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Want to turn digital connections into meaningful relationships that actually translate into sales? Join us for an insightful event on “Beyond Networking: The Art of Relationship Management on LinkedIn.” 

Key takeaways:

  • Importance and challenges of relationship management on LinkedIn
  • Strategies & best practices for building and nurturing long-term relationships on LinkedIn
  • Real-world examples showcasing successful LinkedIn relationship management

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build meaningful connections and grow your professional network. See you there!


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Jeff Bogensberger

Jeff, CEO and Founder of The Laughing Otter, has a successful history in revitalizing businesses, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts, and driving growth through innovative go-to-market strategies. His excellent communication and networking skills, paired with a pragmatic leadership style, consistently result in the achievement of defined outcomes and the establishment of unique industry standards.

Video Transcription

Jeff: All right.

Ning: So let’s wait for people to join in.

Jeff: Right. Do you guys see the stats of how many people are joining?

Ning: I believe so, yes. And if not, I can just check on LinkedIn.

Jeff: So where are you guys located? Are you in Singapore? Is that right? we’re located in Malaysia, except for Jason, who’s in Australia. Oh, is he? Where in Australia? Brisbane. Oh, he’s up in Brisbane. Oh, he’s just up that way. Last week. All right. We do have some people joining in now. welcome.

Ning: All right. Since we got people coming in, I’ll just go ahead and begin. hello everyone and a warm welcome to our series of webinars on sales and prospecting in B2B business. proudly brought to you by Engage AI. throughout this series, our expert guest speakers like Jeff will share insider tips and strategies that they’ve successfully implemented to propel the growth of their own businesses.

So by bringing these experts in the B2B space to you, Engage AI hopes you’ll be able to gain valuable insights on expanding the visibility of your B2B business, acquire actionable prospecting strategies that yield Tangible results and discover proven methods to boost sales performance and drive revenue growth.

And for those who stay until the end of the webinar, we’ll be giving away 10 free pro subscriptions for Engage AI, each valued at 720 US dollars. So every comment or question you have you leave in the chat will earn you bonus entries. So I hope that we’ll all be able to talk more there. So before we dive in, I would like to start by introducing you to Engage AI.

In an era where traditional communication methods often fall flat, Engage AI empowers you to break through the digital noise. People don’t always respond to messages or read emails or answer calls, but they do respond to meaningful comments on their content, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. So I would like for you to try our extension for free, and I’ll share a link to download it in the LinkedIn chat now.

Alright, so Engage AI simplifies outreach with a three step strategy to kickstart meaningful relationships and get responses from your prospects. We start with breaking the ice with insightful comments on LinkedIn posts, and then we get their attention through consistent and meaningful engagement, followed by ensuring that your LinkedIn profile acts as a compelling lead magnet for when they do visit you.

So for more details on this strategy, please check out the article linked in the chat. I’ll link that as well. Or you can scan the QR code that we have on screen. And one last reminder, don’t forget to leave your comments and questions in the chat so that you can earn bonus entries. And we can have a quick Q& A at the end of the session.

I’ll go ahead and link that now. All right.

Oh, sorry.

So without further, further ado, let’s dive into the first edition of our webinar series, Beyond Networking, The Art of Relationship Management on LinkedIn. Jeff, over to you. Hi, everyone. thanks for, joining us today. I’m going to gonna run through a few things here and hopefully they help. And then, at the end, we’ll have some real world examples and then followed by a Q and a, which I’m going to leave lots of time for because I think that’s, eliminates a lot of the guesswork of what you guys want to hear.

Jeff: Ning, can you flip the slide for me, please? All right. So just a quick agenda. I’m just gonna give you a little overview about me. And where I’m coming from, then the importance of LinkedIn, the challenges, strategies and best practices, world examples. And as I mentioned, we’ll do a Q and A at the end.

All right. You want to flip again? So I’m the, the founder and the CEO of the Laughing Otter. I’ve been doing this part of my career for about three years. but I’ve spent close to 30 years now in sales and marketing customer facing roles. And in leadership roles that were required, my KPIs were all around growth.

I’m very well versed in getting leads and working them through the, the presentation or through the pipeline and then being able to, to close those deals. I’m not a consultant. I full time on the Laughing Honor. so I’m just going to open the kimono, give you everything that I can share.

