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Scale Meaningful Touchpoints to Convert

You’re the visionary. The innovator. The mastermind behind your ventures.

But the reality is this: Extroverts dominate the world.

Forging meaningful connections with prospects? Talking up a storm to drive sales and revenue?

All are easily their forte.

As for you, me, and our fellow visionary?

The same communication and selling skills take grueling effort and time to hone.

But what if I told you that many of your competitors, friends, and professional network have already cracked the code to close more sales?

And that the secret sauce they’re not telling you takes only 10-15 minutes/day?

Engage AI: Increasing Conversions
with Insightful Comments

Since its launch in 2023, tens of thousands of technical SME owners and founders have been leveraging this AI-first commenting technology to win more sales.

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Why our users stick around,
based on consolidated insights from many early adopters

Win More Time

Our AI takes care of the heavy lifting by drafting you well-crafted engaging comments, a foundation that you merely need to infuse your personal touch before sharing. This saves you an average of 10 minutes per post.

By saving hours on prospect engagement, you can channel the extra time towards other important tasks that grow your client base and revenue, spend more time with family and friends, and enjoy more leisure activities.

Win More Meetings

No one enjoys the impersonal touch of automated drip messages from a bot.

Instead, warm up your prospects with personalized engagements to break the ice, establish rapport, and spark conversations that lead to productive meetings.

Gain more opportunities to engage with multiple prospects at a time and build rapport so they can’t say no to a sales meeting.

Win More Authority

Move beyond generic remarks and position yourself as an expert by delivering insightful and expert remarks directly to your target audience.

Establish credibility and attract a loyal following of prospects, clients, and industry peers.

Win More Revenue

Say all the right things with the AI’s aid! Consistently stay top of mind with your prospects and clients for current and future revenue opportunities.

Deepened and maintained relationships with prospects and existing clients get you through the door and keep them buying respectively.

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How Insightful Comments Drive 10X Sales Opportunities

How do you start a conversation, build rapport, and stay top of mind so that you can effectively lead the interactions toward a sales meeting?

Here’s one strategy you don’t want to skip out on — and who better to affirm it than the number 1 career coach, Austin Belcak, who has 1.3 millions followers on LinkedIn?

Building a strong relationship is key to closing a sale. This is where value-driven commenting comes in handy.

austin belcak tweet

Yes — commenting.


You won’t get away with “Thanks for sharing”, “Nice post!” and “Love this!”

Add unique value so that you stand out from the crowd.

austin belcak linkedin post 3 part formula

It takes LOTS of practice to achieve in 10-15 minutes, though...

Sure, it’s so much faster to comment than, say, writing a LinkedIn post.

And yet, you could be reading a prospect’s post over and over, unable to formulate a clever reply.

(Writer’s block doesn’t play favorites, after all…)

It’s why the thousands who use Engage AI keep it under lock and key.

With the AI assisting in adding more touchpoints by drafting meaningful and relevant comments, they’re getting more visibility, converting more prospects at a time, and driving more sales and revenue.

Consider this: how much time does it take you to

  1. Check 10 prospects for recent posts;
  2. Read the content and;
  3. Construct meaningful responses?

All that easily adds up to a whopping 45 minutes.

Now, thanks to Engage AI, 10-15 minutes/day is all you need to spare to make a lasting impression on 30 prospects at a time.

Don’t take our word for it — experience the difference yourself, especially while our limited discount offer is still available.

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How Insightful Comments Drive
Authority, Following, and Inbound Sales

Hungry for more than just engaging and closing sales with identified prospects on LinkedIn?

If you’re ready to elevate your game, not just in making sales but in establishing authority and driving inbound sales, the next part reveals a closely guarded strategy you can’t afford to miss!

Building authority and inbound sales on LinkedIn isn’t just about what you say.

It’s about how you engage and contribute meaningfully.

Every engagement using Engage AI can amplify your influence, grow your following, and position yourself at the forefront of your industry.

And here’s the exciting part — turning authority into inbound sales and revenue.

Authority doesn’t just attract attention; it attracts customers.

Engage AI sets the stage for prospects not only to notice you but to recall you when making purchasing decisions.

Here’s a pro tip from Justin Welsh, the Solopreneur who is building his one-person business to $5M in revenue:

justin welsh linkedin post

Again, not just any comment works.

To establish authority, you first need to stand out.

For your comment to stay at the top of the comments section, where the post owner, your connections, and the post owner’s connections can see you, it must be insightful.

justin welsh on commenting

Source: Justin Welsh

As you rack up more likes, comment replies, and profile visits, it signals to the LinkedIn algorithm that more people should know about it!

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Streamline Your LinkedIn Workflow for Better Revenue

Now, what if you could bid goodbye to tedious manual work and agonizingly long sales cycles?

The longest sales cycle I’ve experienced is 36 months (true story…)

But that’s very typical for the B2B market, you see.

The long coffee chats, the endless email follow-ups — draining as they are, they’re part and parcel of any business.

With Engage AI, you could:

  • Hack prospect nurturing on LinkedIn
  • Create more touchpoints with 50, 100, 1000 prospects easily
  • Monitor key LinkedIn prospects and keep engaging with them over time.

In other words, you can efficiently establish important contact points to improve conversions!

After all, no one’s got the time to check on their prospects’ LinkedIn activity every other hour of the day. Engaging with clients and focusing on value-adding tasks deserves your valuable time more than laborious manual work.

But imagine the possibilities.

You’d be more likely to be the first person to comment and pique your prospect’s interest.

You’re also likely to be the most relevant comment, putting you at the top of the comment section for your network and the post owner’s network to see!

More importantly, you’re consistently engaging with them whenever they post, thereby setting you apart from others who rely on automated messages urging them to make a purchase.

Check out these numbers shared by popular LinkedIn Copywriter and Brand Strategist Jasmin Alić — proof that this strategy is making waves!

jasmin alic linkedin post

Engage AI doesn’t want you to miss out on any engagement opportunity, which is why it lets you know who posted recently via email and our mini-CRM – rendering manual checks and tedious work unnecessary.

You might have already tried the bookmarking solution for yourself:

austin belcak linkedin post bookmarking

But it’s still time-consuming, isn’t it?

Amid other important tasks in managing your business, you’d need to remember to stay in touch and ensure continued engagement.

You’d still need to click on each and every link daily.

Whether you get to comment on their posts depends on whether they post at all.

And unless all your prospects miraculously synchronize their posting schedules, you’ll miss out on ample engagement opportunities.

With Engage AI doing the checks for you, however, you’ll only need to visit prospects who posted recently.

From missing out on valuable opportunities and spending hours on prospect engagement to:

  • Landing more meetings with the secured touchpoints
  • More time for other value-adding business activities
  • More time with family and friends
  • Free time to pursue your hobbies

What’s stopping you, when you can claim Engage AI with just $15 for your first month?

Sign up before our limited discounted seats run out and give the entire Engage AI ecosystem – including the above platform – a spin!

prospect monitoring for engagement opportunities


To save you even more time, there are:

  • Monitoring to bring all the latest posts from your prospects and clients into a single web page for you to focus on and engage
  • Integrations with your CRM, so you can sync your prospects and clients between your CRM and Engage AI, eliminating the need to change up your daily workflow

In short, Engage AI is your second brain in nurturing relationships towards closing, allowing you to engage with prospects quickly and on your terms.

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