing, adding real value to your conversations.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Engage AI is flexible, working across various devices and platforms, seamlessly fitting into your LinkedIn workflow. It’s all about convenience.

2. Wiseone

Wiseone is a super smart AI-powered browser tool that makes your online reading and learning a breeze. It helps you find reliable info, understand tricky stuff, and even summarizes articles for you. Imagine it as your online sidekick that’s always ready to assist you while you explore the web. It’s like having a helpful friend who makes the internet less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Give it a try and see how it can upgrade your online adventures!

Key Features

Reliable Information Access

Wiseone provides access to reliable and trustworthy information across the internet, ensuring credibility in your research.

Multilingual Support

Break language barriers with Wiseone’s multilingual support, expanding your access to global knowledge.

PDF Handling Made Easy

Easily navigate and comprehend PDF documents, making academic research more efficient.

Focus for Deeper Understanding

Focus allows in-depth exploration of complex concepts, enhancing your comprehension of online content.

Cross-Check for Diverse Perspectives

Gain insights from various viewpoints with Cross-Check, promoting a comprehensive understanding of topics.

Interactive Learning with Ask Anything

Instantly seek answers to complex questions, making your reading experience engaging and informative.

Time-Efficient Summarization

Save time with content summarization, extracting key takeaways without compromising quality.

Effortless Exploration with Explore

“Explore” facilitates seamless navigation through related articles, promoting continuous learning.

3. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is like ChatGPT, but it’s got some supercharged capabilities with GPT-4 technology. It’s the ultimate conversational AI NLP processor designed to tackle those pesky limitations you might have encountered with ChatGPT. ChatSonic is here to be your best free ChatGPT alternative, and it’s a game-changer in more ways than one.

Key Features

Real-time Trendy Conversations

Powered by Google Search, ChatSonic keeps you in the loop on current events and trending topics. It’s like having your own real-time newsfeed in conversation form!

Generate AI Art

If you’re feeling creative, ChatSonic can whip up stunning digital AI artwork for your social media posts and digital campaigns. Turn your text into a work of art!

Personalized Avatars

ChatSonic doesn’t just chat; it can be your personalized assistant. Whether you’re tackling math problems, preparing for interviews, sorting relationship issues, or aiming for fitness goals, your ChatSonic avatar is there to lend a helping hand.

Write Anywhere, Anytime

Add the ChatSonic ChatGPT Chrome extension, and you can get content suggestions from anywhere on the internet. It’s like having a writing sidekick wherever you go!

Voice Commands

ChatSonic understands voice commands and responds like Siri or Google Assistant. Say the word, and it’ll save you precious time.

4. ReaderGPT

ReaderGPT is a nifty ChatGPT extension for Chrome that taps into ChatGPT’s abilities to swiftly create concise summaries for any web page you can read. Whether you’re swamped by lengthy articles or have a stack of stuff to read later, ReaderGPT simplifies it all with just one click.

Key Features

Tailored Content Generation

With ReaderGPT, you can craft a set of prompts to generate content that suits your exact preferences.

Whether it’s condensing an article into specific bullet points, hitting a target word count, translating text, making complex ideas digestible for a younger audience, or crafting captions from provided text, ReaderGPT adapts to your needs.

Effortless Access

ReaderGPT offers the flexibility to use either your OpenAI API Key or ChatGPT login, seamlessly integrating with the ChatGPT model. This means you can easily tap into its summarization capabilities without any hassle.

5. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT is a feature-packed extension that turbocharges your ChatGPT experience. It enhances your interaction by offering advanced chat and prompt management capabilities, customizable language and style options, and a thriving community platform for sharing prompts and ideas. With Superpower ChatGPT, you can effortlessly organize your chats into folders, sync them to your computer, and even create prompt chains.

Key Features

Chat Management with Folders and Sync

Imagine never losing your chat history again. Superpower ChatGPT lets you create folders to organize your chats effortlessly. You can even assign different colors to each folder for easy identification. And the best part? It automatically syncs all your chats to your computer, ensuring you have a copy of your precious conversations.

Efficient Prompt Management

Superpower ChatGPT introduces the concept of “Prompt Chains,” allowing you to save and run a series of prompts individually with a single click. No more copy-pasting! Plus, the Auto Complete Menu lets you access your custom prompts and prompt chains quickly, right above the input box.

Language and Style Customization

You’re in control! With Superpower ChatGPT, you can change the response language with a single click, supporting over 190 languages. And if you want a different tone or writing style in the responses, you can do that too.

Useful Utilities

Superpower ChatGPT simplifies your interaction with features like Custom Instruction Profiles. You can create and save multiple custom instruction profiles for easy access. There’s also the Auto Splitter, which breaks down lengthy input into smaller chunks for better results. It even offers auto-summarization of long text, making your questions more concise.

Community Interaction

Superpower ChatGPT connects you with the ChatGPT community. You can explore prompts shared by others, upvote, downvote, and report them. Plus, you can sort prompts by popularity and filter them by category and language. It’s a hub of inspiration and collaboration!

6. ChatGPT for Google

Imagine having a handy browser extension called ChatGPT for Google that makes your online searches way more exciting. This cool tool brings in the power of ChatGPT, which is this amazing language model created by OpenAI. So, what it does is pretty neat – it shows you ChatGPT’s answers right alongside your regular search results. With just a single click, you get a bunch of extra information and insights at your fingertips. It’s like having a search assistant right there with you!