Cause I’m not interested in selling you consulting services or anything like that. So ask me anything and I’m going to, to be as open and forthcoming as I can be. All right. Do you want to flip through the next slide, please? Okay, the I think this is going to probably, just reiterate a lot of what you guys probably already know.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you found us on LinkedIn, you want to learn how to use LinkedIn. You already know the importance of LinkedIn, but just to highlight, it’s the social platform where people do business. Like you can get a lot of followers on, Twitter or now X, Facebook page, Instagram, those things.

But they’re not where people do business. People do business on LinkedIn. So if you are buying or selling, this is the platform you need to be on. It’s the easiest way to find people, that I’ve found. If you want to find out who the CMO or the CEO. Of, Coca Cola is it’s a very easy search to find out who that person is.

So being able to find people in your industry and your target audience, it’s never been easier. and it’s a large captive audience. People are on here to do business. And so they, so they’re a lot more open than they would be in a lot of other scenarios. Can you flip through them, please? Okay, so here are the challenges.

The biggest one is cutting through the noise. That there, everybody is getting tons of messages. they’re getting hit with lots of content. A lot of it is pretty questionable whether or not it’s of any value or not. So being able to get through that noise with, decent content is a really good place to start.

and that’s where, Engage AI comes in and there’s a lot of techniques around there. Where I’m going to focus is on the next three points here. And that is, the, two main ones are it’s making meaningful connections. You can have tons and tons of followers, but they’re never going to turn, into buyers.

And then the, there’s a real art to making connections, but then turning those connections. From moving them from sellers to buyers, because to be honest, most people on LinkedIn, just like every in real life networking event that you go to, most people are sellers and spend a lot of time, and then aren’t really buyers.

So being able to make those connections and find out who are actually potential buyers. Is a really big, will be a big advantage for your business. It’s also important. If you’re going to be on LinkedIn, make it a priority and find the time to do it properly. If you’re just posting content, but you’re not spending the time to cultivate those relationships and making them from, turning them from meaningful or making them meaningful connections and moving them from sellers to buyers.

Then you’re wasting your time. So if you’re not in a hundred percent, it’s a waste of time to spend 30%, if that makes sense. All right. do you want to move next slide, please? Okay. Here, like over and above all the great stuff that Engage AI does, and you can get lots of, Tips online on how to create good content and to how to engage with people.

but I’m going to spend some time on some advice that I don’t really see very often, but is really the secret has been the, really the secret sauce for me. And why I’ve been able to take LinkedIn. And really it’s now become my lead generation of choice. And to me, and I’ll be quite honest, two, two, three years ago, I didn’t see the point, you spent more time just calling people, and finding people in traditional ways now because the speed of which I can contact people.

And find them is I use LinkedIn constantly. So the first point is something that I really, I didn’t even actually realize it was a thing until I saw a post on, and it was somebody, it was, a venture capitalist and they were asking the great unwashed, should I restrict access to my, to my profile? And.

I never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life, to be honest. why are you on LinkedIn? If you’re going to restrict access to potential opportunities, people you already know, you don’t need LinkedIn to contact them. LinkedIn is a great tool to meet people who are out there that you do not know exist.

and who are potential opportunities and potential connections and potential, sales. If you restrict access to your, your profile, you’ll never meet this, these people. It is not that hard to just delete a message. On your, in your inbox, it takes a 10th of a second, just to hit delete. So why would you ever restrict the opportunity for someone to reach out to you, who is interested in your product?

If you’re not willing for people to reach out to you, why are you spending all this time on creating content? It is an absolute waste of time, if you’re only preaching that noise to the same people who you’re always talking to anyway. I think I’ve rambled on enough about this, but I can’t stress it enough.

Never restrict access to your profile. Let people find you and anyone who is willing to talk to you, talk to them. Second thing, as much as one thing that I’ve found very helpful is there are really cost effective ways. Including engaged AI and, and outsourced, people to generate, to do lead generation.

It is probably, and this, goes off LinkedIn as well. It’s always surprised me how many companies are not willing to invest in lead generation, whereas anyone who’s ever been involved in sales, especially B2B sales knows. That the key to keeping a full pipeline is that is the lead generation. All the focus is on closing deals where really the, the, secret sauce is keep that pipeline full with, with valuable prospects and it’s very cost effective.

There’s so many tools out there that allow you to do that lead generation. In a very cost effective way. when I was a sales director and general manager and Cedar rolls for other companies, I had many of arguments with the people who had the purse strings about lead generation, they were willing to spend money on very high priced salespeople, but not spend money on.

