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Are you ready to unlock new opportunities and grow your business through the power of podcasts? Join us for our next exciting webinar “Show Up, Mic Up and Thrive: How to Be a Guest on Podcasts to Grow Your Business.”

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the secrets to becoming a sought-after podcast guest.


  • Learn how to leverage podcast appearances to grow your business and brand.


  • Get tips on creating engaging and impactful content for podcast audiences.


  • Understand how to build meaningful relationships with podcast hosts and listeners.

Grab this opportunity to boost your business with strategic podcast guest appearances! Secure your spot now for an exciting and insightful experience. See you there!


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Jim James

Jim James, founder of East-West Public Relations and host of the popular podcast “The UnNoticed Entrepreneur,” is a seasoned PR expert with over 25 years of experience in PR and marketing. He has helped countless businesses gain visibility and thrive through strategic PR initiatives. As the author of “The UnNoticed Entrepreneur,” Jim provides valuable strategies for business growth. Recognized as a top business development influencer, his expertise spans global markets, making him a sought-after speaker dedicated to helping entrepreneurs unlock their full potential.

Video Transcription

Jim: Hello, welcome to this episode of the Engage AI B2B Marketing Masterclass. My name is Jim James. We’re going to talk today about podcasting, and this is something that I passionately believe is one of the best channels that we as entrepreneurs can use now to build our brands. I’ve got a short presentation, about 20 to 25 minutes to work through, and then I will take any questions and answers that you’ve got.

So, thank you so much for joining me wherever you are. And just a quick point if you are keeping an eye on the soccer, it’s one all Netherlands, England. Please do not tell me the score. I’ve turned off everything and I’m hoping that no one sends me any messages. I’ve got to watch the second half when we finished tonight.

So come on, England. Let’s wish us some good luck. In the meantime, let us show you how you can use podcasts to grow your business so you don’t need luck. You just need a few of the tools and the tips that i’m going to share with you So i’m going to share my screen now and let’s see that this uh, okay 

Mehmil: So let me go with the introduction first, and then we will let you 

Jim: Oh, i’m, sorry.

Memel, you go ahead 

Mehmil: Yeah, so hello everyone I’m super excited to welcome you to our series of webinars on sales and prospecting in b2b business The series is proudly brought to you by engage. ai and we are so glad to have you here So in this series, we will be joined by some incredible guest speaker, just like Jim, who will share the insider tips and strategies that have propelled their own business to heights.

By bringing expert in B2B space to you, Engage AI helps to arm you with powerful insights that will boost your business visibility and equip you with modern strategies to transform your sales performance and drive impressive revenue growth. Believe me, you won’t want to miss a single insight that Jim is going to share.

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Plus every comment or question you leave in the chat earns you a bonus entry. So stay engaged, participate actively. You could be one of the lucky winner.

So before we get started, I want to introduce you to something that we have reached out on Instagram. And that has transformed how you reach out and engage on LinkedIn. It’s called Engage AI. In today’s digital world, traditional ways of reaching out can often feel like they are just not cutting it.

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Track when your prospect posts and be the first one to comment and engage. I engage. I do the heavy lifting so you can focus on crafting meaningful interaction rather than hurting down post. Now, without any further ado, let me introduce you to our speaker for today. Introducing Jim James, the visionary behind acclaimed podcast, the unnoticed entrepreneur with a stellar reputation as a PR visit.

Jim has mastered the art of transferring brand through the power of media. His expertise lies in crafting messages that not only captivate, but truly connect with audience, ensuring your voice stand out in a crowded marketplace. Today, Jim is here to present a webinar on Show Up, Mic Up, and Thrive. How to be a guest on podcast to grow your business.

So Jim, the floor is yours. 

Jim: Thank you so much for that introduction and also the generous gifts. I’m kind of planning on staying around myself, so I’m hoping I might qualify. I also have some gifts to give away at the end as well. So do stick around only 20 to 25 minutes and I’m sure that we’re going to make it worth your while.

Well, I’m going to share my screen now. Let me just. Make sure that this works. Okay. And, uh, here we go. I’m going to share my audio as well. Hopefully everyone can see that. And, uh, Mamel, you could just tell me, can you everyone seeing that? Okay. On the screen.

