5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Social Selling on LinkedIn

5 essential chrome extensions for social selling on linkedin

Chrome extensions can play a significant role in enhancing productivity and the user experience on the LinkedIn platform. They offer features like profile analytics, contact management, and lead generation tools. These extensions streamline tasks such as sending connection requests with message templates and conducting job searches.

For professionals and businesses looking to optimize their LinkedIn usage, build their network, and leverage the platform for career growth and business opportunities, these extensions are invaluable, saving time and effort.

To expand your reach and generate leads effectively utilizing LinkedIn, Chrome extensions can be of great assistance. These extensions enable you to find emails, identify prospects, and automate data entry. Ultimately, they empower you to engage with the audience that matters most to your brand.

So, let’s start by understanding Chrome extensions and how they can be useful for your business.

What are Chrome Extensions? How Can They Benefit Your Business?

The Chrome extension is a software program that enhances productivity by reducing distractions while enabling content sourcing directly within your internet browser. To improve your online browsing experience, simplify navigation, and automate tasks, you have the option to install a Chrome extension on your browser.

Many professionals find Chrome extensions to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. These extensions offer features that empower businesses to work efficiently, save time, and optimize their operations.

So, if you’re interested in leveraging the power of LinkedIn for social selling, here are five Chrome extensions that can assist you.

Five Must-have Chrome Extensions for Social Selling on LinkedIn

#1: TextCortex

This useful writing tool utilizes AI technology to help you create content for websites and social media platforms while maintaining tone. It is particularly beneficial for enhancing your business presence on LinkedIn.

With TextCortex, generating high-quality content becomes much faster as it offers modules tailored to various use cases. This extension seamlessly integrates with over 30 platforms, making it effortless to use across text boxes. TextCortex supports content generation in more than 72 languages. It also ensures the creation of authentic human-generated content that is both plagiarism-free and optimized.

Key features

  • Sentence rephrasing – TextCortex allows you to rephrase your sentences effectively.
  • Sentence expansion – Complete your sentences with assistance from TextCortex based on your input.
  • Save time – TextCortex helps you reduce your writing workload by 80% while still delivering high-quality outcomes.


TextCortex provides a variety of rate plans tailored to your needs. The free plan is perfect for anyone and grants access to all core features. Additionally, there are Lite and Unlimited plans that cater specifically to businesses and creators.

#2: Engage AI

Another valuable tool is Engage AI, a Chrome extension designed for individuals who frequently prospects on LinkedIn. By utilizing AI programming languages, this extension generates engaging and meaningful comments based on the content of LinkedIn posts, enhancing interactions with prospects and forging deeper  connections within your target demographic.

Engage AI provides the option to personalize these comments according to your brand’s style and voice. Alternatively, you utilize the default options provided by Engage AI!

Beyond a Chrome extension, Engage AI enables its users to nurture prospects efficiently. Its web application functions as a mini-CRM, allowing the storage and management of important prospects and customers in one location. This AI-powered solution proves invaluable in streamlining customer retention and prospect nurturing. And thus, assist companies in effective social selling and fostering deeper customer relationships.

Key features

  • Comment auto-drafting – Engage AI saves you time by drafting relevant comment suggestions.
  • Customizable tones – Engage AI provides both default tones and the option to customize them in any way you like.
  • Prospect monitoring application – Keep yourself top of mind and deepen relationships with both prospects and existing customers efficiently.


Engage AI offers various plans depending on your needs:

  1. ChatGPT – You can sync your ChatGPT account with Engage AI to enjoy unlimited generations.
  2. OpenAI API – If you’re tech-savvy, you can retrieve the API key from your OpenAI account and add it to Engage AI. With this pay-as-you-go (to OpenAI) option, you can enjoy stabler and faster comment generations.
  3. Engage AI Pro – Those who want to enjoy the unlimited benefits of the mini-CRM and priority support, on top of unlimited generations, could opt for the $30/ month business-savvy plan. You can start with a free 7-day trial, after which you may still continue to use the basic functions of Engage AI for free without subscribing to Pro.
  4. Executive Suite – Enterprises who want additional done-for-you white glove services, on top of all the benefits from Pro, could opt for the $1299/month executive suite plan.