On keeping that pipeline full at a fraction of the cost. and within LinkedIn, there are tools like engage AI. And there’s also, I use people, I have a number of people who do lead generation for me that are very cost effective. They work really hard and it’s just a constant flow of. Of leads coming in.

So don’t be afraid to do, to outsource lead generation. But on the flip side, unless you have way too many sales and you’re making way too much money, which in which case, what are you doing on LinkedIn? Why are you not on the golf course? Or, or somewhere more fun. You should always manage your own inbox.

I would never, ever, let someone decide on my behalf. what an opportunity is or not. It is, it’s, it seems to be, the most ridiculous thing that you could do to your business is have somebody decide on your behalf, what is a potential opportunity, a potential lead, a potential partnership, because it’s your business.

It’s, There are so many other things that you can outsource your time on, but that is the fundamental core of any business is managing those opportunities and those leads. So I would never ever place that in the hands of somebody else. other than myself, or if you’re a salesperson, you like, why would you let anybody else decide what should be in your pipeline?

So always manage your own, your own inbox. It, I send about every morning I wake up, I look at my inbox. it takes me about 15 minutes just to plow through it. very quickly delete ones that, I just don’t have aren’t applicable and then everybody else I answer myself, with, custom responses because if it’s someone that I think that there’s a potential partnership or collaboration or potential sale, I, want to engage with them.

Otherwise, what is the whole point of LinkedIn? If you’re going to spend all your time. Writing content, answering questions, commenting on other people’s posts, liking them, and then an opportunity comes in, but you don’t see it because somebody else managed your inbox. I think, I can’t stress that enough.

Manage. Your own inbox. Second, the next thing after that is move off LinkedIn as soon as possible. When you have a new prospect, have a phone call, have a zoom call, have a in, in real life meeting, but turn that person into a relationship as quick as possible, you don’t, there’s no reason to just keep chatting forever.

This isn’t Facebook. It’s not Instagram. It’s not Twitter. It’s Twitter. It’s your, goal here is to make money and do business. So get off LinkedIn as soon as possible. and engage with people in, in, in a human way. The last, the next one is talked. This has been my sales model since the very beginning.

Talk to anyone willing to talk within reason, obviously, but that bar is actually very low because you never know. Who they know and you never know what they’re up to. That’s maybe not so apparent on their LinkedIn. and there, you never know what opportunities. And I’m going to give some real life examples of this that, really highlight this.

just a quick thing I’m going to touch on is, is the paid plans. LinkedIn is really powerful if you don’t pay for anything. but I’ve actually found for what it costs. I get a lot of value out of sales navigator just to be able to generate leads, and to really, to really build the pipeline.

yeah, and even just the other premium packages, there’s a lot of value to them. if you’re going to dedicate yourself to LinkedIn and you’re going to spend the time and resources and effort in the LinkedIn, It’s worth the hundred or so dollars a month that, those tools, those tools offer.

Okay. All right. I’m going to, I see some questions coming in, but I’m going to answer them all at the end if you don’t mind. so if you can flip to the next slide, please. Okay, I’m going to give two real world examples of how I use LinkedIn and to be honest, everybody on here who’s an entrepreneur knows there’s two reasons why you don’t sleep at night.

One is because you’re wondering how you’re going to pay the bills. And the other one is that you’re so excited about what’s happening. And, so you just stare at the ceiling all night. These are two examples of why I’m not, sleeping at night because, and and luckily they are the latter, not the former.

these are two super exciting events that are things that we’ve got going on at the Laughing Otter. And I’m going to describe how they came about, which will, highlight everything I’ve said. On how to manage or how to manage relationships, how to build relationships and how to utilize LinkedIn to its full potential.

So we’ll start with the creator guitar showdown and walk a purpose gala. A couple of probably last August, somewhere around there, I got an email or I got a message in my inbox, my LinkedIn inbox, and, it came from a company called Afitor, which I’d never heard of, and. Went on their website and really, because it’s not a world I’m in, it was all around creators and, creator, posting and creator games and all this stuff around creators and probably because of my vintage, it’s not something I’ve been super into the whole influencers, creators, bit old for all that.

so I didn’t really think too much of it, but there was something, there was just something in the, in my entrepreneurial bone that just was tingling a bit. The spire senses were gone. I said, I should probably actually talk to these guys. I’m Just if nothing else out of curiosity. So we arranged for a call and they’re in London, I’m in Melbourne and we arranged for a call and it was 10 o’clock my time on a Tuesday and at about nine 30, I was pretty much had enough of the day, extracted all the fun out of the day that I could.

