Top 100+ Google Chrome Extensions 2023 Update – Improve Your Browsing!

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Google Chrome is currently the most beneficial Web Browser globally, providing excellent performance, an attractive interface, and more. Several beneficial offers from Google Chrome extensions are available, but selecting the optimal one can be challenging. To help you with this, we have sorted through the available options and presented the top Google Chrome extensions.

Every Google Chrome extension should come with a toolbar icon. The user can hide these extensions without needing to uninstall them. We have chosen some Google Chrome extensions for you that could assist you in selecting extensions.


1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a leading writing assistance tool that offers real-time feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall clarity. Integrated as an extension, it meticulously identifies potential errors in your writing, akin to some of the best writing services in the US such as EssayService.

Grammarly provides concise suggestions for enhancement. Beyond basic proofreading, Grammarly detects context-specific mistakes and offers stylistic improvements, ensuring your message is error-free and effectively communicated. Whether you’re composing an email, crafting a report, or seeking impeccable content similar to essay writer services, Grammarly ensures your writing is at its best.

2. Engage AI

Engage AI is a time-saver for LinkedIn power users who employ or plan to employ a commenting strategy to build and retain relationships with their prospects, clients, and network. Staying top of mind and networking with multiple prospects become easier and efficient with Engage AI auto-drafting ice-breaking LinkedIn comments. Additionally, it works seamlessly in the comment section of any LinkedIn post, eliminating the necessity to copy and paste content from other tabs.

With personalizable tones and comment length, you can customize the AI to sound like you so your comments are genuine, unique, and insightful.

3. Video DownloadHelper

There are numerous Chrome extensions available that allow you to download videos from various websites. However, none of these extensions can be downloaded from YouTube, as it violates Google’s policies.

4. HoverZoom+

This add-on enables you to magnify an image, video, or screenshot. Hover Zoom+ provides a comparable feature.

5. Full Page Screen Capture

Many web pages are excessively lengthy to scroll through, causing difficulty in capturing the complete page at once. This task frequently appears impossible. However, Full Page Screen Capture offers a recent feature that aids in scrolling and capturing an entire web page, converting it into a JPG format. Using a mouse is not required during the automatic scrolling of a page.

6. Image Downloader

This extension allows the mass downloading of all types of images from a single webpage. Image Downloader presents a range of pictures, letting you pick your favorite one before starting the download.

7. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

The Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder is a tool that is accessible on Chrome. This tool allows you to capture images from an entire webpage or record videos, whether it’s a specific part of your screen or the whole screen.

Using Nimbus allows you to reproduce the recorded videos with any drawings you wish to include. The tool facilitates additional features allowing you to edit your work, share it, save it, print it, or even copy it to your clipboard. Primarily, this tool is designed to be compatible with Opera and Firefox.

8. Loom

Occasionally, it can be challenging to understand someone’s online activities just from screen captures. Hence, a video can facilitate this task. Loom provides software that allows you to record videos of your online actions and detailed explanations.

When using Loom to record a video, the actions occurring on the screen are saved by a screen recorder. It can record the entire screen if that’s what you prefer. Moreover, there is no time limit for recording videos.

9. Google Translate

Google Translate offers an optimal service on the web for translating bits of text. This top-notch Google Chrome extension can be found in your browser. It allows you to translate an entire page via a toolbar button and utilizes an automated process for conversion.

10. Google Scholar Button

The Google Scholar Button aids in conducting searches through Google by monitoring articles. This tool can be added as a drop-down menu in Chrome. It easily converts regular web search data into scholar-based search data. It functions optimally, mainly when used on a campus network. Furthermore, this extension can be adjusted to operate even when turned off. When the library provides you with login details, the Google Scholar Button becomes operational as quickly as possible.

11. Google Dictionary

Initially, you must open the program and double-click to search for any word on any webpage privately. A pop-up will appear. Once the toolbar has been accessed, you can look for any word based on your preference. This feature allows users to utilize several languages.

12. Google Calendar's Checker Plus

This Chrome extension allows you to utilize all your favorite features of Google Calendar. It also provides various ways to add calendar events, such as right-clicking on a webpage to include something.

 Improving specific alerts, such as voice notifications, may make this flawless. This functionality can be accessible even when Chrome is shut down.

13. RSS Feed Reader

The feeder updates you on new content from your preferred RSS/Atom feeds. It notifies you whenever you subscribe to any channel. The RSS Feed Reader comes with a variety of themes.

14. Google URL Shortener

This extension enables you to use Google’s link-shortening service (found at right from your Chrome browser. It simplifies the process by automating it for you. The extension records all data from every URL you visit, developing a compressed version of the link, which is then copied to your clipboard for future use. Additionally, it can generate a new QR code for the shortened URL. For more details like the timing and others related to the URL, simply click on the ‘Details’ option.

15. Google Voice (By Google)

Google’s voicemail is a handy feature that works in tandem with your browser. This tool provides top-notch access to your voicemail messages. Google Voice automatically transcribes the messages into text. It can assist you in initiating any kind of call through Google Voice. This extension allows you to view all phone numbers on a specific website and even enables you to click on any number.

16. Save to Google Drive

Google Drive can serve as a regular workspace or a storage space, but you may occasionally encounter issues when uploading data to the cloud. This problem can be mitigated by a Google Chrome extension simplifying the process. It lets you save a complete webpage or select specific items, such as images or files, for download and installation. Additionally, Google Drive is capable of storing Microsoft Office documents.

