How to Write LinkedIn Work Experience Description [+ Examples]

linkedin work experience description examples

Whether you are running your own business or working for one, you need an amazing LinkedIn profile. 

The LinkedIn experience section and how you write the LinkedIn work experience description for each of your roles play a vital role in developing your LinkedIn profile and making it stand out from the rest. 

This article will talk about all that you need to know about how to write your LinkedIn experience section. 

We will also explain all the tips through real-life LinkedIn work experience description examples. 

Let’s dive in! 

Mix Paragraphs and Bullet Lists

Write each of your job experiences using a mix of paragraphs and bullet lists. 

If you only write in plain paragraphs or use only bullets, it becomes a flat piece of text and nothing gets any prominence. 

Whereas, if you mix both the paragraph and bullet styling, you can get rid of the monotonous feel and showcase your most impressive accomplishments. 

To make the most use of this mixed style, detail your job duties and responsibilities in paragraphs and list all of your accomplishments and achievements using bullets. 

Take, for example, this real-life LinkedIn work experience description example:

linkedin work experience description examples

Due to the use of bullet-only style, every detail is getting equal prominence. 

Now, study another one below: 

linkedin work experience description examples

Can you see how mixing both styles and using bullets for highlighting only the most impressive accomplishments is actually making them stand out? 

Yes, that’s the trick to making your LinkedIn profile experience better than 98% of all profiles out there. 

Use Quantifiable Details

Another very effective trick for writing above-average LinkedIn experience descriptions is the masterful use of numbers. 

Try to quantify the accomplishments that you include in your bullet list. 

Instead of just writing in plain English that – 

You have led a large team and streamlined the production methodologies

Specifically, spell out the impact with numbers by saying that – 

You led a team of 50 production engineers and streamlined the production methodologies to increase productivity by 40%.

Here’s an example of the masterful use of numbers in the accomplishment list: 

linkedin work experience description examples

Using numbers makes the achievements palpable and easy to visualize for your viewers. 

It also makes your accomplishment pop out on your profile. 

No Use of ‘I’

If you have paid attention, you might have already noticed that none of the LinkedIn work experience description examples above used any “I” or any other person in their LinkedIn experience section. 

That’s the most professional way of writing the experience section on your LinkedIn profile or resume. 

Always use the person-agnostic narrative. 

Instead of saying – 

“I was promoted to a senior executive role in sales after my first year of service as I increased the sales of the division by 12%.”

Say something like-

“Increased the sales of the division by 12% within a year and was promoted to senior sales executive.”

Also, use action verbs plentifully to start your sentences and describe the impact of your skills. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the action verbs and power words that you can utilise. 

Clever Use of Keywords

Each of the job descriptions on your LinkedIn profile should include all the relevant keywords.

Recruiters and clients are constantly searching for professionals and services on LinkedIn using those keywords. 

If you are not properly optimising your experience descriptions with the right keywords, you are missing out on being noticed. 

Consult similar job postings online to find out the most used phrases and terms that people are likely to use while searching for professionals like you.

Job boards like Jooble, Indeed and Glassdoor are great sources of information, as you can get a comprehensive view of keywords that employers are looking for.

Use those words and phrases whenever possible while writing your LinkedIn work experience titles and descriptions. 

Use Links and Images

Unlike your resume, you can add links and images to your LinkedIn experience section. 

linkedin work experience description examples

Make the most use of this feature to breathe some fresh air into your LinkedIn profile experience section. 

Use links to your publications, news items, or any organizational projects you took part in. 

You can also use images from company events or pictures from your presentations as deemed appropriate. 

Also, do not forget to select your organization name correctly so that your company’s logo gets displayed in your experience section. 

linkedin work experience description examples

Ask for Recommendations

Many professionals do not put enough emphasis on seeking recommendations from their supervisors, colleagues, and clients. 

It’s a massive wastage of opportunity. 

Recommendations can supercharge your experience section as they get linked to the job it relates to. 

A positive recommendation will instantly validate all of your skills and accomplishments that you have written in the experience section.  

Armed with all these actionable tips, you are on your way to getting your LinkedIn experience section noticed. 

But what about all the other sections of your profile? 

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