I think that’s all working just fine. Okay. Perfect.

Let’s see. Okay. Well, have you ever been in a position where you thought that you thought you’d made it and that your business was flying, you’re making money, you’re building the brand and you really weren’t planning on looking back or rebuilding anything. That was me just a few years ago. I had moved to China in 2006.

I’d actually moved there from Singapore. And one of the businesses that I started was the importing of a British sports car. And it was so successful that I was written up in the Financial Times, for example, I was interviewed by the BBC and also on Chinese media, on Chinese television and Chinese radio and traditional print.

I had made it as an entrepreneur. in Asia. But as an entrepreneur, we know that there are good times and there are some challenging times and it’s how we respond in the bad times that defines us. So I had built a successful business in China, but in 2019 I wanted to bring my wife and my children back to England.

And of course, When COVID came along, China was no longer a possible option in terms of doing business. So I really had to reinvent myself. And what I did was I started a podcast, the unnoticed entrepreneur. Since I started this show in 2019, I have issued over 840 episodes and I interview entrepreneurs from around the world.

And I asked them one very, very simple question. How do you get noticed for free? Because I’m a big believer that entrepreneurs, we must get our businesses noticed, but I also know from experience that we do not have big budgets. So I ask fellow entrepreneurs to share their wisdom and their ideas. And the show has gone on to become one of the top ranked podcasts.

It’s now in the top two and a half percent of shows worldwide. So Jason Tan, the founder of Engage AI was one of the guests on my show and that’s How we happen to be connected and how we are together on the show. So just even one example of how a podcast and being a podcast guest be good for your business.

So I started to build this podcast, but also What came from that was I started to make articles and these are the three books that I’ve published. And in fact, we have Wiley the New York listed publisher picked up the unnoticed entrepreneur series. And I now have these books, which is amazing and beyond what I ever could have imagined.

So just having the podcast has changed my life and it can change yours too. But there are some things. That you’re going to want to think about and some experiences I’m going to share with you to help you on your way. But part of getting on your way as a podcast guest is to be on other people’s shows.

And this is the famous business coach, Brad sugars, who has a podcast called the big success podcast. And you can see me there. I was recently on his show and you can see other quite famous. Celebrities, including Marshall Goldsmith on the right hand side, the rather famous author and business coach. So by having a podcast and guesting on podcasts, I’ve been able to associate myself with other people in the, in the mindset and the world set that I would like to be in.

So. And so can you, and I’m going to share with you in this session, the ways that you can start to do that.  So I’ve got three areas. I’m going to share with you. One is finding securing podcast interview opportunities. The second is any strategies to turn podcast listeners into leads. I’m going to tell you some really key points and a meaningful business relationship, how to build those.

And I am going to give you at the end a free gift. Actually, it’s 10 things that. You can use for your podcast guesting journey. Once again, if you have any questions to type them in, I think there’s even points and prizes for asking questions. So do ask questions more than happy to answer those, especially at the end.

So let’s go in here first. Now I’m going to, first of all, play you a short clip from one of my podcast guests called Carl Mullins, and he has a business in America, and he’s going to explain the impact of podcasting on his business. I’ve got a question for you. Would you like to know one of the secrets to attracting clients from around the world?

And the secret simply this being a guest on podcast. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re considering how to be a guest on podcast. I want to briefly tell you my story. So my name is Wayne Mullins. I am the founder of a marketing agency called Ugly Mug Marketing. Here’s the crazy thing. We are based in a town of Alexandria, Louisiana with 000 people.

people. And from this little tiny market in this little tiny town in the middle of Louisiana, we’ve been able to attract clients literally from around the world. And the way that we’ve done that is by being guests on podcasts. You see, there’s something magical. There’s something powerful about being a guest on a podcast.

It puts you in the position of the trusted expert of the trusted advisor. And that is the position you want to be in regardless of your industry, regardless of your market. When they view you as a trusted advisor, getting them to say yes to doing business with you is so much easier. Go ahead. I know that this will be beneficial to you for our business.