17. CrxMouse Gestures

The extension revolutionizes browsing with its array of innovative mouse gestures designed to streamline online navigation. Customizable to fit individual preferences, these gestures transform every mouse movement into a powerful browsing action, from tab management to page refreshing, empowering users to tailor their browsing experience.

By combining convenience with efficiency, this extension is more than just an add-on—it’s a productivity enhancer that reshapes how individuals engage with their browsers!

18. Print-Friendly & PDF

This Chrome extension, designed to be Print-Friendly & for PDFs, efficiently removes ads and navigates through online clutter when printing a webpage. It’s an effective way to conserve paper and ink. It also provides features like resizing images and text, and downloading notes as PDFs for convenient usage.

19. Dayboard

Dayboard aids in transforming your new tab into a task list. However, it only selects the top five sites you last visited. This prevents access to inappropriate websites that could divert your attention. It’s crucial to avoid visiting these websites.

20. Social Champ

Social Champ is a complimentary extension for Google Chrome. Its design aids in the creation of artistic captioned images that are optimized for social media. This tool allows users to export images onto platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Users are able to select text snippets and images from the web using SC, and then modify images with font types, visual effects, and their preferred formatting.

21. Paper

This application assists in saving the new tab page on a notepad that is Chrome-based. It enables the page to be preserved directly onto the Chrome browser, eliminating the need for synchronization.

22. Wikiwand

Wikiwand is a highly adaptable application. Its extensions provide a content table and also merge column tables.

23. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher changes the user-agent string to mimic your browser’s identity. This tool allows the alternative between desktop and mobile settings (for a specific website).

24. MailTag

This add-on makes essential changes to the inventory of Gmail. It includes a tracking system for locating emails. It facilitates determining the instance when a recipient opens your message.

25. SuperTabs

SuperTabs bypasses tabs, enabling users to switch to a different tab quickly. This contributes to both the creation of keyboard shortcuts and the enhanced speed of SuperTabs.

26. Better History

The Better History extension offers a horizontal calendar instead of the conventional vertical timeline. This application allows you to navigate to any specific dates and hours effortlessly. Its search tools assist in locating history.

27. OneNote Web Clipper

This web clipper is an excellent tool for enhancing productivity in the workplace. The OneNote Web Clipper allows users to snip a full or partial section of a web page. The web clipper removes ads and adjusts the font size as required. This extension also makes text stand and resizes images or videos.

28. Postlight Reader

Clear out all the unnecessary elements in your articles instantly with Postlight Reader.The Chrome extension called Postlight Reader eliminates advertisements and any other elements that may divert attention, providing a neat and uniform reading experience on all websites with only text and images remaining visible.

29. is an extension used to manage apps in your list and is considered one of the top Google Chrome add-ons. It offers the convenience of usage from anywhere. This allows your tasks to be synchronized, establishes new lists and reminders, arranges a drag-and-drop interface, shares tasks, and so on.

30. Cite This For Me: Web Citer

The app ‘Cite This For Me’ is a boon for students and writers struggling with online articles and research. This application, offered as a browser extension, assists in creating accurately formatted website citations. It supports APA, Chicago, and MLA citation formats. Users have the option to either save the citation or copy it to their clipboard for future reference.

31. The Camelizer

The Camelizer is considered one of the top Google Chrome extensions because it provides various product prices on Amazon. You have the option to reclaim your money through email or Twitter.

32. Honey

The Honey tool is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a Chrome add-on that seamlessly finds and checks coupon codes. It is accessible in the US, UK, and Canada. You do no need to calculate savings or verify coupon codes with this extension manually. This extension will prove beneficial for those who frequently shop online. It ensures the user’s time and money are not squandered.

33. Instant Dictionary

Instant Dictionary allows you to immediately find the meanings of words or phrases, simply by double-clicking on the word or utilizing the extension button located near your Omni bar. Thanks to this, the need to type on an additional tab is eliminated. Additionally, it offers a Google search feature as an alternative if it fails to supply the definition.

34. Save to Pocket

The primary function of the Save to Pocket tool is to store articles, several forms of web pages, different images, videos for reading, and so on. It allows for synchronization across mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

35. TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye scours for various versions of a chosen image, which you must discover. Its straightforward reverse image search function makes it the superior extension for Google Chrome.

36. Diigo Web Collector

This add-on offers numerous features. Users can access infinite bookmarks at no cost, which requires viewing advertisements. However, Diigo allows users to avoid these ads for an annual fee of $40.

37. Send to Kindle

The Google Chrome extension, Send to Kindle, has a unique feature that promotes its use among users. This feature allows users to save lengthy articles that are important but too long to read immediately. This is handy for several users who prefer to read these articles on their devices. It offers the flexibility to read the articles at a convenient time.

38. Lightshot

This easy-to-use screenshot-taking instrument operates with just a press of the toolbar button, swiftly delivering images back to the user. You can use what you capture to find similar graphics on Google. These Chrome extensions are also available for Firefox, IE, and Opera.

39. Evernote Web Clipper

This tool is essential and is recommended for everyone. Evernote is commonly favored as the optimal method for capturing and storing everything. It maintains all the details on the internet. This add-on simplifies the process by including built-in features. Suppose you want to save an image or capture a screenshot; you require a reliable storage solution. offers this service for you. It enables you to view the image at a later time.

40. Save-Data: on

The Save-Data: on feature can be beneficial if you’re using a metered connection. It works by channeling all websites through Google’s backend servers, where the size of the pages is compressed based on the data, effectively resizing them. However, there are certain limitations. For instance, Save-Data: on cannot interact with HTTPS websites and incognito tabs. Therefore, its usefulness may be limited depending on your specific requirements.