Use Case Beneficiary: Senior Business Development Manager

This use case is relevant to Senior Business Development Managers who:

  • Operate in a sales cycle that typically spans from 15 to 36 months
  • Build and nurture relationships with potential clients to grow their company
  • Work with decision-makers and manage million-dollar engagements
  • Leverage referrals from existing clients to drive business growth


Senior business development managers often face the following challenges:

Lengthy Sales Cycle

They take a long time to convert prospects into clients as the sales cycle for their high-ticket consulting services can range from 15 to 36 months.

Generic Sales Profile Perception

Their target audience may perceive them as generic sales profiles rather than trusted advisors.

Without a strategy to stand out and provide value, they struggle to differentiate themselves and establish a strong personal brand on LinkedIn.

Time and Effort Constraints

The demanding nature of their role leaves little time for crafting personalized comments and engaging with prospects individually.

The managers need an efficient solution to save time while maintaining an authentic and value-driven approach to relationship building on LinkedIn.

Solution Workflow

1. Research and Identify Prospects

research and identify prospects
  • Create a list of key leads that would grow the business and elevate the manager’s consulting career in Engage AI’s web app.

2. Save Key Prospects

add prospect
  • Easily initiate multiple touchpoints over time for relationship-building.

3. Check for Updates

check for updates
  • Choose a schedule in which Engage AI will check your prospect’s latest published posts.
  • Stay updated and be the first to engage with them for the best impression.

4. Craft Value-Driven Comments

craft value driven comments
  • Initiate meaningful conversations with comments.
  • Leverage Engage AI to leave thoughtful and unique comments on prospects’ posts.
  • Customize suggested comments to match brance voice and tone.

5. Build Potential Client Relationships

build potential client relationships
  • Leverage engagement counts to track progress with each prospect.
  • Multiple touchpoints enable others to recognize the manager’s expertise at a quicker rate.
  • Stay top of mind and establish trust.
  • Drive the conversation toward a meeting.

6. Nurture Existing Client Relationships

  • Poor visibility on LinkedIn creates a Catch-22 situation, where prospects don’t receive a lot of initial engagement on their posts, which leads them to receive little engagement later.
  • Use Engage AI to generate meaningful comments that help boost the prospect’s visibility.
  • Comments warm up and maintain the relationship.
  • Leverage the law of reciprocity to receive referrals from existing clients.

Performance Goals

By incorporating Engage AI into their workflow, senior business development managers can achieve the following:

Shortened Sales Cycle

  • Close deals faster by significantly reducing the average sales cycle duration from 15-36 months to around two weeks.

Increased Lead Count and Reputation

  • Show up in front of 1st-level connections and followers more frequently.
  • Enhance the manager’s reputation and personal brand as an active and valuable member of their LinkedIn network.

Optimize Time and Effort

  • Save time and effort in engaging prospects for relationship-building.
  • Allocate resources effectively to focus on closing deals and key sales activities.

Drive Client Referrals

  • Increase existing clients’ willingness to recommend the senior business development manager’s services to others.

Increase Conversion Rates

  • Improve the conversion rates of prospects into clients by building trust and establishing strong relationships through meaningful comments on LinkedIn.

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