It has been probably the most impactful and it’s produced the highest ROI for our time, our energy and our effort. So. Go ahead. I look forward to hearing you on a podcast soon. There you go. So Wayne Mullins, ugly mug, marketing. com. So why has podcasting become so important while you can blame the algorithm since apple and the other big operators have gone cookie less your traditional ways of leaving cookies and getting tracked and tracking customers has gone.

So the customer journey has become harder. And what that means. is that we need to have inbound marketing. We need to be out there and having people come to us rather than us just going out and tracking people through their customer journey and trying to get them into the funnel. So the algorithm changes everything and In to the mix come podcasts.

Podcasts are growing in popularity, the fastest growing medium. And we’ve got over 504, nearly 506 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of this year. And it’s just getting bigger and bigger as a medium. Now a couple of things to think about with podcasting. One is that podcasting is great for personal brand build and marketing.

Brand building opportunities. And you can see when you look at the covers, the thumbnails of all these podcasts, that these are people like you and me, these are not all well paid celebrities or media types that are hosts and guests. So it’s a very democratic medium. And on the right hand side, a key point about podcasting is you’re getting connected to new networks.

There isn’t another medium where you can speak to other networks in this trusted one on one environment. It’s the closest you’ve got really is a business conference when you’re out, but then you tend to stand on a stage. And as you know, you stand on a stage and then you might get down and people drift away, but there are many, many other benefits as well with podcasting that I’m going to share with you.

So you’re building new networks. And you’re able to build a personal brand. Now there are people like, like Wayne Mullins talking about it, but also there’s Carl Becker saying I’m a hundred percent that being on a podcast creates a ton of value. He has a sales promotion and sales performance business.

We’ve got Annie Yang talking about the SEO power of being on a podcast and that podcasts really are a game changer for sharing ideas and you get to talk to the audience. Directly. Unlike traditional media where a journalist filters your ideas. 62 percent of listeners said they would buy something on the recommendation of a podcast host.

And 81 percent of listeners said they always pay attention to podcast advertisements. In fact, podcast hosts now are seen in some countries as having more credibility than journalists. than traditional media hosts. So you are, by dint of being associated with the host, you are going to have authority as well for what you say and what you do.

So let’s just look at how to find and secure some podcast interview opportunities. Now, obviously, this is a big, big topic, and I can only cover some top line for you, but I’m going to give you some top line ideas. But first of all, I’d just like to remind you that not all podcasts are created equal.

Listen notes uses two metrics to judge podcasts. One is listen score, which is just how far people engage with the podcast. And the other is the ranking. And remember, I mentioned mine is in the top two and a half percent, but you need to think about the relevance of the show for your audience, the ranking, which is attributed often to how frequently or how consistently people are producing their shows, and the reviews as well.

Now you can go and find the podcasts on podcast players. Often that’s the easiest because that’s where you know that you’re going to be looking and finding the shows that you like to be on or that you like to listen to. The next obvious place is going to be booking sites. There are a number of these booking sites and they are low cost.

They’re 24 seven and they’re self directed and they’re good if you have an assistant or you want to take the first steps with no investment. Sites like Podmatch For example, now these are good, but the problem with them is that there’s no real differentiation. It’s a marketplace, almost like an Upwork or a Fiverr, and they could be quite time consuming, and you don’t really build a direct relationship with the host.

You are one of a listing. Of many different other guests. So they play a role, but I’m going to give you what I think is a better strategy later. The next thing you can do is to go to an agency. And this is great if you want to ensure some consistency and you want to just outsource everything. They will have a professional approach.

They will save you time. And many of them have a relationship with the hosts already, just like a PR firm. And I ran a public relations agency for 25 years. And podcast booking agencies are really doing the same job that PR agencies did with traditional media. A couple of points against one is that they create a separation between you and the host in the warmup.

It’s not a huge deal because you’re going to meet the host, but it’s not quite as intimate sometimes. They do recommend inappropriate shows because their remuneration is to get you placed, and there is a cost to them, maybe five, six, or even a thousand dollars to get you placed with an agency. This is what I suggest, and on the course that I’ve built, I talk about ListenNotes.

