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3. How to make LinkedIn’s 3000 character limit count

LinkedIn's 3000 character limit,character count
Questioning a word/character limit

Welcome to Lesson 3 of the FILT Pod Institute – Stage 1! We hope that the first lessons are already making an impact on your profile.

Here’s a quick lesson on LinkedIn’s 3000 character limit for word posts.

LinkedIn’s character limits for word posts

LinkedIn’s word posts have a 3000-character hard limit. This character count would translate to around 600 words.

If you go over the limit, this alert will notify you of that.

LinkedIn's 3000 character limit,character count
Exceeding the character limit on LinkedIn

How to make sure you’re within the character limit:

We recommend two tools you can use to make sure you’re within the character limit:

  • Draft your post in a word-processing program (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.) and use the built-in word count tool to make sure that you don’t exceed the character limit
  • You can also use Character Count Online, a simple and fast character counter.

If you want to upload a long word post:

You should write a long-form article. It’s also known as a LinkedIn Pulse Article.

However, we recommend that you break it down and repurpose it into multiple smaller pieces for more LinkedIn posts. 

Why do we recommend doing that? It is a strategy for you to both 

  • Have more content to post, and
  • Gain LinkedIn Algorithm’s favour.

We will be covering those topics in Content Marketing for Smart Business Owners (Stage 2) and How To Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in Your Favor (Stage 3), so stay tuned for those.

Check out Lesson 4 for in-depth information on how to check your posts’ views.