Use Case Beneficiary: Business Owner

B2B Business Owners who are active on LinkedIn and want to:

  • Maximize their engagement
  • Increase their brand reach
  • Generate more leads and conversions


B2B Business Owners often face the following challenges:

Craft Thoughtful Comments

It’s challenging and time-consuming to develop original ideas, think of witty responses, and ensure relevancy to the prospects’ content.

Consistent Engagement

Engaging and nurturing prospects on LinkedIn requires regular and consistent efforts.

B2B business owners need to dedicate sufficient time to engage with their audience while juggling other responsibilities.

Monitor Prospects

Business owners need technological support to keep tabs on multiple prospects on LinkedIn.

This lack of organization leads to missed opportunities and inefficient engagement.

Need for Meaningful Conversations

B2B business owners may face resistance or get overlooked when sending cold messages.

They need a strategy that enables them to connect authentically and establish a positive impression before initiating direct communication.

Solution Workflow

1. Save Key Prospects

save key prospects in the engage ai web app
  • Identify profiles of potential prospects who align with your target audience and business goals.
  • Save them in the Engage AI Web App
  • Use the Engage AI web app to create a comprehensive list of prospects to initiate multiple touchpoints.

2. Identify Active Profiles

identify active profiles
  • Review your prospect list regularly and identify active profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Focus on prospects who are consistently sharing valuable and relevant posts to ensure meaningful engagement opportunities.

3. Generate Engaging Comments

generate engaging comments
  • Click to view the prospect’s most recent post.
  • Use Engage AI extension‘s capabilities to generate thoughtful and engaging comments that add value to the prospects’ posts and resonate with their audience.

4. Personalize and Post Comments

personalize and post comments
  • Add a personal touch to the ChatGPT-driven comments, ensuring they feel authentic and reflect your brand voice.

5. Consistent Engagement

consistent engagement
  • Engage with prospects continuously by leaving 7-13 additional comments over a period of time.
  • Time the additional comments strategically to maintain a consistent presence and foster ongoing conversations.

6. Monitor Responses

  • Monitor the responses from prospects on the commented posts regularly.
  • Keep track of metrics such as likes, replies, and profile visits to gauge the level of engagement and identify opportunities for further interaction.

7. Optimize Prospect List

  • Evaluate each prospect’s level of engagement and responsiveness after the 7th touchpoint.
  • If a prospect does not show a positive response or engagement, consider removing them from your prospect list.
  • Redirect your efforts towards other prospects who have shown more promising interest to optimize your engagement and maximize results.

Performance Goals

Business owners who incorporate Engage AI into their workflow can achieve the following successes:


  • Reduce the time spent engaging with 50 prospects from 4 hours per week to less than an hour per week.

Increased Brand Reach

  • Comments made by the owner will be visible to the owner’s 1st-level connections and the post owner, improving visibility.

Enhanced Prospect Engagement

  • Prospects are twice as likely to respond, reply, like, or visit the business owner’s LinkedIn profile after engaging in conversations initiated by posting comments.

Improved Relationship Building and Meeting Success Rate

  • Build genuine, win-win relationships with prospects by consistently leaving thoughtful comments that add value to their posts.
  • Establish a positive impression and rapport through comments, fostering stronger connections with prospects.
  • With established rapport, the business owner is more likely to be successful in landing a meeting with prospects.

Expanded Community and Authority

  • Attract and develop a loyal following of prospects, clients, and industry peers through valuable insights and contributions made through comments.
  • Become recognized as a trusted authority within the industry through active participation in conversations and consistent presence on LinkedIn.

Increased Profile Visits and Web Traffic

  • Attract prospects and encourage them to visit the business owner’s LinkedIn profile through increased visibility and active conversation participation.
  • Increased LinkedIn profile visits act as a gateway for prospects to explore the business owner’s website to learn more about their expertise and offerings, leading to a significant boost in web traffic.

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