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Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section, you will find answers to specific questions people ask before joining us.

How does FILT Pod run?

The comments are done by real humans which greatly increases the quality of the contents (which equals more favour from the LinkedIn algorithm!)

Once a week would be the ideal amount to start with. However, our most active members, whose business is in the 7-figure range, often post 3 times a week.

You are only required to engage back when you are posting. If you are not posting, you won’t have to engage back. We believe this to be a fair exchange, so that you’re not being forced to comment even when you are away on holiday or super busy with clients’ engagements.

For example, you are only expected to comment on Monday, if you post on Monday. However, if you decide to post 3 times a week, then you are expected to engage on the posts allocated to you 3 times a week.

As for the engagement on a pod day, the FILT Pod algorithm will allocate you to provide between 12 – 17 comments on any pod day. In return, you will receive at least 15 comments per post. Additionally, we will ensure that your comments roll in gradually throughout the week to match the update to LinkedIn’s post view velocity. This way, you’ll receive maximum results in reach over an extended period.

No, the pod allows your absence from time to time, and the platform has been designed to support that.

Replying to the comments people left on your posts’ will only further amplify your post exposure. We’ve noticed that people who reply to comments left on their posts have their views doubled on the already-boosted number of views.

It depends on your time zone:

  • New York – 17:25 or UTC -5, on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • San Francisco – 14:25 or UTC -8, on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Sydney – 08:25 or UTC +11, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Note that these are standard time zones. Please adjust the time during daylight savings.

No, because we have found the above times to be the best in posting, and you should focus on servicing your customers outside these scheduled hours.
Not at this stage, and the reason is explained as above. However, we are considering opening up more sessions at different times in the coming months.

No, you can’t because you will need the engagement velocity. It’s a strong signal to LinkedIn to show your posts to a broader audience. Even now that LinkedIn shows your post more gradually over an extended period, you want engagement to roll in at an optimum pace. FILT Pod is the platform with the best allocation algorithm that makes it happen for you.

All engagement must be completed within 2 hours from the start time without delay. LinkedIn promotes your posts to more people when its algorithm detects an organic amount of engagement in the first two hours.

With the recent update to LinkedIn’s post view velocity, you’ll want engagement boosts throughout the week so that your view counts don’t fall flat. We have an allocation algorithm that will allocate this accordingly on your behalf. However, to make it easy for you and other members, we only require you to make the necessary 12-17 comments on the day you participate in a pod session. We have you covered on the rest.

Members that don’t play by these rules would often be reported. When we receive a lot of complaints about a particular member, we cancel their membership and ask them to leave, which ensures that the remaining members are all high-quality members.
LinkedIn does not quite share that number so we can’t give you an accurate number. However, we have gathered data (feedback from tribe members about conversations they have had with their first level connections or messages their first connections are sending them), that the first connections often highlight how much they have been following our tribe members’ posts.
Absolutely. Our platform allows your absence from time to time, and the platform has been designed to support that.

Yes, you will have to engage and comment. You could either do it yourself or you could have a team member / hire an assistant to do that for you, but make sure they are well trained. 30% of our members have grown their business(es) and now they have a dedicated staff to help with their marketing activities on LinkedIn and FILT pod.

No, you can’t. It will flag your account to LinkedIn and you might get shadow-banned. Members who violate this rule will be asked to leave.

The topics are diverse as we have a diverse group of members. We would suggest your primary concern to be making sure more of your first level connections are seeing YOUR posts. This is the primary objective we aim to achieve for you through our platform. The topics are generally not going to be super technical so you or your virtual assistant will do just fine. We do suggest for you to provide them with some training so they comment in your tone and with your professionalism.

How we are different from the other platforms

We pride ourselves on the quality of our process, tribe members and platform itself. It’s not the structure, member or technology that you can get from the free groups.

We can guarantee you

  • A minimum of 15 comments throughout the span of a week. You never have to guess how much engagement you will be getting.
  • Engagement on your posts will look as natural as possible.
  • Your LinkedIn account is safer when working with our members because we take great care in making the engagements look as natural and organic as possible.

Your first-level connections and LinkedIn’s algorithm can possibly tell when you have the same exact people commenting on your post over and over again. Your first-level connections, i.e. potential buyers, will lose trust in you. LinkedIn may choose to ban your account or put you in LinkedIn “jail” due to pod activity.

While we can’t 100% guarantee your account safety, we are the only one on this planet who considers this and built our platform with that in mind. We built advanced algorithms to keep our engagement activities under the radar and make your engagement look as natural as possible, giving you the maximum amount of engagement with minimal risks.

These free groups are manually run and it poses more damage than good to your profile. We have tested many of them before and were frustrated with the results, which is why we decided to make our own platform. That’s how FILT Pod was born in the first place!

We’ve invested in creating our own software to address all the challenges and algorithms that make your pod activities as natural as possible, which greatly increases the safety of your LinkedIn profile compared to these free ones. Is your LinkedIn account safety not worth the extra spending?

Will FILT Pod work for me?

It will depend on the number of qualified connections you have and your content strategy. There are no limits to how far you can go with a sufficient number of appropriate connections and high-quality content. Also, your services have to be good market-fit and relevant to your connections. Our members have reported more sales conversations than ever before due to the visibility we provide to them.
💡 To think about: It is no use to drive you a lot of traffic to your top funnel, when you don’t have any strategies in place for your mid and bottom funnel to move your prospects towards a sales conversation.
Your potential buyers are your first level connections and you should always curate your first level connections to consist of as many of them as possible. This is something you have full control of and we help you to get your posts seen by as many of them as possible. This helps you to be top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.
💡 To think about: Your first step is to have your posts seen by the people you curate into your network, instead of someone else’s network.

Please subscribe to our blog and newsletter. We share useful tips and strategies on how to create high quality content on LinkedIn. Our members also have privileged access to FILT Pod Institute of Influencers. It’s a curated educational program to help our members in mastering content marketing strategies and growing their business on LinkedIn.
💡 To think about: Have you also considered hiring a copywriter?

Here’s a handy guide we’ve come up with that teaches you how to do this: (link to the blog post)
💡 To think about: Have you considered hiring a copywriter?

We help you and your brand to be seen by more of your first level connections. Without any visibility, it’s impossible to make any sales. With higher visibility, you stand a greater chance to get sales.
Just like how ads on social media or TV cannot guarantee sales, we cannot guarantee sales of your services. However, we do guarantee more visibility and a bigger audience that sees your posts.
💡 To think about: Making a sale requires multiple components in the business to be working. This includes your brand, product, value proposition, pricing, sale pitch, sale closing, marketing, reputation, etc. Are all of those set up and ready to go?

We currently don’t have this pricing option, but we would consider building that in the future.

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