Write Faster for LinkedIn with Jasper AI

write faster for linkedin with jasper ai

For many content creators on LinkedIn, the struggle is real.

They are unable to produce engaging and remarkable posts that will resonate with customers, or they find it hard to keep a consistent flow of winning content.

In this post, we share a solution: Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis).


What is Jasper Conversion AI?

Jasper AI is a powerful bot that simplifies the writing process.

With Jasper at your side, you can write faster for LinkedIn without sacrificing the quality of your posts.

Businesses can accumulate massive amounts of fully optimised content to increase reach and generate leads with just a few prompts.

Using specific templates by Jasper AI, you can optimise all your content on LinkedIn:


Compelling Advertising Copy

Generating the right ad copy can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. However, Jasper can write thousands of options for you to pick from to have the perfect ad.

Compelling Advertising Copy


Potent Video Titles and Script

How do you get other busy professionals on LinkedIn to watch and engage with your video?

With the copy AI, Jasper, you can quickly create a list of high-performing video titles and scripts for videos within your niche.

Jarvis AI's Potent Video Titles

Jarvis AI's Potent Video Script


Improved Storytelling

Suppose you plan to write a post to entertain your audience on LinkedIn. However, storytelling has never been your strong suit.

All you need to do is input the plot that you want Jasper AI to create.

Jasper will automatically select the best words and phrases to put together an interesting story on your behalf.

Jarvis AI's Creative Story


Create a Unique Voice for Your Brand

What tone of voice speaks to your target audience?

Jasper AI gives you the option to write copy with any tone of voice. You just need to input an adjective or a person/character whose style you want to mimic.

Jarvis AI Tone of Voices
Examples by Jasper

Here’s a paragraph about content marketing, written in two different voices by Jasper AI:


“Content marketing is a great way to get your business started because you don’t have to pay for advertising. It also helps build trust with potential customers, so they’ll be more likely to buy your products or services in the future.”


“It may seem like a lot of work, but the payoff in return for your time investment will be worth it. Content marketing is great because you don’t need any upfront costs and can rely on potential customers coming back due to trust being built between both parties involved; they’ll eventually become lifelong fans!”

It’s essential to decide which tone of voice best fits your brand and stick with it.

When you’re ready, just let Jasper know which tone of voice you want to use, and it’ll take care of the copywriting.

How Good is AI for Copywriting?

It’s good. While copy AI can never replace real copywriters, it provides a good base for writing engaging content.

It won’t give you answers to complex or technical topics with 100% accuracy, so you still need to do your research.

Nevertheless, it can be a powerful ally for boosting your personal LinkedIn profile, company page and ad campaigns.


Is Jasper AI Free?

No. However, we have an affiliate link you can use to try Jasper AI. You will earn 10,000 free credits from using our link. These credits translate to 10,000 words that you can write for free.

After that, you can opt for either of the following paid plans:

  • Starter: $29/month
  • Boss Mode: $99/month


Jasper Boss Mode

Jasper will write 2x as fast with Boss Mode enabled to publish your content at light speed.

Additionally, you can input commands on the writing document for Jasper to answer.

For instance, if you want an introduction to be written for the topic “How To Compel Others to Subscribe to Your Newsletter”, all you need to do is type the following:

Write an introduction for “How to Compel Others to Subscribe to Your Newsletter”.

Then, hit the short key Ctrl+Enter (PC) or CMD+Enter (Mac).

And here’s one answer out of many other possibilities:

“Lack of interest is the biggest reason people unsubscribe from a newsletter. But there are other reasons too: they may find your content irrelevant to their needs or that it’s not easy to read. For someone to feel compelled to subscribe, you need them to be interested in what you have for them – which is where persuasive writing comes in! Here are some tips on writing more compelling copy and giving your readers the motivation they need.”

If you don’t like the first output, simply hit Ctrl + / or CMD + /. Jasper will rewrite the section within seconds.



Writing on LinkedIn is a breeze with Jasper AI. Instead of spending several hours to come up with an interesting copy, Jasper can help you create it in minutes.

Try out Jasper AI today and watch it transform your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn with Google Ads’ free Performance Planner tool.

Watch the video tutorial below to: 

  • Generate content quickly with Jasper’s 50+ writing templates.
  • Create a bulletproof content strategy on LinkedIn with Jasper.
  • Increase your engagement and reach on LinkedIn by leveraging AI.
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