#3: Linked Helper

Linked Helper is a Chrome extension that specifically caters to professionals and businesses looking to streamline and optimize their LinkedIn tasks. It simplifies the process of finding clients by automating tasks through templates and customized variables. With this software, reaching out to clients becomes effortless while ensuring they convert into customers.

The extension offers a range of tools for acquiring B2B clients across industries by implementing funnel automation techniques. Some of its notable features include lead generation, outreach capabilities, and networking opportunities within the LinkedIn platform.

Users can set up automated connection requests, follow-ups, and messaging sequences to expand their network while effectively engaging with clients or partners. Linked Helper also provides tools that enable users to view profiles, endorse others, and extract data from LinkedIn profiles. However, it’s essential to use these automation tools as per LinkedIn’s terms and services.

Key features

  • Customized messaging – Craft personalized messages with the option to attach custom images or send them in bulk to your connections on LinkedIn.
  • Bulk messaging – Engage with all members of your group by utilizing the automated bulk messaging tool on LinkedIn, encouraging their participation.
  • Automated connections – Automatically send connection requests to LinkedIn users based on targeting criteria.
  • Profile viewing – Boost your visibility by viewing the profiles of your target audience—a way to attract attention to your profile.


Linked Helper provides subscription options for their service. You can take advantage of their trial plan or go with their monthly plan, priced at $45.

#4: Hunter.io

This Chrome extension makes it easy for you to find email addresses on any website. It is designed specifically to streamline your business’s outreach efforts. With a database containing over 100 million email addresses, Hunter.io can locate contact information for anyone.

Additionally, it provides both a browser extension and a feature-rich website for added convenience. Simply click on the extension icon while browsing any website, and you will be able to uncover an email address. One of the advantages of Hunter.io is that it extensively searches the web beyond LinkedIn profiles.

In addition, it allows you to sort email addresses based on departments, like sales and marketing, and even helps you find the email address of an article author if needed. Moreover, this tool provides insights into the sources from which each discovered email address was obtained.

Key features

  • Email address finder – This powerful tool can search the internet and add found emails to its extensive database at a rate of over 700,000 web pages per minute.
  • Email categorization – It lets you categorize emails based on specific departments or personal email addresses.


While the paid plan may seem a bit expensive at €399, it offers features that make it worth considering.

#5: Showpad

The Showpad Chrome extension proves to be a resource for businesses aiming to streamline their sales processes, optimize content management, and boost their sales teams’ effectiveness. This extension allows users to access and share marketing materials, sales collateral, and presentations within their web browsers.

Showpad Content is a user sales enablement tool designed to simplify content management and enhance sales effectiveness. It acts as a centralized repository for all your marketing materials.

Key features

  • Content accessibility – The ability to access and share content on all devices enables sales teams to stay productive even while on the go.
  • Customization of sales collateral – Showpad Content allows sales representatives to tailor their materials specifically for each prospect, resulting in increased engagement and relevance.
  • Presentation friendly – Pitching and presenting are made easier with the inclusion of tools and multimedia content that can be used to create sales presentations.
  • Performance optimization – Showpad Content also integrates AI and machine learning capabilities, which optimize content suggestions, improve search functionality, and provide insights into content performance.


Showpad has options including Essential, Ultimate, and Plus, as monthly plans. However, for customized plans, specific pricing details can only be obtained by sharing your requirements with them.


When selecting Chrome extensions and plugins for LinkedIn social selling, it’s crucial to have clear objectives and consider your specific needs. It’s important to define your goals, read user reviews, assess credibility, check compatibility with your LinkedIn version, and then evaluate pricing options along with scalability.

Many extensions offer trial periods, so you can initially assess it to see if it meets your needs. As your requirements evolve with time, upgrading to a newer version may become an option. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a functional Chrome extension to maximize your productivity on LinkedIn.

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