LinkedIn Training Service Provider Boosts Revenue by 20% by Integrating Engage AI in Their Service Offering

Key Outcomes

  • Higher revenue from a 20% increase in package pricing
  • 50% increase in customer contract renewals
  • 150% increase in team productivity


Evan Sullivan runs a successful LinkedIn training service company based in California, USA. He works with clients who want to grow their brands and business using LinkedIn. Evan’s clients are primarily B2B, so his courses, resources, and tools are mainly tailored to meet the needs of this audience group.

Evan and his team provide numerous solutions to his clients, including:

  • Building up their LinkedIn network
  • Growing their following on LinkedIn
  • Building a strong, authoritative presence on LinkedIn
  • Lead generation
  • Content marketing

Scaling up on engaging prospects for clients

As ad prices continue to soar and visibility gets increasingly harder to achieve on LinkedIn, one of Evan’s most successful courses and strategies involves commenting on LinkedIn. He shares this tried-and-tested strategy with his clients so they can put themselves in front of qualified audiences on LinkedIn.

Evan has a team of 12 people offshore managing client LinkedIn accounts, as the commenting tasks often fall upon them. While effective, his team was frustrated that the strategy took away a few hours of their time every week. Rather than using the 3-4 hours per week to complete other core business activities, they were preoccupied with engaging prospects on their client’s behalf.

The team was held accountable for the comments they made. To preserve their client’s brand reputation, Evan and his team prioritized making quality comments that echo a prospect’s thoughts and opinions. They were not necessarily well-versed in all topics and needed to research them. This only added to their time managing client LinkedIn accounts.

On average, each of Evan’s clients has 30 ideal prospects. Evan’s offshore team manually checked each prospect’s LinkedIn activities and recorded every interaction made within a spreadsheet for their clients. They left 3-5 comments over a period of time to engage each prospect and furthered the relationship if the prospect was responding to the comments or visiting their client’s profile. This entire prospect-monitoring process also took up considerable time and resources.

Eager for a time-saving solution, Evan reached out to FILT Pod about Engage AI.

Powerful, AI-driven LinkedIn workflow integration

Commenting was always an integral part of Evan’s own LinkedIn strategy. It was helpful in staying top of mind with his current clients and generating more potential leads for his company. Evan and his team chose to integrate Engage AI into their daily work on LinkedIn. This was so they could test the effectiveness of the AI tool before introducing it to clients.

Evan saw his team’s speed improve fivefold when engaging with potential clients. The number of touchpoints they could achieve with each client increased from using Engage AI to scale their efforts.

His team used to take 3 hours a day to engage 20-30 clients. Once they integrated Engage AI into their process, they reduced those hours to 30 minutes per day. Each generation by the AI tool took only a few seconds, providing them with a foundation they could easily build and improve upon to match their voice on the LinkedIn platform.

Increased revenue from enhanced service offerings and affiliate commissions

With the success that his team found through infusing Engage AI into their daily operations, Evan also began to include the AI tool in his courses and training on prospecting and building a strong LinkedIn presence and network. This was so he could duplicate the success for his clients.

Evan has 3 distinctive groups of clients:

  • Those who believe in the Engage AI + commenting strategy on LinkedIn and are willing to spend 30 minutes every day on this activity
  • Those who believe in the Engage AI + commenting strategy on LinkedIn but are unwilling to spend 30 minutes every day on this activity
  • Prefer to focus on other LinkedIn strategies

Most of his clients belong to the second group, so he was able to upsell his services for the additional billable hours.

Solopreneur Packages
Basic Package
Premium Package (with Engage AI)
LinkedIn Profile and Reach Optimising Programme: 60-90 minutes of hands-on guidance weekly for seven weeks
Solopreneur Packages
Basic Package
Premium Package (with Engage AI)
LinkedIn Profile and Reach Optimising Programme: 60-90 minutes of hands-on guidance weekly for seven weeks

His offshore team found this tool extremely useful. It gave them the building blocks they needed. It was much easier for them to write effective and appropriate responses on behalf of their clients, especially when a prospect’s post touched on a more challenging or niche topic. 

Engage AI also streamlined his team’s monitoring process of prospect’s LinkedIn activities. They would add the 30 ideal prospects to their client’s Engage AI Pro account, from which Evan earned a 40% monthly affiliate commission with every referral. Adding prospects into the Engage AI system eliminated the need to check on every prospect’s LinkedIn profile for recent posting activity, thereby saving the team more time and effort.

Improved customer lifetime value

Average Client Profile Metrics

🔼 75%


🔼 84%


🔼 233%

Profile Views

🔼 115%

Views Per Content

🔼 80%

Monthly Sales Meetings

🔼 83%

Touchpoints with prospects

Evan’s clients had been extremely satisfied with the ROI of his training services, resulting in many of them extending their contracts with his company to take advantage of the business-enhancing benefits.

Incorporating Engage AI in his services was a real game-changer for many of Evan’s clients, allowing them to make quicker and more meaningful connections with their prospects.

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