Key Features

Compatibility with Multiple Search Engines

This extension is like a friendly chameleon. It works seamlessly with lots of popular search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex, Kagi, and Searx. So, no matter which one you prefer, you can enjoy ChatGPT’s awesomeness.

Real-time Chat with ChatGPT

It’s not just about showing you ChatGPT’s answers; you can actually have a chat with it! Ask questions, get detailed answers, and have a real conversation right within the extension. It’s like having a smart friend on standby for your information needs.

Official OpenAI API Support

This extension is best buddies with the official OpenAI API. That means it works smoothly with both GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-3. So, you’re getting the full power of ChatGPT’s language skills.

ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4 Compatibility

If you’re interested in ChatGPT Plus and the even fancier GPT-4, this extension has your back. You can use them (just remember to activate GPT-4 manually), and that means you’re tapping into the latest and greatest in AI language models for supercharged responses.

Convenient Access from Extension Popup

You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase to use ChatGPT. It’s right there in the extension’s popup, so you can quickly chat with it without leaving your search results page.

Markdown Rendering and Code Highlighting

If you’re into technical stuff or need to deal with formatted text, this extension is a handy helper. It can handle Markdown and even highlight code for you. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your online tasks.

7. Compose AI

Ever struggled with writer’s block when composing those important emails? Don’t worry; a trusty virtual writing assistant called Compose AI is right there to save the day. You see, Compose AI isn’t just any ordinary ChatGPT extension for chrome; it’s a game-changer for your writing game. 

It’s like having your own personal writing guru right at your fingertips. So, whether you’re wrestling with email drafts, crafting essays, or just need a burst of creativity for your writing projects, Compose AI is your secret weapon to turbocharge your writing process.

It’s all about making your writing smoother, faster, and way more efficient. So, let’s dive in and discover how Compose AI, along with these ”7 fierce AI email writers,” can transform your writing woes into writing wins!

Key Features

AI-Powered Autocompletion and Text Generation

This is where the AI magic kicks in. Compose AI can complete sentences for you, generate content, and offer suggestions in real-time as you type. Imagine how much time you can save, up to 40% faster writing – that’s the power it brings to the table.

Rephrase Sentences with Ease

Stuck on how to word something? Compose AI has your back. It can quickly rephrase sentences, offering alternative ways to convey your thoughts. Think of it as an on-the-fly thesaurus right where you need it.

Creative Ideas on Demand

Writer’s block, meet your match. Compose AI can whip up ideas for stories, blog posts, research topics, and more. Just give it a nudge by typing ‘//’ and ask it to create something for you. It currently plays its magic in Google Docs and Gmail, with more platforms in the pipeline.

Email Assistance

But wait, there’s more! Compose AI isn’t limited to writing; it’s your email partner too. It can draft entire email messages based on a few cues, and it even crafts professional email replies with a single click.

Autocomplete Everywhere

Compose AI spreads its autocomplete superpowers across all your writing tools. Whether you’re writing emails, chatting on Slack, using Notion, or working on an essay, Compose AI has got your back.

Your Personal Writing Style

Compose AI goes the extra mile by learning your unique writing style. It suggests personalized phrases, helping you maintain consistency in your writing, almost like it’s tuned into your voice.

8. YouTube Digest

YouTube Digest is a handy browser extension that takes your YouTube-watching experience to a whole new level. With the power of ChatGPT AI, it can do something remarkable: summarize YouTube videos for you. No more sifting through lengthy content—get concise summaries in various formats and export them as PDFs, DOCX files, or plain text. Ready to supercharge your YouTube journey?

Key Features

Summarize Videos with Ease

YouTubeDigest’s primary mission is to save you time and enhance your YouTube experience. How? By providing you with a summary of the video you’re watching. Choose from various summary formats, like full-fledged articles or convenient bullet points. Say goodbye to information overload!

Multilingual Summaries

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to understanding. YouTubeDigest lets you translate your video summaries into multiple languages. You can pick from a range of supported languages or even add your own if you have specific translation needs.

Export and Share Your Summaries

The extension doesn’t just stop at creating summaries; it empowers you to take action. You can export your summarized content as a markdown PDF, a DOCX document, or a simple text file. Plus, if you want to share your insights with others, you can generate a sharable link effortlessly.

Easy Installation

Getting started is a breeze. Join the community of over 25,000 users who are already reaping the benefits of YouTubeDigest. Simply add and install the extension to your browser of choice—Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.


Alright, folks, there you have it! We’ve just explored a bunch of super cool ChatGPT Chrome extensions for business owners in 2023. These ChatGPT extensions for chrome are all about making your online life easier, smarter, and more efficient.

Imagine having your own LinkedIn engagement buddy with Engage AI or a smart online reading companion with Wiseone. Or maybe you want to have some real-time trendy conversations and even create AI art with ChatSonic. And don’t forget ReaderGPT, which simplifies your web reading, and Superpower ChatGPT, which takes your ChatGPT interaction to a whole new level. Plus, ChatGPT for Google brings you ChatGPT’s answers right alongside your search results, and Compose AI is your writing sidekick for emails, essays, and more. And last but not least, YouTubeDigest makes your YouTube experience a breeze by summarizing videos for you.

So, if you’re a business owner looking to boost productivity and communication, these ChatGPT Chrome extensions are your go-to tools. Try them out and make your online life a whole lot smoother!

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