LinkedIn Profile Picture Background & Other Things to Consider for a Stellar Profile Photo

LinkedIn Profile Picture Background

Do you know what the most important elements of your LinkedIn profile introduction card are?

  • Your profile picture 
  • Profile picture background
  • The banner image behind the profile picture.
  • Your headline

About the headline, we will talk some other time. 

Today we will learn all there is to learn about LinkedIn profile picture, its background, and everything else you need to make your profile picture impressive.  

First, a few top-level tips to keep in mind about your LinkedIn Profile Photo:

  • Use a realistic photo that looks like you.

  • Use a clear and bright high-resolution photo. 

  • Your profile picture should be about only you; make sure you are the only one in the photo.

  • Get a professional headshot photographer to take the shot.

  • Take the shot in natural light or lighting that simulates natural light conditions.

  • Always have a smiling face for your profile picture.

  • Dress appropriately.

Now, as we’ve cleared the initial commandments out of the way, let’s get a deeper look into your LinkedIn profile picture background.

How Should Be Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Background

Many professionals often ignore the importance of the background of their LinkedIn profile picture.

However, the setting and aura behind you in the photo play an important role in making you stand out. 

It can also work for making your profile clean, beautiful, and professional. 

First, make sure that your face takes up to 60% of the picture. 

The photo should be a headshot – meaning from shoulder to your top of the head should only be visible. 

Anything else is the background. So, crop the photo accordingly. You can also remove the background of your picture if necessary.

A bright single-colour background works the best for a professional photo. 

However, it’s best to avoid white as it’s ubiquitous. 

You can consider something like oxford blue or soft charcoal grey. 

You can use a bright coloured wall at your home or office as your background to take the LinkedIn profile picture. 

Want to Have an Outdoor Setting as LinkedIn Profile Picture Background?

Some professionals choose to take their photos outdoors amidst nature where greeneries might be visible at their back.

On the other hand, some busy cityscapes with tall buildings can also be a choice for some. 

If you want your background to reflect such scenes, you can surely do so. 

However, you must be careful and make sure that nothing else in the background takes away the focus from your face. 

It’s also a good idea to make the background a bit blurry. 

That way, the photo will look artistic, and the focus too will remain on your face.  

What’s the Best Color for LinkedIn Profile Picture Background

So, if you are still wondering about what would be the best background for your LinkedIn profile picture and want the answer straight away, we have got you covered!

These are the solid background colours and shades that work best for a LinkedIn profile picture:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White

It’s also important to keep in mind your skin tone, colour of clothing, and the mood you want to portray through the photo while selecting a background colour. Utilizing tools to change background color can be a game-changer, offering the flexibility to match or contrast your profile photo with your personal brand and the professional image you wish to project.

You can also go for more lively colours like orange, red, and green if that goes more with your brand image and persona. 

The Aspect Ratio for the LinkedIn Profile Picture

The recommended image aspect ratio for the LinkedIn profile picture is 1:1.

The image should be about 400px x 400px.

LinkedIn profile photo size limit is about 8MB.

LinkedIn profile background photos or the LinkedIn banner dimensions should be 1584 px x 396 px.

The aspect ratio for LinkedIn profile banner photos is 4:1. 

The supported file formats are JPG and PNG.

Importance of the LinkedIn Profile Banners

Also known as the LinkedIn background photo or the cover photo, your profile banner that sits at the top of our profile is a prime LinkedIn real estate. 

It’s important that you give your profile banner image as much importance as you would give to your profile picture.

Instead of using those common stock images that everyone else is using, consider hiring an expert graphics designer experienced in creating LinkedIn banner images. 

Using a custom and industry-specific cover photo can breathe new life to your profile and make the most crucial aspects of your business visible to them right away!

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