And ListenNotes is the most comprehensive and up to date directory for Of podcast. And a lot of people haven’t heard of listen notes, but it is the go to source. And also the great thing about listen notes is that it’s free unless you then want to pay to download data. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to need to have a pitch to those media and those hosts that you find.

So you can eat a good subject line with a hook. You’re going to want to reference a particular episode or a guest maybe. You’re going to explain how you’re going to engage the audience. I’ll explain more about that later. And you’re going to write concisely 100 to 300 words. And also you can introduce your gift.

I’m going to talk about that later. And that’s one of the main mistakes that people make is they do not think about the gift. And you can even send a video introduction. And then you’re going to follow up in 48 hours. Now what a host like me wants to see, they want to see a one page summary. They want to see an interesting story, some talking points, and some contact details, and some prior appearances.

So this is from Faisal Siddiqui, and the podcast bookers agency sent this through to me. This is a nicely produced one page summary. So you’re going to need one of those. And actually, if you stick around, I’m going to give you 10 templates at the end of this presentation that you can use. I’m also going to give you a link to Canva so you can edit them yourself.

Let’s just talk about strategies to turn podcast listeners into leads. Let me just show you something here.

Now in 19 seconds, I’ll bet that brought back for you memories of watching James Bond somewhere as a child or as an adult on a first date. That music, iconic music that’s been played for 20, 30 years brings back so many memories, but it’s the hook. In that case, it’s the music and the visual of James Bond walking across the screen.

And that’s the amount of time that we have when it comes to presenting and getting people’s interest. Now we have to do that because listener attention retention is very hard. What happens is in the first five minutes, Nearly 35 percent of an audience on average will leave the show. So you need to have what you might call a James Bond opening, where it’s exciting the audience enough.

And then of course, this is why you’re going to have your gifts, which are going to keep people to stay with you. Just as Maymill has done at the beginning about keeping you staying with me so that you can get some rewards at the end. Remember this because what you have to think about is having your story in 30 to 60 seconds.

One of the main mistakes that people make when they come on a podcast is they tell people what they do. It’s almost like it’s a job interview. Ever. Have you ever heard people say, this is what I do, this is what I do it for, and as the audience you go, well, that’s fine, but I’m not doing a job interview here.

I want as the audience to be entertained. I want to be informed. I want to be inspired. And importantly, I want to know what’s in it from me on the course that I run, we teach people how to get their story. into that first 60 seconds so that it engages and captures the audience. Now, let me show you, for example, Hemingway’s six word story structure, which I’ve applied to the second volume of my book, Fame Waiting, Promising Ventures, Untold Stories.

This is a book with 50 interviews from entrepreneurs. who have yet to be recognized. And what we need to do is to think about your story and how can you get your story to be distilled so that the audience is interested and engaged and they want to listen till the end and then they want to connect with you.

That is because, and if there’s one thing I’d like you to take away from today’s webinar, podcast is a performance. If anyone has been reading the book about experience and about experiential marketing, you’ve got to know everything now is about the experience. And it’s just the same for podcasts. And as Vidal Sassoon would say, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

But as a podcast host, if you don’t look good, They don’t look good and they’re going to judge you on whether or not you’re going to help them to have a better performing podcast. Now a few things that you can do to make sure your podcast is really good. First of all, this is some research from a couple of academics in California and Australia about scientific research and the impact of audio on credibility.

And what they found was as soon as they reduce the audio quality, all of a sudden the scientists and their research lost credibility. So what’s important here is that if you are going to be on a podcast, you must think about the audio quality in order to retain the audience commitment to you and to the integrity that you have to your subject.

Now, the second thing is that people are more likely to trust someone when they can see their as it allows for the assessment of emotions. and intentions. Again, many people come on shows without proper lighting and proper cameras without looking right into the camera. So here are some problems that I encounter a great deal.

People have a muffled sound. They’re hard to see and have distractions because their computers Keep sending out notifications. These are all problems that could be solved and they are all essential for you to convert listeners to leads. Because if you do not have a good quality performance, you lose credibility in the eyes and the ears of your listeners.