And I went, I really should blow this meeting off. Because I really, I don’t even know where it’s going to go, but then I went back to my old model, just talk to anyone that’s willing to talk to you. And I decided to have the meeting and within 15 minutes, they were telling me about how their events get well over a hundred million views it, the power of the creators, the engagement rate, and, and so me being a drummer and a big music fan, I said, not really interested in kind of the kind of the corny, some of the corny stuff that these creators do. But I thought, what if we did a guitar challenge? What if we got 16 creators together and do this, a guitar, have five days of guitar wars.

What would you think of that? and we all, and the idea went over really well. So within 15 minutes of being on the call, we decided we’re gonna, we gotta, we’re gonna do this. And so we’re working on it. We’re getting, putting together sponsorships. that’s all going really well. and through LinkedIn, that’s where all the leads are coming for that.

And, but then during this process, another group reached out to me called Zen lines who have these funky shoes. That there’s that they’re selling and they’re having, and they were telling me about this gala they’re having where, they want to be involved because of what we’re doing at Laugh Out Loud around mental health.

This gala was all about, the, about mental health, but they just sent me an email too. And because I had no interest in funky shoes, I didn’t really know why they wanted to talk to me, until I, but again, I just said, okay, I may as well talk to ’em, see who, what they’re about long. a reasonably short, long story getting, trying to make it a little bit shorter is once they told me about their gala, I said, you gotta hear about the guitar show down.

And very quickly within minutes, we all agreed we should be, we should combine the two and make this huge. And so now the guitar showdown and the walk of gala, because we’ve built it all together, we got 16 of the world’s biggest creators, all averaging 2000 or 2 million followers. We got a, an all star band that has members of, that people who have played with Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Fishbone, Jane’s Addiction, Jimi Hendrix, and a bunch of others.

They’re all involved. We have the, Jimi Hendrix Foundation has now given us permission to use never before, or to Jimi Hendrix. CDs, or, sorry, never before heard Jimi Hendrix studio recordings. We’re going to auction those off for a charity. it’s an amazing event and I can’t believe it’s happening and it’s super cool.

But it just to circle back, it’s all because I answered my own email or my own inbox. And I cultivated those relationships by having conversation. And now I’m, we, now I have real world, relationships with these people, all which started in the inbox. Now on the other side of things, we have the laughing on our games.

And we’re now in the process of building the world’s biggest gaming community. And this all started when a person emailed me, or sent me a note. And again, I looked at, I answered my own inbox and this, there was something about this person that kind of struck me as unique. So I figured I need to have a conversation with her.

And she was a long history in marketing and web three and gaming and all these things. And so we had a conversation and we decided, over, a few meetings that we were going to work together and she’s put together a team that now is, otter game. So anybody who’s has any interest in gaming from players to professionals, to creators, to developers.

All have reasons to be involved in the Otter Games. and, but that was all again, because I was willing to have a conversation with someone that reached out to me on LinkedIn. I think, I hope that highlights how you, you get, how you can, If you have an open mind and an entrepreneurial mind and the willingness to talk to people, how quickly it goes.

I think we’ll now, I’ll go through some questions here. And, I think they can, they only come in during, the chat here. This is a problem when you have too many screens, you don’t know where your mouse is. Where’s my mouse?

Ning: I’ll go ahead and get this up for you.

Jeff: Yeah, I just, Yeah, maybe, yeah.

Maybe if you can ask me the question, okay, how do you manage your leads through sales cycle? Any CRM automation integration you do recommend? the, depending on how big you are, to be honest, my favorite, CRM when I was a, when I was doing sales, because I like things really simple, I found bigger CRMs like dynamics and Salesforce, which is There’s just too much information and it just, and it’s crap that you don’t need as a sales guy.

So the one I liked a lot was pipe drive because it was really simple. All I wanted to know was when was the next time I need to call these people? And why everything else is just, is just noise to me because I didn’t need to run reports because, I find even as a sales director. I didn’t need to run reports cause, cause I already knew, I knew what everybody was selling anyway.

