Why You Should Distribute Your Blog on LinkedIn to Reach a Big Audience

Why you should distribute your blog on LinkedIn to reach a big audience

How to promote blogs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn no longer restricts itself to networking, and it’s a great promotion platform as well. The first step to promoting blogs on LinkedIn is to have a complete profile.

Building an extensive network of connections and being regular on the platform are other ways to give yourself the opportunity to promote blogs and bring more traffic back to your website.

You can also use the groups on LinkedIn to increase visibility for your blogs.

Here are a few ways to promote your blogs on LinkedIn:

Complete your profile

Completing your profile is one of the most fundamental steps that’ll help you promote your blog. Here, you have to make sure that your profile accurately represents you and your work. Also, put the profile summary section to good use.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Build connections

The success of your published blogs on LinkedIn depends on having a solid network. The larger your number of connections and the more targeted they are, the more people will see and engage with your posts. You may also use the InMail feature for a more targeted list of connections.

Maintain regular activity

Regular activity will fetch surprising results for your blog content. You can chalk out a content plan for your LinkedIn profile. As a general rule, you can analyze the trends over the week in your industry and write blogs relevant to them. Additionally, try to keep a mix of long-form and short-form content to break the monotony.

Create and Join Groups

LinkedIn offers many opportunities for building communities. You can join groups that have similar interests as your blog category. Simple keyword research is enough to find relevant groups. Once you are confident about your presence on LinkedIn, you can also create your group.

 Alternatively, you can put your LinkedIn promotions on steroids using partnership marketing platforms.

Repurpose your blog into multiple LinkedIn posts

You have a piece of content on your blog. You can repurpose and share this content from your social handles to reach a wider audience. Relevant content shared as a LinkedIn social media post from your personal profile or company’s social media profiles can drive a lot of traffic back to your site. This strategy should be a part of your content marketing strategy. 

You could just put an image or a text excerpt from the blog as a LinkedIn post and provide a link to the full article in the comments.

Pro tip from LinkedIn influencers: Don’t link to your article from inside your LinkedIn post. This can curtail the organic reach of your post! 

There are various types of content you can promote on LinkedIn. Assuming you have a podcast or an interview series which are forms of audio and video blogs, you can repurpose these as short audio/video bytes and promote the fresh content to a platform like LinkedIn that has a larger audience to cater to. Doing this on a regular basis can ensure good traffic to your site. Content marketers should remember to put out quality content only. You can also republish your popular posts.

You can also tag relevant influencers and when they engage with your posts, it reaches their followers too. 

Emotional headlines work well to get readers to click on the ‘see more‘ option in LinkedIn. This engagement can improve the organic reach of your posts.  

To make sharing of your blogs easy for readers, place social sharing buttons at visible places on the blog. All this put together creates a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Using Social Share Buttons on Blogs


Why should you distribute your blog on LinkedIn to reach a big audience? 

There are hundreds of other ways to promote your blog, then why LinkedIn? You might be wondering about the perks of distributing your blog on LinkedIn. Well, for starters, you will be surprised by the number of responses LinkedIn can create for your blogs.

To learn about the other reasons, keep reading: 

Better chance at quality leads 

We are all aware of how only a small portion of prospective leads turn into loyal users. But, finding the right leads itself is a hassle. Thanks to LinkedIn, you have a chance of flashing your blogs in front of the right audience. 

LinkedIn is the perfect gateway to find a passionate audience who would love your content. A strong content strategy coupled with original content and social sharing is a wonderful lead generation engine. 

Increases your exposure 

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to get your name and blog out in the market. Not only can it make your work more visible, but it also helps you build a connection with followers. You can use LinkedIn to grow your personal brand. 

Doing this will also help you reach a targeted audience. What’s more, by using relevant hashtags and other metrics, you can attract more traffic than you think!

Using Relevant Hashtags on LinkedIn to Achieve Higher Engagement on Posts

Increases blog traffic 

LinkedIn can increase traffic for your blog – this one’s a no-brainer. LinkedIn has millions of users who consume tons of content daily. Publishing blogs on LinkedIn can maximize your reach. Best part? By having a wide connection on LinkedIn, you’ll already have readers waiting to check out your blogs. 

Your published blogs on LinkedIn will go straight to your connection’s feed. If your connections like or share your blog, it’ll get sent to their connections, hence exponentially growing traffic to your blog. 

Helps initiate conversation and engagement 

Other than your blog’s comment section, your visitors have no other place to interact and engage. However, posting your blog on LinkedIn gives your audience another platform to discuss your blogs. 

Plus, LinkedIn is not just a static space. You can increase your engagement with your audience as well.

Offers better insights on blog performance 

The LinkedIn newsfeed will give you insights into what’s trending in your field. Also, the engagement on your blog posts will tell you the performance of your content. With these insights, you can tailor your future content to better cater to your audience. 

Since LinkedIn has a broader reach, it’ll result in more accurate analytics on your blog’s performance. 

How do I drive more LinkedIn traffic to my blog? 

To get better LinkedIn traffic to your blog, you can use LinkedIn groups. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can also do wonders when it comes to boosting LinkedIn traffic for your blog. 

Here are some tips for the same:  

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized for more views. The best way to ensure this is by changing the headline to your current professional position. Also, leverage the summary section of your profile for this. 
  • Create shareable content. You need to keep top of mind, and you can achieve this by posting valuable content on LinkedIn.

The advantage of LinkedIn over other social media platforms 

When it comes to promoting your blogs, there are a few reasons why LinkedIn gives you an upper hand. The below section will make it clear why LinkedIn has leverage over other social media platforms: 

  • Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels, LinkedIn is programmed for better targeted reach. 
  • LinkedIn is a platform for professional users. Considering that, there’s a greater likelihood of attracting quality leads than on other platforms 
  • This social platform can get you before the eyes of industry experts and others in your field
  • You can also receive testimonials and endorsements that will benefit you well.


Yes, it would help if you promote your blogs on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms amongst professionals today. Not only can it help you build a better network, but it also brings more opportunities. You can easily spot the right demographics for your blog on LinkedIn.

Publishing valuable content on LinkedIn will allow you to position yourself as an authority in your field. Posting valuable content can help your connections trust you better.  Besides, custom content can encourage your target audience to take action.  

Wrap Up 

LinkedIn is growing to prove itself as the ideal content marketing platform. Besides having a genuine presence, posting valuable content can bring attention to your skills and services. By promoting your blogs on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to score quality leads. 

We understand that trying to promote blogs on Linkedin can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where you take the help of FILT Pod. Become a tribe member now!

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