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8. How to Use LinkedIn Pulse Articles and When is the Best Time?

Congratulations on reaching Lesson 7 of the FILT Pod Institute – Stage 1! You’re only a few lessons away from completing this stage! In this lesson, we’ll be telling you all about LinkedIn Pulse Articles!

Where to start writing a LinkedIn Pulse Article
Creating an article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pulse Articles are exactly what they sound like – articles. With Pulse, you can self-publish your very own articles from the comfort of your LinkedIn profile to reach a wider audience on LinkedIn.  But what’s the difference between publishing an article on LinkedIn and simply posting?

Pros of using Pulse Articles that make them different from posting:

  1. You can add a headline to your articles
  2. You can add images and videos anywhere in your articles
  3. You can add a cover image
  4. There is no character limit, write as much as you need to build quality content and educate your targeted customers!
  5. It has a special section on your profile so it won’t be pushed down too far and can always be easily accessed by the people visiting your profile.
LinkedIn pulse articles
A Pulse Article on LinkedIn with a cover image and headline

Cons of using Pulse Articles that make them different from posting:

LinkedIn Pulse Articles are currently the least prioritised item in the news feed, as Linkedin moved its preference to prioritise short status posts or updates. Because of this, your article will be severely lacking in reach and engagement, as it will not be shown in anyone’s feed no matter what you do. Many members have now stopped writing Linkedin Pulse Articles due to this. Unless you’re writing for yourself or for fun, we recommend you stop writing them too and pour your energy into what your audience will see instead – status posts and updates.

We also strongly recommend NOT to boost your LinkedIn Pulse Article on FILT Pod. This is to avoid the chance of Linkedin finding out about your pod activities and suspending your account.

LinkedIn pulse articles
An example of low views for a LinkedIn Pulse Article

While we can see the benefits of Pulse Articles, we find that it is best not to rely on them due to LinkedIn’s algorithm. We suggest that you only use them when you have a lot to say to your LinkedIn audience. Otherwise, keep it to your blog section in your company website! By doing this, it will only increase your website quality and its SEO score. 

Tips from our top members: Write your long form articles for your own website and publish them as usual. However, instead of leaving it there, repurpose your article into 4 to 5 short form LinkedIn status posts, then use FILT Pod to boost them! Don’t forget to link back to the full article in the comments of your post.

And if you really want to include a Pulse Article on FILT Pod, post a regular update instead to promote your article and link the Pulse Article in the comments. This way, your audience will still find it without compromising your account.