Now, this is the next key part that I want you to remember. And that is you must bring a gift for the audience. I lived in Asia for 25 years, Singapore for 12, 13, and then in China for another 15. And And whenever we would go and see somebody, we would always take a gift, especially at Chinese New Year. The concept of reciprocity means that I do something good for you, and then you might do something good for me afterwards.

I’ve told you that if you stay to the end, I’m going to give you 10 templates that you can use for your podcast bio. I’m bringing a gift for you because I want to thank you for spending your time with me. And so is May Mill and Jason at Engage. So, The other point about having a gift is it gets a direct connection between you and the listeners.

And this is the key point. So what you can do is you can offer, for example, as Mark Osborne did, one of the guests on my show, you can offer a free ebook and he has a thank you for attending the show. Here’s your free download. Now, this is a someone that you might recognize. I’ll just play Jason Priestley’s video for you.

I was invited onto hundreds of podcasts to talk about the idea of becoming a key person of influence. And what we did is we set up a key person of influence scorecard so people could answer 40 questions to find out what they need to implement in order to become a key person of influence, which was the topic of those podcasts.

So what that did is it turned the listeners into leads. Okay. So Daniel Priestly, I said, I said, Jason, Daniel Priestly, talking about using quizzes. Now, if you’re not familiar with that, let me just show you. Here is Oscar Trimbley from Australia and also a guest on my show. He has a quiz and he’s over 33, 000 people.

Take his quiz. He’s a consulting business in Australia. So you can just imagine the power of getting people involved in a quiz. Now, another thing you can do is you can repurpose the content from the podcast. This is one of my guests that came on the show and you can see in the bottom right hand side, Jackie has got a call to action where she’s used the course and she’s used the content and embedded.

a call to action, which is read about us and how we help people to build brands and contact us today to find out how we can help you. Okay. Let’s just talk finally about building meaningful relationship with hosts. Now, there are so many ways that you can do this. Social media promotion together, for example, is a really key point.

You can have guest blogging on one another’s websites. You can do cross promotion as well. When I was on Brad Sugar’s podcast and he was on my podcast, I’ve then asked him to write the forward for my upcoming book, for example, webinars and live events. Today’s webinar is happening because Jason came onto my podcast and we stayed in touch.

And we’ve got a group on LinkedIn of podcast hosts, and we talk together about doing webinars together. That never would have happened if we hadn’t shared the mic. You can also have email newsletters and contributions. I’ve had more than one guest do affiliate marketing deals with me, and this is where I help to promote their software.

and they give me a commission. And conversely, I can offer them access to my course, for example, and give them commissions. Because we’ve got overlapping communities, we’ve got shared interests, joint ventures are a bigger, a bigger possibility, of course, but you can also have a podcast series with somebody that you have been a guest on their course, or you could commission a mini series with that person.

You can also do content repurposing, which is taking the podcast episode and using it, for example, in training or in sales material. And of course, speaking opportunities, because if you think about it, really a podcast, It’s a little bit like a conference, but only an intimate setting. And you build up your story, you build up your confidence, you build up your audience.

And I’ve got more than one person who I’ve coached who’s gone from podcasts to the TEDx stage, because it’s a natural platform to prepare to the bigger live stage. So the real benefit of being the guest is that you’re getting someone else’s audience, you’re positioned as an authority, and you’re getting accessibility.

To them and they’re getting accessibility to you. And this is the kicker it’s without the work of being a host, being a host takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve done over 840 episodes and it’s a lot of work. You don’t have to do that. You can leverage the hosts network and platform for your benefit. As long as you.

Leave a gift. You’ve got a good story and you are proactive. Now, speaking of proactive, I want to share with you something. I’ve got an assistant who’s got a message to share with you. Hello, I’m Taren. One of the avatar trainers in the podcast guest blueprint course, a comprehensive eight week challenge with modules covering everything to help guests convert listeners into leads.

One of those modules covers creating your pitch bio. And because we appreciate you spending time with Jim today, we want to share them with you. We designed these files are in Canva. We like this app because it’s free and simple to use. If you have a Canva account, we’ll tell you how you can customize the templates yourself.