So keep my advice for CRMs and, and automation with that. It’s keep it as simple as possible. Hope that answered your question. Next one, please.

it, that, that’s it. I’d have to, I’d have to have a more of a look. To what you’re doing. I, don’t know. you know what you gotta do? You gotta factor it’s a, it’s 129 a month and you just gotta figure, do I get enough sales to, even if it results in one sale and if your sales that you wouldn’t normally not have gotten, then you’re probably.

Worth It it is a really good tool for finding people and like I, my sales navigator right now for the guitar showdown, I have 6, 300, names in positions and like in, in senior marketing positions that I’m now. I’m cultivating. it’s a really good like that, but, you have to make that call yourself.

Ning: All right. Shall we do another one? Yes, please. So this one is from Patrick. Where do you move your contracts to off LinkedIn, in Miracle? Which one first? the first thing I try to do, I’m also, I try to get a meeting. I want a phone call, a zoom call or face to face as fast as I can get to it. I had a previous boss who was an asshole, but the one, one thing I did believe in what he said was, sales is a contact sport.

Jeff: So as fast as you can make it human. That’s, that, that’s always been my strategy. I try to get a call as fast as possible. Yeah. Give me 10 minutes of your time. It also just on that too. It also depends what kind of business you’re in. if you’re, if your customers are all like within local of you, then I’m still old school enough that I try to get a coffee meeting or go in and see them.

do the old school. I’m in your neighborhood. Why don’t I stop by for 15 minutes? That kind of thing.

Ning: Next question. We have one from Jason. Hi, Jason. why templated drip messages using full on stuff wouldn’t work on LinkedIn or B2B businesses? why wouldn’t they? I think they would work. I know because they do work. but you have to, make sure that it’s done in an intelligent way. And I think your tools really help with that. that’s, yeah, so the idea is to, move them through, the, process and get them into a real world.

Jeff: conversation and human conversation as quick as possible. Next one. So

Ning: here’s the next one.

Jeff: How should automated software be used to stay authentic and ethical? the, I think that needs to be, that’s something we’re all facing, but nothing is unethical if it’s delivering a message that stays true to your vision.

So just because it’s an automated message, as long as it’s consistent with. With what you’re saying, then it’s authentic and ethical and you’re not stealing other people’s ideas. And you’re not saying anything that is, untrue because using automated software really is it’s, just a message and it’s getting out there.

It’s not really any different than any other marketing channel that you have. It’s, the content that makes it. ethical or authentic. it reminds me, this is probably going a little personal here, but my, favorite, my favorite drummer in the world, he’s just recently passed away, is Neil Perk from a band called Rush.

And one of their great lyrics is, all of this machinery is making modern music, but it still can be open hearted and it’s true like it just because we’re using AI. it’s just a tool. So you have to answer those questions yourself. what do you, As long as it’s true to your message and the vision of your business, then there’s nothing unethical about that.

And yeah, that’s, it’s just a tool. Next one, please.

Ning: So here’s one from Bradley.

Jeff: what’s your best bet on how to form good relationships with your peers with the goal of receiving decision makers? Fellow analysis. My dad. when my ideal client is the C level who actually hires. my, my best advice on this is just be you.

the, people are still, they’re all just human beings with the same, same desires and wishes that you have. They just want to be talked to openly and honestly. you’ll get to those C level decision makers, because to be honest, the C level decision makers, they’re just like everybody else.

There’s nothing different. I’ve sold To C level people, my whole career. And you go in there and be honest and tell them the truth. and that will always, serve well as far as building those relationships and they’ll last forever. If, I’ve always been around tech, but, and software and that sort of thing, and when somebody says to me, can your product do this, if it does, I will say, yes, of course it does.

If it doesn’t, I do not lie. I do not, I say, nope, that’s not, that’s not what we do. If that’s what you’re looking for, maybe, ideally, I’ll give them somebody else to go talk to. But the best advice I can give you on how to form good relationships is be honest. There is a misconception in the sales in the world that say that good salespeople are dishonest.

That’s bullshit The best salespeople are the ones who are honest you will You will win so many more deals and develop long term relationships by just never lying yeah, so that’s That, I can’t stress that enough. it’s very simple. Sell to other people like you want to be sold to. They’re just like you.

I hope that answers your question. It’s a pretty, pretty simple answer, but it’s very powerful. Next one then, please.

Ning: Alright, so here’s from Anonymous.

