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Engage AI for Zoho

Leverage ChatGPT comments for LinkedIn directly on Zoho.

Engage AI augments comments for you to engage prospects on LinkedIn.

With Zoho CRM’s Engage AI integration, you can write insightful comments, breaking the ice and building relationships with prospects in a fraction of the time within your Zoho account.

Combine clear insights from Zoho CRM and this relationship-building strategy to keep your sales pipeline moving.

Getting Started

install engage ai extension
engage ai account creation

Set the data fetching and email notification schedule.

create list and data fetching schedule
download engage ai from zoho marketplace
authenticate engage ai in zoho

Up next is updating the Monitor LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Profile URL fields.

These fields are important, allowing you to monitor and nurture key prospects without missing any engagement opportunities!

zoho enable profile monitoring
zoho find engage ai in other modules
zoho highlight and copy suggested comment
zoho paste and edit comment draft on linkedin

Engage Prospects and Clients at Scale

Start monitoring and nurturing multiple leads with quality, AI-driven engagement.