Here are the 10 templates for you to choose from. There should be at least one that fits your needs. Feel free to add more details or change the colors and fonts. They include the key headers you need in the podcast guest blueprint course. We detail how to craft your story and what to include in your podcast bio.

But if you want to start now without joining the course, these templates will help.

In the podcast guest blueprint course, we have a lot of resources to help transform podcast guesting into a key part of a marketing strategy. And we have a community of people supporting one another through the process. But we know that for now, this may be all that you need. So go ahead and download these templates.

You will also receive an email with a link to the templates in Canva so that you can edit them inside of your Canva account if you prefer. If you do decide to join the course and the community, we’ll look forward to seeing what you create with these templates. Okay. So now if you’re wondering where they are, you can scan the QRC on the left.

And that will take you to a page and ask you just to give your email address and your name and you can then, there and then download the PDF with those 10 files. You’ll also then get an email which then sends you a link to the Canva page which has got all the templates and you can edit them in your Canva account.

If you prefer just to contact me, then My website address is jimajames. com and you can also just scan the qrc on the right hand side and that’s my link tree and that will take you to my website, to my podcast, to my books, my course and also my facebook, my linkedin and my youtube. As we know we all have so many channels these days and of course, um, this presentation is going to be made available you And Jason and the team will make sure that you’ve got links as well to these.

So that’s my half an hour on how to show up, how to mic up and how to thrive and how to be a guest on podcast to grow your business. It’s a big topic and I’ve covered it in 30 minutes to try and give you some key pointers to think about. And I’m more than happy to take any questions that you might have about the subject and how we can help you.


Mehmil: All right. If you have any questions for Jim, you can just post them into the comment section and we will add that to the stage.

Jim: Okay. Then maybe I think, um, if people don’t want to get access to this, they can get it at the, um, from the engage email newsletter as well. Right. And also you’ll be posting this. I think up onto YouTube. 

Mehmil: Yeah.

Jim: I think probably everyone’s busy watching England beat the Dutch.

Mehmil: That’s true.

So we will wait for questions if people have any.

Jim: Should we just show that last slide again in case anyone wants that or have we, uh. Yeah, sure. I’ll just let Wadan share that screen again in case anyone is interested in just seeing that again. There you go. That’s where you can

Oh, look at that. Didn’t know you could do that. I wasn’t so We don’t want to do that, do we? Oh, look at that. Okay. Didn’t know we could do that. Right. 

Mehmil: Okay. 

Jim: Okay. So then if anyone wants to, they can just scan that. There.

Okay. You can see that on the screen fine. So that way then people can see it. Get the templates if they would like them or connect with me more than happy to talk to anyone about podcast guesting and even podcast in general

Great. Well, I think we sounds like we don’t have any questions 

Mehmil: Okay, so Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insights today jim and big thank you to everyone who joined us As for the giveaway of Engage AI Pro subscription, keep an eye on your emails and LinkedIn messages in the coming days. If you are one of the lucky winner of our one year Engage AI Pro giveaway, we will be reaching out to share the great news with you.

But even if you don’t win or don’t want to wait for that email, we have something special for you. As a token of appreciation, For your support and participation in this webinar, we are offering a special discount code. You can get half of your first month of Engage AI Pro, making it just 15 USD. Okay, so and don’t forget to screenshot this event and share and tag us to get a free gift in your inbox.

I mean the access to our exclusive AI Prompt library. And don’t miss our next session. In this webinar series on B2B sales and prospecting, join Jim Sterney, President of Target Marketing of Santa Barbara to present a webinar on Maximizing Generative AI from Text Generation to Strategic Mastery. The webinar will be live on Thursday, August 15, 2024, 3 p.

m. PST, which will be Friday, August 15, 8 a. m. AEST. Plus, just like today, we will be hosting another giveaway for 10, one year pro subscription to engage AI. Mark your calendars for 15 August and join us for maximizing generative AI from text generations to strategic mastery. Stay tuned on our for to our page for our more details in the coming weeks.

And that’s the wrap for today’s webinar. We look forward to seeing everyone again next month. See you then.