Copywriting Service Agency Improves Client Relationships With This Reach-Amplifying Strategy

Key Outcomes:

  • Achieved at least 5 times the reach across all client accounts 
  • Obtained an additional customer sourcing channel
  • Obtained a content distribution strategy that complements their excellent copywriting
  • Increased customer lifetime value for his copywriting services

Sean Schmidt is a skilled copywriter and CEO of a copywriting service agency. He has helped over 200 businesses all over the United States increase their leads and sales through his compelling writing.

His agency is able to offer a full suite of copywriting services that help with lead generation on social media sites, websites, ads, copy for cold emails and more. Sean’s agency provides copywriting services for both B2B and B2C companies.

B2B Companies Having Issues With Visibility Online

B2B companies often employ Sean’s agency to write their blog content. Sean’s team also repurposes the content they write for their clients’ websites for social media platforms, namely Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many businesses in the B2B sector are struggling with visibility online and as such, they aren’t able to attract the right kind of leads into their sales funnel. Sean’s agency can provide fantastic copywriting to drive up leads.

However, relying on SEO and Google to drive traffic and leads is a long-term game. It normally takes six months to a year for Sean’s clients to see the results of his team’s efforts.

On top of that, many of his B2B clients did not have a LinkedIn network that regularly engages with their content. As a result, LinkedIn does not promote the work that Sean and his team do for their clients to a broader audience.

Sean needed other avenues to drive target traffic to the blog articles he writes for his clients – and fast. Otherwise, his clients would complain about the lack of web traffic, which subsequently dampens the morale and confidence of his team.

Eventually, these dissatisfied clients terminated their contracts because Sean’s agency wasn’t able to produce substantial results, specifically driving traffic to his clients’ websites. 

Those who do see the content from Sean’s team are, however, often motivated to reach out to his clients.

Sean’s team decided that what they needed wasn’t a new content tactic but a supportive content distribution strategy.

The SaaS Solution as a Content Distribution Strategy

Sean and his team found FILT Pod through a recommendation from an existing FILT Pod member.  Since it’s a SaaS platform, it helps businesses amplify their content on LinkedIn to a larger, qualified audience with safe, randomisation technology.

At the same time, FILT Pod provides a human touch by having a strong community of like-minded business owners and professionals. It is this strong, committed network that gives Sean’s clients the organic engagement they needed for their LinkedIn content marketing campaigns to be successful.

ROI and Customer Loyalty

With his client’s agreement, Sean shares one of his client’s performance metrics after utilising FILT Pod for their business:

Since incorporating FILT Pod into their content distribution strategy, Sean’s copywriting service agency has seen a significant overall increase in reach for all the copy they create for their clients. The client above is just one of many who has seen a drastic improvement in ROI.

As a copywriting service agency, success for Sean is defined as being able to deliver quality copy that helps his clients increase their leads. Sean is always confident about his team’s copywriting ability, but he knew even the best copy could drown in the sea of competition.

With the way Google ranks pages on its search engine and LinkedIn promotes content only when its algorithm detects strong cues like early engagement, Sean’s agency needed a tried-and-true distribution tool that complements their work.

FILT Pod filled in that role and allows his team to achieve their copywriting goals.

With copywriting services, it’s all about quality copy that drives leads.

FILT Pod has been a great partner for Sean and his copywriting service agency because the platform provides them with an easy way to distribute their content on LinkedIn in order to drive up qualified leads from interested prospects.

By using this SaaS solution, they’ve achieved higher customer retention rates as well as better ROI since those who do convert tend to stay longer.

Additional Customer Sourcing Channel

FILT Pod has a large community of busy business owners, and many require Sean’s expertise.

Sean is able to build mutually profitable relationships outside of LinkedIn with them. By nurturing these relationships, he is able to convince many of the other members to subscribe to his services.

FILT Pod has become my agency’s secret weapon for copywriting success on LinkedIn. FILT Pod is the perfect complementary software to our copywriting services and I would highly recommend it to any business looking for an edge on LinkedIn.

sean schmidt
Sean Schmidt

Achieve greater success by using a complementary tool for your clients.

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