The Conversion Journey: ToFu MoFu BoFu

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What do ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu all have in common? They are three distinct stages of the conversion funnel. “The Conversion Journey: ToFu MoFu BoFu” will take you through these three stages to help you understand how to get your customers to convert. If you want to increase your revenue, this blog post is for you.


Before we detail the conversion strategies for each conversion funnel stage, it’s important to understand the stages themselves and why they matter.

ToFu (Top of the Funnel): Awareness Stage

ToFu is the first step of the conversion funnel. At this stage, you are offering your services to a potential customer who has never heard of you. The customer may be your target audience. It could also be someone who has a high potential to convert. You need to get qualified leads interested in you before they can move on down the funnel. It will take time, but the top of the funnel is vital for long-term growth.

MoFu (Middle of the Funnel): Consideration Stage

MoFu is the stage when a customer has already heard of your brand, service or product. However, they aren’t sure if it’s what they want. They are in the middle of their journey and need to be convinced. MoFu is about reducing their doubts, fears, and uncertainties. The goal is to get them willing and ready to purchase your products or services over your competitor’s. 

BoFu (Bottom of Funnel): Decision Stage

BoFu is the last stage of the conversion funnel. Customers are ready to make the purchase and convert. They have been convinced that your product will work for them, but it’s time for you to seal the deal. The goal is to make the customer feel that they’re making a well-informed purchase decision. They have to be persuaded that they are getting the best value for their money.

ToFu MoFu BoFu: Why Do the Stages Matter?

The conversion funnel is a customer’s journey towards becoming an active, engaged member of your audience. Understanding the stages that make up this journey makes it easier to focus on what actions need to be taken at each stage. You want to increase your ROI by ensuring that you are focusing on the right steps in each stage.

Additionally, it is important to take a holistic approach and focus on every conversion funnel stage. No matter what action you’re taking at any given time, it will impact the customer’s journey down that particular level of the funnel.

Certainly, the conversion stages are different for each business because they cater to different audiences and products. The key is understanding your customer’s buyer journey and utilising a stage-specific content strategy to enhance their buyer experience.

In brief, you need to make sure that the content you create aligns with a particular stage in the conversion funnel to increase revenue with this strategy. If it doesn’t, your customers may never reach BoFu and won’t convert into a loyal, paying customer.

Now that we know the basics of the conversion stages, let’s get into their specific strategies.

ToFu Conversion Strategies

Your prospective customers have not heard about you. To raise awareness and make that first contact, you may:

  • Increase exposure by creating giveaways, contests or sweepstakes
  • Use marketing campaigns like email drip
  • Reach out to influencers in your industry for valuable collaborations
  • Add social media buttons to your website for easy sharing
  • Create a blog and write blog posts that offer value and quality content; use relevant keywords so that you bring the right audience to your website

MoFu Conversion Strategies

Your customer has become aware of your brand, product or service. However, they are still exploring their options. At this stage, you can:

  • Add social proof with testimonials, case studies, or reviews from top influencers in your industry
  • Encourage customer reviews on social media platforms, if appropriate; make sure to respond when they contact you promptly
  • Create a comparison chart or guide with your competitors who are in similar niches
  • Create a user guide, FAQs or video tutorial that gives customers a sneak peek of your service or product
  • Create a sense of urgency through scarcity or exclusivity

BoFu Conversion Strategies

At this final stage, your customer is still interested in your product or service after going through all other alternatives in the market. To close the deal and nurture this relationship so that you gain a lifelong customer, you may:

  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Provide discounts
  • Provide post-purchase visuals, such as product or service tutorials that are exclusive to patrons
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Provide personalised consultations or after-sale customer support

Why Use an Inbound Marketing Strategy like Content Marketing?

How does producing relevant content turn leads into customers? Well, when you create content, it’s similar to having a salesperson talk with your customer and understand their needs. 

However, you’re not creating a one-sided conversation; instead, there is a dialogue between you and your target audience, one where you allow your prospects to arrive at their own conclusions. These buyers are called Sense Makers, and they’re more likely to close deals with little regret.

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Additionally, you want your brand to be discoverable on search engines. Content creation plays a major role in getting your website seen when people search for specific keywords. The more content you produce, the higher your chances of ranking on Google. With increased visibility comes an increase in traffic and sales leads.


The sales funnel is crucial to every business. It allows you to understand what type of strategy works best for each stage of the customer journey. You can then use that information to create the right content at the right time for optimal conversions.

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