Use Case Beneficiary: Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Senior Brand Marketing Managers working in medium to large-sized enterprises, responsible for:

  • Developing and executing branding strategies
  • Enhancing brand recognition
  • Driving employee engagement on LinkedIn


Senior brand marketing managers frequently face the following challenges:

Low Employee Engagement

Despite following LinkedIn’s best practices, the manager faces the challenge of low employee engagement on the LinkedIn Company Page and CEO’s LinkedIn profile.

Employees are not actively participating by liking, commenting, or sharing the company’s posts.

Reluctance to Share Opinions

Employees are hesitant to share their opinions on the company’s or the CEO’s posts.

Fear of judgment or looking unprofessional prevents employees from actively engaging and contributing to the discussions.

Limited Visibility and Reach

The Company page or CEO’s LinkedIn profile fails to gain sufficient visibility and reach among the target audience.

Limited employee engagement and interactions contribute to lower reach for the company or CEO’s content on LinkedIn.

Time Constraints and Notification Challenges

LinkedIn notification updates sent to employees about new LinkedIn posts often arrive several hours later, reducing timely engagement.

Employees may not have the time to actively check LinkedIn for updates due to their daily work responsibilities.

notify employees on linkedin
employee notification delay

Solution Workflow

1. Set Up Slack Channel

  • Create a dedicated Slack channel where the manager can share the URLs of company and CEO LinkedIn posts as soon as they are published.

2. Maximize Ready-Made Zap

3. Customize the Zap to Your Organization

insert data new linkedin post
include the latest post in the slack notification
  • Insert the data, New LinkedIn Post in Engage AI, within the message text of the automated notifications.
  • Allow employees to access the correct, most recent company or CEO posts.

4. Set Fetch Lead Update Schedule

check for updates
  • Log into the Engage AI web app.
  • Set the specific days as to when Engage AI fetches lead updates from LinkedIn.

5. Instant Organization-Wide Distribution

new post notification in slack
  • Employees receive real-time notifications on Slack. 
  • The Slack notifications contain the URLs so employees can access the posts easily.

6. Increased Engagement

Engage AI GIF
  • Employees click on the post link and leverage Engage AI to receive and use comment suggestions.
  • Employees can confidently engage with LinkedIn posts by leaving comments, liking, and sharing the content within the crucial initial hours.

Performance Goals

By incorporating Engage AI into their workflow, senior brand marketing managers can achieve the following:

Doubled Engagement Rate

  • Employees feel more confident expressing their thoughts and opinions.
  • Employees engage easily without needing to be eloquent wordsmiths.

Enhanced Reach and Visibility

  • Observe a substantial improvement in the LinkedIn Company Page or CEO’s LinkedIn profile visibility, measured by page views, followers, and engagement rates.

Improved Brand Recognition and Reputation

  • Build a positive brand reputation, establishing the company as a trusted authority in its industry.

Time and Resource Savings

  • Employees can focus on other core responsibilities while providing engagement to increase their company or CEO’s visibility.
  • Increase overall team productivity.

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