Australian Business Gains 3,000 Views Per LinkedIn Post and 7 Monthly Leads

Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced marketing and advertising costs by 75.2%
  • Increased her average post views by 900%
  • Built her authority and personal brand in her industry
  • Increased revenue and productivity by outsourcing LinkedIn content marketing tasks

Her corporate job was her safety net, but she was at the point of her career where she wanted to make it on her own.

Bethanny Groff deliberated over leaving her 17-year career for two years. After all, it was a decision that would greatly impact her family and herself.

There were a myriad of reasons that solidified her decision to leave her corporate job – poor work-life balance and higher ambition being two of many. 

On the 19th February 2019, Bethanny became a proud owner of a consulting business. 

The experience and skillsets she built from her long-standing career in a corporate setting enables her to be an expert in building analytics systems that optimise business operations.

With a team of five other people, she began to see clients introduced to her by close contacts on LinkedIn. 

Eight months into running her own business, some of Bethanny’s client contracts had been fulfilled.


Since 75.8% of her previous clients had come from LinkedIn, she started to promote her services and publish content related to her expertise more frequently on LinkedIn.
bethanny groff lead generation channels
Bethanny's Lead Generational Channels

With limited resources, Bethanny took the matter of leads nurturing into her own hands, but impressions did not increase.

The lack of results drove Bethanny to start paying Google for her business to appear on top of search results for specific keywords. It didn’t take long for her competition to start bidding more for her best keyword placements.

Bethanny quickly realised how costly PPC is for a B2B business like hers. Half a year in, she became absolutely sick of spending $5,000 month-on-month.

Although the PPC campaign managed to bring Bethanny some qualified clientele, it was only effective when Bethanny continued to outbid her competitors. Many of the generated business inquiries were also focused on her pricing with no further follow-ups.

  • Average Monthly Google Adword Spend: $5,000
Month Impressions Clicks CTR Avg. CPC

Bethanny’s Q1 2021 data

While she had been using paid ads, Bethanny was still relatively active on LinkedIn, building up her connections and posting content every few weeks. Although she herself hadn’t yet seen much success there, her LinkedIn connections would receive a lot of engagement and enquiries on their posts.

Keep Paying Google or Invest More on LinkedIn Content Marketing?

It’s undeniable that PPC ads provide Bethanny’s business with the visibility it needs, but Bethanny was ready for an alternative, one that provides an equal degree of exposure at a sustainable cost.

Thus, she reached out to her LinkedIn connections who managed to build a strong presence and authority on LinkedIn. From them, she discovered that her LinkedIn posts were getting buried before they’re even noticed for one sole reason:

She didn’t win the LinkedIn algorithm’s favour.

From 300 Views To 3,000 Views Per LinkedIn Post

A connection on LinkedIn introduced Bethanny to FILT Pod. After reviewing several other similar softwares in the market, Bethanny ultimately chose FILT Pod because it:

Bethanny’s LinkedIn posts went viral once she started getting engagement boosts from FILT Pod’s community. Her post impressions increased by 900%.

Today, Bethanny consistently reaches a wider audience every time she uses FILT Pod to boost her posts on LinkedIn. With a platform that amplifies her presence on the networking platform without breaking her bank, Bethanny can focus on nurturing her leads and closing sales.

More Time And Savings

Instead of spending $5000 on ads every month, Bethanny decided to channel the resources into outsourcing her social media management.

This business move freed her of tasks such as content creation and engagement on LinkedIn.

Outsource Task Monthly Cost
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Manage engagement on LinkedIn
$14/hour x 40 = $560
Content Writer
Content creation on LinkedIn
$50/post x 13 = $650
Reach Amplification Platform (FILT Pod)
Auto-assigning and managing engagement to create a snowball effect in LinkedIn post reach



Old LinkedIn Posts Still Get Her Leads

Even now, Bethanny would often receive comments and likes from people (now part of her network) on content she posted months or even a year ago. 

Her newer posts, powered with FILT Pod’s platform, grabbed her prospects’ attention. These prospects would then visit her LinkedIn profile and research her business and expertise by looking through her posts, even ones from a long time ago.

This was the value she desired when she shifted her focus to content marketing and LinkedIn, and she achieved it.

Unlike paid ads, which caused her visibility on the web to drop off once she stopped paying, she received unlimited value from combining the strengths of LinkedIn, content marketing and FILT Pod.

The return of investment is so much higher with FILT Pod. It costs less than a quarter of what I was paying for Google ads. I got my value out of FILT Pod. Now, I feel I should tell other business owners about it – My business associates, for one, absolutely loved it. I definitely scored some brownie points for sharing about it with them.

bethanny groff
Bethanny Groff

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