Senior Brand Marketing Manager Boosts Linkedin Company Page Visibility With Increased Employee Engagement

Key Outcomes

  • 630% increase in Company Page views
  • 700% increase in CEO’s personal profile views
  • 100% increase in employee engagement
  • 200% increase in Company Page followers
  • 300% increase in CEO’s personal profile followers


Christine Stewart is the senior brand marketing manager of a medium-sized company with 100 employees in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is responsible for developing and executing effective branding strategies that will help her company gain recognition in the market, as well as communicate its value proposition to customers. Christine’s role also includes overseeing the company’s social media presence and other digital marketing initiatives to increase brand recognition.

Christine has spearheaded many social media initiatives to increase the noise around the company’s brand, including content creation on LinkedIn. It is an ongoing challenge for Christine to improve the Linkedin Company Page’s visibility. LinkedIn recommends that companies post regular updates and encourage employee engagement. Despite following the best practices put forth by LinkedIn, her company’s employee engagement on LinkedIn remained low, and the page’s visibility was not improving.

To address this issue, Christine sought a solution that would make it easier for employees to engage whenever the company or the CEO of her company published content.

LinkedIn allows organizations to notify employees when the company publishes content.

notify employees on linkedin
employee notification delay

These notifications alert each employee to block out time in their calendar to take action when time permits. However, there were drawbacks to this approach.

“When we share a post through notification updates, employees may only receive the notification several hours later. Often, employees do not have the time to actively check LinkedIn for these updates either,” Christine shared.

Christine’s organization utilized Slack to communicate internally. Thus, she created a channel on Slack, where she would share the post URLs when the company or CEO published content on LinkedIn. This allowed employees to receive notifications instantly.

Following this implementation, Christine had expected that employees would quickly take action and like, comment, or share the post when they received notifications on Slack. She soon realized that was far from the case.

Apart from a distribution channel, her next biggest challenge was mitigating the employees’ reluctance to share their opinions on the company or their CEO’s posts.

“Employees feared being judged for their opinions, or even looking silly if they posted something that was deemed unprofessional. So how do I get employees to engage on LinkedIn? I needed to instill a sense of security in them before they could comfortably share their comments on company posts.”

To ensure her fellow company employees felt comfortable expressing themselves and engaging with content, Christine introduced a solution her friend, a Chief Marketing Officer for a different company, recommended to her.

AI as an Employee's Conversational Aide

Christine tested Engage AI’s capabilities before introducing it as part of a new initiative in her company to boost engagement on the LinkedIn Company Page as well as her CEO’s profile.

“Even as an English native speaker, getting the first word in can prove difficult, especially when it’s in a professional setting. Engage AI scans the post and offers relevant conversation starters in the form of comments to you. This way, you don’t need to be an eloquent wordsmith in order to engage,” Christine explained.

Seeing how this solution could potentially allow employees to get the conversation rolling on LinkedIn confidently, Christine set up a trial run within her own department. The results that came back were impressive. With the workflow she introduced to her team, her colleagues could easily engage with posts without taking too much time out of their workday.

Rolling Out The Strategy Company-Wide

As the trial run was successful, Christine rolled out her strategy across the whole organisation. Engage AI offered numerous integration options, including Zapier and Slack. As it happened, her organisation already used Slack as an internal communication tool and Zapier as a workflow automation platform.

On Christine’s end, she merely had to set up and customize the trigger such that any new LinkedIn company posts from her organization and CEO would lead to an automated notification in the Slack channel. She set up the integration by connecting Engage AI with Slack using this ready-made Zap.

Here is the step-by-step guide on using this Zap for your company and CEO.

Zap Setup

Make it easy and convenient for all employees to access the correct, most recent company or CEO posts. Insert the data, New LinkedIn Post in Engage AI, within the message text of the automated notifications.

insert data new linkedin post
include the latest post in the slack notification

Set Fetch Lead Update Schedule

Log into the Engage AI web app to set the specific days as to when Engage AI fetches lead updates from LinkedIn.

fetch lead updates

Instant Distribution of LinkedIn Post URL in Slack

With the Zapier setup, employees should receive notifications in Slack that include links to the appropriate company or CEO posts as soon as they are published. They would be directed to the post simply by clicking on the link.

new post notification in slack

Increase Employee Engagement on LinkedIn

After that, employees would only need to hit the Comment button to activate Engage AI. The quality replies from the ChatGPT-powered technology allow employees to respond within a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Engage AI GIF

“A post’s engagement during its initial hours of posting is pivotal in deciding how many more people it will reach. That said, if employees can lend a hand to the post by liking and commenting on it within the first two hours, you could significantly broaden its reach on LinkedIn,” shared Christine.

2X Engagement Rate as a B2B Company

Within a few weeks, Christine was able to double her organisation’s engagement rate on LinkedIn through her employee engagement initiative.

Christine’s company was officially onboarded into Engage AI’s platform when she surveyed the employees’ comfort level with engaging on LinkedIn posts and found that nearly 95% of them had a positive experience.

Engage AI gave employees the confidence to express their thoughts and opinions on posts without worrying about judgement or ridicule. They were also pleased with the quality of conversation starters provided by Engage AI.

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