Jeff: Anonymous. What’s your best strategy to recommend for re engaging with prospects? One, don’t be anonymous, because, two, just and it’s, linked into the same answer I had before.

If you want to re engage with a prospect, just do it with honesty and keep your messages short, like really short winded. Just say, haven’t talked to you in a while, just wondering what you’re up to. and don’t try to sell too much too early, remind them who you are. And, yeah, and that’s how I really, that’s how I’ve always done it.

And the, and one of the things that I’ve always had, I had a lot of success with is step back a little bit. There’s a misconception that you can control the, the, buying process to any great deal that’s just a myth. most companies now have very, Clearly defined budgeting cycles, sales process, decision making process, or buying processes, decision making process, all that’s really well defined and what you want to be what but what’s important from a selling process and what you can control.

Is making sure that you’re on their radar when that decision is actually about to be made. when you’re talking about re engaging with prospects, you should never really have to re engage with a prospect. You should just be on their radar all the time. depending on what your, who your clients are.

Bigger, smaller, whatever, work out a cadence. When does it make sense? is it once a week that you touch base once a month, once a, once a quarter, once a year, because it doesn’t take long to send, a two line sentence, are you like, are you, ready? have you, is this back on your radar?

Have you thought of this lately? All that kind of stuff. And it just reminds them, oh yeah, engage AI. They’re out there. Yup. No, yeah. Okay. Yup. No, you know what? That’s next month’s decision. And then they’ll say, call me in a month or whatever, or they’ll say, actually, what a coincidence. We just had a meeting this week.

we need to talk to you. Can you come in? and that happens all the time. But it only happens if you continuously stay, just little touches. don’t be pushy. but pushy is a lot, less than you think it is. So you can follow up, provided that your message is not combative, but just a simple little one liner of, have you been thinking of us kind of thing, or just reminding you who I am, that goes over, that’s fine.

so you don’t really need to reengage, you shouldn’t really be reengaging with prospects, you should be constantly just, reminding them that you exist. Next one, please. So

Ning: next is from Angela.

Jeff: Are there particular businesses that work best with engaging and tracking new leads and versus others that are not, I’m assuming you mean on LinkedIn.

I think there are, I would say that there probably are industries that people just don’t use LinkedIn. I don’t know, but you know, one I might think of is. if you’re, if your clientele are trades and you happen to be a a lumber distributor or something like that, maybe your trades aren’t that they’re like, even if they’re large contractors, I suspected not a lot of them are on LinkedIn a ton.

So you just got to know your business where to, this is to the basics, know where your people, where your customers hang out. and yeah, so I, I would say that yes, there, there would be industries where people just don’t use LinkedIn, as much as others. So yeah, just, but I think if you know your customers that you’ll, know that, and one, one good way to tell is the.

If you have a client, look at, take a sample of your clients, go on LinkedIn and see when the last time they posted was. And it’ll give, it’ll start giving you a pretty good picture of the, if the industry is one that plays on LinkedIn and one that doesn’t. Next question. All right.

One moment. My mouse is lagging a little bit. Oh, there we go. Businesses. What about businesses which operate completely remotely? How should they network? I I’m 100 percent remote. most of my energy, like I live in Melbourne, but most of my energy right now is in Europe and the United States.

in a post COVID world, especially people are very comfortable with having Zoom meetings and. you can, build those personal relationships and, I would say even friendships now online. so yeah, just instead of, to be honest, it saves me an awful lot of time because I don’t have to drive anywhere to go have a coffee with someone.

I just, and I can just quickly have a zoom call with someone. so the, fundamentals aren’t much different than you just want to start developing that human connection. And so just using zoom and, and, phone and does the, zoom is just one example, like any of the conferencing platforms that everybody’s pretty used to now.

so yeah, don’t, think that. You need to see people face to develop those relationship. Everything I got going with the creator, showdown, the guitar showdown and the Laughing Otter games and everything, the Laughing Otter. it’s. It’s 90 percent online. In fact, I’ve become so, what’s the word?

disenchanted with networking events that I’ve made a rule now that every time I go to a networking event that results in nothing, I have to do a hundred pushups, so I just don’t go to them anymore. Hence. yeah, if, the camera angle would change, you’d see, An ample belly. So it’s nothing wrong with being remote.

next question.

Ning: So the next question is in two parts. I’ll send the first one and then when you’re done reading through this, I’ll send the second part.

