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2. The best way to include external links in your posts

Thinking about sharing that article/video that you found on another platform with your connections and followers on LinkedIn?

Always avoid inserting the link within the post itself, even though you delete automated article load. Having an external link within the post itself has been shown to restrict the reach of your post by up to 90%.

LinkedIn wants you to stay and interact within the platform, and sadly the algorithm does not try hard to recognize that the link is of a LinkedIn article.

Here’s the best way to increase the visibility of posts with external links

Insert the link in the first comment of your posts

If you have a link that you want to share, make sure to place the link in the first comment of your post. Just make sure to let people know at the end of your post where they can find the link.

Including external links in the comments section
Effects of putting a link in a comment instead of in a post

By putting the link in the first comment, you can avoid being penalized. 

If you uploaded a video to another platform and want to share it on LinkedIn, the best way to do so would be to upload the video directly on to LinkedIn so that it becomes a native video. This is to avoid taking them off LinkedIn to, let’s say, YouTube, or Vimeo.

You would also be able to get more in-depth analytics on how your video performs, and being able to review the data on your post’s performance is a great way to know how you can improve your posts.

Video analytics
Engagement on an internal video post