Use Case Beneficiary: LinkedIn Training Service Provider

LinkedIn training service providers who cater to B2B clients and help them grow their brands and business using LinkedIn. This includes companies providing courses, resources, and tools to:

  • Build up their LinkedIn network
  • Grow their following on LinkedIn
  • Establish a strong, authoritative presence on LinkedIn
  • Lead generation
  • Content marketing
  • Engage prospects to nurture the relationship


LinkedIn training service providers face the following challenges:

Time-Consuming, Manual Prospect Engagement

Providers spend significant time researching prospects, leaving quality comments, and monitoring their activities, resulting in a time-consuming and labor-intensive workflow and limited scalability. 

Brand Reputation Management

Providers strive to maintain their clients’ brand reputation by making relevant and personalized comments that reflect their brand’s voice and maintain a high level of quality, even on niche topics where expertise may be lacking.

Prospect Monitoring Complexity

Monitoring prospects’ LinkedIn activities and recording interactions with each client requires substantial time and resources, adding to the workload.

Speed And Productivity Needs

Providers aim to engage with a larger number of prospects in less time to maximize productivity and achieve desired results.

Revenue Growth And Upselling Opportunities

Providers seek to increase revenue by offering additional services to clients unwilling to spend 30 minutes daily on prospect engagement.

Engagement And ROI

Providers may struggle to generate meaningful connections without an efficient prospect engagement strategy, resulting in lower engagement levels and reduced return on investment for their clients.

Solution Workflow

1. Prospect Identification

prospect identificationv3
  • Identify 30 ideal prospects for each client based on their target audience and goals.
  • Save the 30 ideal prospects in the Engage AI web application.

2. LinkedIn Activity Monitoring

linkedin activity monitoringv2
  • Continuously monitor the LinkedIn activities of the identified prospects to stay informed about their latest LinkedIn posts.

3. Commenting Strategy

commenting strategyv2
  • Engage AI provides the building blocks for effective and meaningful replies to LinkedIn posts.
  • Leave 3-5 thoughtful comments on the prospect’s posts over a period of time, thereby increasing touchpoints for better conversion rates.

4. Relationship Development

relationship development
  • Actively respond and engage with interested prospects by responding to the comments or visiting the client’s profile.
  • Further develop the relationship by initiating conversations, offering additional value, and building rapport.

5. Conversion or Next Steps

  • Based on the prospect’s response and engagement, determine the appropriate next steps.
    • If the prospect shows strong interest and engagement, schedule a sales meeting to further discuss partnership opportunities.
    • If the prospect does not respond or shows limited interest, strategically shift focus to other prospects demonstrating higher conversion potential.

Performance Goals

By incorporating Engage AI into their workflow, LinkedIn training service providers can achieve the following:

Higher Revenue From Additional Billable Hours

  • Incorporate the AI tool into courses and training programs on prospecting and building a strong LinkedIn presence
  • Enable LinkedIn training service providers to offer additional billable hours and upsell their services to clients who want to maximize the Engage AI + commenting strategy on LinkedIn.
Potential Price Upgrade For Solopreneur Packages
Basic Package
Premium Package (with Engage AI)
Potential Price Upgrade For Organization Packages
Basic Package
Premium Package (with Engage AI)

Streamlined Process and Time Savings

  • Reduce the time spent on prospect engagement from 3 hours per day to just 30 minutes per day for 20-30 clients.
  • Allow the team to focus on other core business activities, resulting in increased productivity.

Affiliate Commissions

  • Unlock a lucrative revenue stream by earning a generous 40% monthly affiliate commission with every referral to Engage AI, increasing the provider’s income potential while delivering value to their clients.

Increased Customer Contract Renewals

  • Experience a significant boost in customer contract renewals as clients witness the tangible benefits of successful prospect relationship building, resulting in increased satisfaction and return on investment.
  • Generating meaningful connections and delivering measurable results fosters long-term client loyalty, leading to enhanced revenue stability and business growth.

Improved Team Productivity

  • Witness a remarkable increase in team productivity by freeing up valuable hours previously spent on manual prospect engagement.
  • With Engage AI handling time-consuming tasks, the team can redirect their efforts towards core business activities, accelerating growth and delivering superior client services.

Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value

  • Drive substantial improvements in average client profile metrics, including followers, connections, profile views, views per content, monthly sales meetings, and touchpoints with prospects.
  • These enhancements reflect an increased customer lifetime value, indicating deeper engagement, stronger brand presence, and a greater likelihood of converting prospects into loyal, high-value customers.

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