Jeff: It’s 11 closer in Australia. I’ll send,

okay. Yeah. that’s fantastic. By the way, how should I network on LinkedIn? same as everyone else. find the, find your target. if as a, as the 11 and 12 year old students in Australia, that’s a market I’m not really familiar with. So I don’t know how much time they spend on LinkedIn. but the. the lifestyle related diseases through our health and wellness initiative. that’s fantastic.

you should send me a note. seriously, I’d like to learn more about that. See, this is a, this is how you use LinkedIn. I want to talk to you. DM me. And I want to learn more about that because it’s in line with the laughing otter. What you also want to do is, find, LinkedIn is just a, it’s a really consolidated platform that allows you to execute what you should be doing anyway, in a more efficient manner, which is understand your market, find out where they hang out.

who can you partner with, who has, who is out there like the Laughing Otter who’s trying to make the world a better place and health and wellness is, is on their radar, reach out to them on LinkedIn, send them a note. post your content that, that is around that. another tool that’s really useful is join groups that are in your sweet spot.

So there’s tons of health and wellness and, type groups and post on those regularly. And if you see other people who are posting on them, reach out to them, connect with them. yeah, so that’s, Yeah, just be aggressive. but yeah, send me a, a, DM. I’d like to learn more about what you’re up to.

I hope that answered. And, yeah, that’s, it’s really just be aggressive. Next one, please. All right. That’s all the questions we have for now. is there anything you’d like to move on to in your presentation? no, that was the, that, that’s all I wanted to share. It’s. one, one thing, and this is been my, another war cry in my sales career.

And managing salespeople is there’s, there are thousands of books written on how to sell, how to build leads, how to, engage with clients, all that kind of stuff. And it’s really, it comes down to the same, as it really comes down to the same as exercise and getting, or getting in shape. And I got to remind myself of this.

There are thousands of people who are trying to find it to tell you there’s an easy way to do it, but it really comes down to activity. And LinkedIn is no different. It’s all about activity. If you keep up consistent activity in an efficient way, then you’re going to find leads and you’re going to get sales.

and the more you try, the, more you’ll be able to hone in on that message and the activities. if you, and it’s just yeah, if you want to get in shape, exercise and eat less. There, that, that’s really the answer. If you want to find leads, show a high volume activity. And that’s the last point I’ll leave you with.

and everybody please reach out to me, on LinkedIn. If you have any other questions, I’ll answer them for you. If you’re a gamer, you’ll want to be a part of the laugh of the otter games. And if you are looking for huge global reach. I got a platform that will give you hundreds, well over 100 million views.

So DM me on that as well. Other than that, I think that’s pretty much all I want to share unless everyone has any more questions. Oh, here you can find me on these things. I like the blue Canva. Oh yeah, that’s happened to me before as well. Don’t worry about it. They’ve only been, they’ve only been valued at 45 billion dollars.

You wouldn’t expect it to be glitchy. All right. So, thank you for sharing your invaluable insights today, Jeff. And thanks to everyone for joining us and for your questions. forgive me, my camera’s not working at the moment, I think, but. Anyway, as for our giveaway, keep an eye on your emails or LinkedIn messages in the coming days, and if you’re among the lucky winners for our two year Engage AI Pro giveaway, we’ll be reaching out to share the news.

Ning: And if you didn’t win or you don’t want to wait for that email, we still want to give you something as thanks for your support and your participation. So you can use the special discount code for 23 off on your first month of Engage AI Pro, making it only 7. Up on the screen now.

And for our next session, we don’t want you to miss it. It’ll be, Matthew, he’ll be exploring the evolution of social selling and the benefits of using LinkedIn for this on other, over other platforms. He’ll also guide you on.

Jeff: Oh, no, that’s cool. Cause Matthew was just a recent guest on my podcast. Oh, nice. It’s a small world. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. Keep going. Sorry.

Ning: So Matthew will also be guiding you on identify and capitalizing on sales opportunities within your LinkedIn network. And just like today, we’ll be hosting another giveaway for 10 to your pro subscriptions to engage AI. So join us on April 11th for code to connection, building influence and driving sales through social selling on LinkedIn.

And with that, it’s a wrap for today’s webinar. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the next webinar event. Happy engaging. Jeff, would you like to have any closing remarks? No, just best of luck, everyone. And, it’s, it’s good. This year is going to be a really exciting year as it unfolds. take advantage of it and good luck to everyone.

All right. Thanks, everyone.