Should You Be Active on LinkedIn Groups?

Should You Be Active on LinkedIn Groups

A few days ago, someone asked a question on a Facebook group about LinkedIn spamming. 

The question was whether they can post the same content on multiple LinkedIn groups and whether doing so would be considered spamming. 

Although, LinkedIn explicitly says, that “If you post the same content in multiple groups, your post could be reported as spam and it will disappear from your group.”

However, many people have been doing this without any issues. 

There are also many tools available to enable you to post on multiple groups at once to make the process faster. 

However, this question led us to think about the state of LinkedIn groups and how much benefits can you actually get out of LinkedIn group posting? 

Why Aren’t LinkedIn Groups Working?

Well, as any social media marketer would tell you that LinkedIn groups have long been at the sidelines among the tools they use.

What’s the use of posting content on groups, if nobody sees, responds, and engages with your group posts on LinkedIn. 

That’s where the problem lies with LinkedIn groups. 

Take, for example, any one of the largest groups on LinkedIn. 

If you visit a group, you will see that all the posts are with zero engagements. 

There are multiple reasons behind such poor performance of LinkedIn groups. 

One of the major, reasons is the LinkedIn algorithm. 

The LinkedIn algorithm doesn’t provide much visibility to group posts. 

If you have used Facebook, you might have noticed that posts and group activities appear directly on your news feed. Facebook even sends notifications on group activities. 

On the contrary, LinkedIn group posts rarely appear on your LinkedIn news feed, and the notification system is also under experiment by LinkedIn developers. 

Many professionals and businesses, whose target audience are LinkedIn users, utilize Facebook groups for community development purposes. 

On the other hand, the overall group experience in terms of sharing abilities is also a bit constrained on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn only allowed the sharing of videos and GIFs only a couple of years ago

So, it can be said that LinkedIn is still in the experimental phase with their group experience development. 

What Should You Be Doing Instead?

So, instead of posting and wasting your time on LinkedIn groups, it’s much better to create your own presence through your profile or company page. 

On LinkedIn, people are more likely to engage on your profile posts than your posts on groups. 

Focus on developing a LinkedIn content strategy and keep creating valuable content to make yourself more visible on LinkedIn.

Keep an eye on the LinkedIn group experience to see if it improves in the future to become some worthy of your time. 

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