Virtual Assistant Provider Receives Unlimited Business Leads

Key Outcomes:

  • Formed mutually beneficial connections with other members in the tribe
  • Reduced ad spend from $10,000 to $1200 a month 
  • Gained additional organic traffic source from LinkedIn 
  • Provided opportunity for additional billable hours to clients

Emily Wilson is the founder and CEO of a virtual assistant outsourcing company. She started her company in 2014 after she became frustrated with trying to find a good virtual assistant herself.

The Melbourne-based company has provided services to hundreds of businesses since its establishment, and one of the company’s core services is providing virtual assistants to B2B business owners. 

Emily’s company provide a wide range of services that can help these businesses run more efficiently, including social media management, customer service, telemarketing and data entry.

The company has seen a lot of success in the past few years, and Emily credits much of that to the quality of her team of virtual assistants.

Staying Competitive in a Crowded Marketplace

Over the years, the number of VA outsourcing agencies has grown exponentially.


In such a crowded marketplace, it became increasingly challenging to remain relevant and the top choice for businesses.

Emily had to bid higher than her competitors consistently to remain on the top of Google’s search results. As seen in the graph above, her paid traffic dropped dramatically in December as she failed to bid higher than her competitors.

In 2021, the average CPC she paid for the keywords she wanted to rank on Google was $5.56.

Some of the keywords she bid for included the following:

Keyword Position CPC
virtual assistant
hire a virtual assistant
virtual assistant philippines

To keep her company visible, Emily paid out over $10,000 every month, and she expected the costs to only keep growing. 

Thus, she turned her focus from paid advertising to content marketing on LinkedIn.

Emily employed the help of her own VA to create content and manage the engagement on LinkedIn.

Emily’s personal VA, Jocelyn, has strong experience in creating social media content and nurturing prospects on social platforms. Despite this, the engagement that Emily receives within the two hours after she publishes her posts were always below the threshold required to be promoted by LinkedIn to a larger audience.

Since she was already creating so much content, Emily wanted to see if there was a way for her posts to reach more people.

Using a Software-as-a-Service Platform to Increase Credibility

Emily noticed that one of her connections on LinkedIn had consistent engagement on his LinkedIn posts. She decided to reach out to him to inquire about his secret.

It turned out that he is using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with a network of like-minded LinkedIn influencers. The LinkedIn algorithm needs signals that come from likes and comments on posts to determine which content it should prioritise and boost on its platform.

With FILT Pod, the SaaS platform’s randomisation technology and highly-engaged network of influencers, Emily’s connection was able to get the engagement he deserves for his first-level connections, such as Emily, to take notice. From there, his first-level connections take interest more content and engage with him, thereby pushing his content beyond just being seen by his existing connections.

Emily decided to join FILT Pod and started submitting her content into FILT Pod’s system. Since FILT Pod’s members are influential business professionals within their respective industries, they can offer an extra layer of credibility to the businesses that they work with. 

The engagement she received from the business owners and influencers in the community was stronger than the engagement she received from her connections on LinkedIn.

Within a couple of weeks, Emily was able to increase her influence and reach on LinkedIn by 4.68 times. She has also seen an increase in leads and new clients for her company. 

Her clients, who were also connected to her on LinkedIn, started to take notice of her improved metrics on the platform. Over half of her clients began to send Emily inquiries and, seeing the demand, she decided to form a partnership with FILT Pod.

Emily reached out to her clients who require extra boosts in visibility to improve their overall ROI on LinkedIn and offer an additional package. Emily’s company specialises in multiple fields, but 80% of her clients come from those who require social media management assistance.

These social media virtual assistants support her clients in building a stronger presence online by managing their social media channels. Their tasks include creating and scheduling content, engaging with the target audience, responding to comments and monitoring content performance with analytic tools. Because her company only services B2B clients, Emily’s team of VAs focuses on managing clients’ profiles on LinkedIn.

Her most popular package for this type of service is 20 hours/month ($180). 73% of her existing clients who want social media management services opt for the package with a partnership marketing platform (FILT Pod). 

For the extra 26 hours (13 FILT Pod sessions x 2 hours) of LinkedIn engagement service that her clients gain from her team of VAs, Emily is now able to charge twice the price of the original package that she offers to her client.

Now that Emily’s service offering includes her own personal network of influencers, she is able to quote higher but still reasonable prices than before, lower ad spend and maintain a steady stream of clients each month.

Partnership with Positive Returns

As more and more of their existing clients subscribe to the package that includes FILT Pod, FILT Pod in turn introduces its members to Emily’s agency as there was always a high demand for VAs among the busy influencers and business owners.

Because FILT Pod is constantly introducing its members to Emily, her business now has an additional stream of leads that she can convert into loyal customers. Since these B2B business owners are already familiar with FILT Pod, they naturally go for the more comprehensive package that includes the platform as they’re fully aware of the benefits of using FILT Pod.

Because FILT Pod is constantly introducing its members to me, my business now has an additional stream of leads that I can convert into loyal customers. Since these B2B business owners are already familiar with FILT Pod, they naturally go for the more comprehensive package that includes the platform as they’re fully aware of the benefits of using FILT Pod.

emily wilson
Emily Wilson

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