Powerful Strategies for Better LinkedIn Engagement

linkedin engagement

LinkedIn is a potent social media tool for any professional looking to grow their network.

It’s one of the few platforms that lets you create connections with people who might not otherwise know about your work, which means it could be an essential part of your job search or career development strategy.

So if you’re like many business professionals, you’ve likely invested some time into building up your LinkedIn profile and connecting with other professionals on the site. But what happens when there are no new messages in your inbox? Or what can you do when your posts don’t get as many reactions and comments as you’d like?

Have you ever wondered why nobody seems to be reaching out through LinkedIn or commenting on your posts?

Well, the truth is, there are ways to get more engagement out of your LinkedIn profile.

And in this article, I’ll share some powerful strategies that will help you get more engagement from your LinkedIn following.

Let’s start with some dos and don’ts on LinkedIn.


What to do and what not to do on LinkedIn

 LinkedIn Do's and Don't's

On LinkedIn, there are a few things you should avoid doing. On the other hand, there are things you should be doing. Let’s look at some: 

#1- Don’t post too much content at once 

If you have a lot of information to share, make sure to break it down into smaller pieces so readers can digest it easily. This way, they won’t feel overwhelmed by all the text. And remember: less is often more!

#2- Do use images, but not all the time 

Images add personality to your writing, making them easier to read and understand. They also give your message visual appeal. So try using photos whenever possible. The most important photo is probably your profile photo. But if you have already taken care of your profile photo, it’s always a good idea to include pictures in your posts.

#3- Do keep things short most of the time 

People skim over long-form articles online, but shorter ones are usually better received because they don’t take long to read. If you want to write something lengthy, consider breaking it up into several parts and publishing them over a period instead of posting everything in one go. Of course, there’s also a time and place to publish one large resource piece. However, it would help if you were strategic.

#4- Don’t forget to include links 

Links allow users to click directly onto another website, giving them access to additional resources. However, it’s best to always provide these links within your comments because LinkedIn automatically reduces the reach of any type of content that tries to take users off the platform.

#5- Do respond to others’ questions 

When someone asks you a question via a comment on your post, it shows that they care enough to reach out to you. Responding helps build trust between you and said party, which could also increase engagement.

Speaking of content, what type of content does well on the Linkedin social platform?


What posts get the most LinkedIn engagement? 

The answer is simple: anything related to work. People love talking about their jobs, especially since it allows them to show off their expertise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sharing tips for improving productivity or discussing how to manage projects effectively; people enjoy hearing about what you know.

But even though job-related topics seem to perform very well on LinkedIn, there are still plenty of opportunities to engage with followers outside of those areas. Here are three ways to do that:

#1- Share exciting news stories 

Newsworthy events happen every day around the world. Sharing relevant updates allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who may find value in your perspective. You might say that you’ve been reading about a particular topic lately, and now would be a great time to share that knowledge with others.

#2- Ask thought-provoking questions 

Asking thoughtful questions forces people to think critically about issues that interest them.

Questions can lead to some fascinating conversations as everyone shares their opinions on different subjects. Plus, when you ask questions, you’ll likely receive answers from other members of the community. These responses will help you learn more about yourself and the industry at hand.

#3- Give advice 

If you feel confident in your ability to offer helpful insights, why not share your thoughts on specific situations? For example, maybe you recently had a bad experience working with a client. Or perhaps you have a friend who needs assistance with a project. In either case, by offering guidance, you give back to the community while simultaneously building relationships.

How do I increase my engagement on LinkedIn? 

There are many things you can do to boost your LinkedIn engagement rates. But before we dive into specifics, let’s first talk about what exactly “engagement” means.

In short, engagement refers to the number of times your audience interacts with your profile. This includes likes, follows, clicks, etc., so if you see this metric increasing, then you should celebrate!

Now that we understand what engagement entails, here are five steps you can take to improve your engagement rate on LinkedIn:

#1- Make sure your cover photo reflects your brand identity 

Your cover image plays a huge role in determining how much attention your profile receives. When someone visits your profile, that person is curious; they want to get a quick glimpse of who you are and what makes you unique. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a picture that represents your business accurately.

For instance, if you run a law firm, use a professional headshot instead of something silly like a cat wearing glasses. Likewise, if you sell products online, select a product shot rather than a generic stock photo.

#2- Add compelling content 

The best way to engage an audience is through quality posts. That said, there’s no need for lengthy articles or long-form blog posts. There’s a time and place for longer pieces of content; LinkedIn Pulse. But if you want to see reasonable engagement rates, focus more of your attention on status updates. These brief messages allow you to quickly update followers on new developments within your company or provide tips on topics related to your niche. And because they’re shorter, they tend to be read faster than longer posts.

#3- Be consistent 

It may seem obvious, but consistency matters. The same goes for posting frequency. You don’t have to post every day, but try to maintain a steady activity stream throughout the week.

#4- Use relevant hashtags 

Hashtags help people find profiles based on keywords. As such, when using them, think carefully about which ones would resonate most with your target market.

#5- Promote yourself regularly 

You’ve probably heard this advice from other experts already, but it bears repeating. One of the easiest ways to build up your follower count is to promote yourself frequently

These are all great tips you can implement immediately, with a good chance of success; take a look at the business profile of others in your space with the highest LinkedIn engagement rates, and you’ll see they implement these tips too. 

But what if you’re starting out? Or what if you haven’t published any piece of content on the LinkedIn social network platform? What should you post first?

What should my first LinkedIn post be? 

If you’re looking to start building relationships on LinkedIn, creating a short video introduction is a great way to start.

This type of content allows you to introduce yourself while also providing value to viewers. It doesn’t matter whether you create a 30-second clip or a 60-second presentation – either way, as long as it’s short, it’s going to give potential customers — and your target audience — a better idea of who you are and why they might benefit from working together.

After you have published your video, you can attach the post to your profile; anyone who visits will learn more about you and get a personal feel.

From there, you can mix your content creation process. Publish a long-form post once a month. Post a status update three times a week. Try recording a video once a week. And track your progress. 

An important point to always remember is: only connect with — or accept connection requests from — LinkedIn users in your target audience. There’s no real value in connecting with people who are not in your space because your content will not hit the mark no matter what you publish.

And as you measure your progress, you’ll notice that some types of content tend to perform better than others. For example, your videos may get shared much more often than text-based content. So keep experimenting until you figure out what works best for you.

In summary…

So how can you tell what kind of content performs well on LinkedIn? Well, use data! Analyze your performance over time and compare yourself with similar businesses. This will help you understand what kinds of content work best for you and give you insight into what makes those posts so popular.


How do I increase my engagement on LinkedIn 2021? 

At the beginning of this post, we talked about the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn.

We saw how following a few simple rules could lead to higher LinkedIn engagement levels. And then, we looked at the types of LinkedIn posts that get the most engagement.

Next, we offered proven tips on how to increase engagement rates on your profile and posts. Finally, we recommended the best type of content to publish if you have never published anything on LinkedIn or are just starting out. 


So if you want to grow your business through LinkedIn, follow these steps. They will help you reach new audiences and engage with them. And in time, you too will experience increased follower growth and engagement.

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