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Quick Fixes

Make sure that you’ve copied the entire URL, including the slash symbol at the end. 


  • Working URL:
  • Faulty URL:


Alternatively, visit your lead’s LinkedIn profile and hit the + Add to list button on this pop-up on your screen.

engage ai updating plan

Activate your pro features in 3 steps.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into our web app. You can check the extension if you are.
  2. Once you’re logged in, you will see your email address with your paid plan (Pro) appear on the extension panel. See the print screen above. 
  3. Close all browsers or tabs where your LinkedIn sessions are still active, then open the browser to go to the LinkedIn website again.

It may take from a few minutes to 3 days for updates to reflect automatically. 

You can shortcut this:

  1. Click on the Extensions icon
  2. Select Manage extensions
  3. Click Update


engage ai version update

fetch lead updates

We fetch lead updates depending on your account settings. The highest data fetching frequency is daily.

Please check back the next day if you’ve just saved a new lead.

Yes, click on ‘X’ to close the newsfeed announcement. You won’t see the same announcement again.

message banner

Click “Comment” for the icon to appear. You must click the “Comment” button to activate the icon even if the comment field is already visible on the feed. 

click comment

There are 3 ways to generate the comments:

  • Comment field

engage ai comment generation

  • Pop-up

quality comments for linkedin

  • FILT Pod web app

engage ai for linkedin

The error can happen for 3 reasons:

1) OpenAI’s server is busy

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. However, refreshing/regenerating your comment usually resolves the issue. If the issue persists, please try again later.


2) Invalid API key

If you’ve created an OpenAI account to use Engage AI, you may have entered an invalid API key. You can check it here.


3) Insufficient credits

You may have used up your OpenAI credits. You can check your balance here.

You can increase the output length on the settings customization page.

  1. Click the Engage AI extension icon
  2. Click the Gear icon
  3. Look for “Length of Comment Suggestions“. Toggle the length of output you desire.


output length

Business Partnership / Affiliate Inquiries

We cannot offer LTDs as it costs us money each time our users use Engage AI.

However, we provide our affiliates with a special offer they can share with their audiences so they can start earning 40% recurring commissions promptly.

You can explore our affiliate program here.

General Information

Yes, you can add, edit and remove 3 custom prompts at your own discretion. Here’s a tutorial video on how to set up your custom prompts.

We neither believe in nor plan to make auto-commenting to a list or list segment part of Engage AI’s features.

We developed the tool to provide suggestions and augment relevant comments only.

We will always encourage users to make tone adjustments or personal touches before submitting the final products.

LinkedIn dislikes tools that affect the user experience on its platform.

Hence, it heavily disapproves of automation tools as people tend to use them to spam other users.

Engage AI does not condone automation and will only carry features that aid its users in writing quality comments to prospects and clients on LinkedIn.

The app version is where you store key prospects for monitoring purposes.

Research indicates that you need approximately 7-13 touchpoints to move prospects down the conversion funnel.

Having your monitored leads in one place and seeing their recent posting activities at a glance will allow you to streamline your LinkedIn outreach process and reach those touchpoint milestones more efficiently.

Yes, it is!

You can increase the output length on the settings customization page.

  1. Click the Engage AI extension icon
  2. Click the Gear icon
  3. Look for “Length of Comment Suggestions“. Toggle the length of output you desire.

output length

As long as you do not log out of LinkedIn, you need only renew the cookie yearly. If you happen to log out, you must log into LinkedIn and re-type your FILT Pod or Hashtag Analytics extension credentials on the extension panel. Then, click on the Engage AI tab on FILT Pod to see the latest posts by your prospects.

Read our privacy policy here.

FILT is short for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Engage AI only works on LinkedIn at the moment, but we will eventually expand our services to other platforms.

Engage AI now supports all languages. The following are the top 20 most used languages:

– English (American)

– English (British)

– Deutsch (German)

– Francais (French)

– Español (Spanish)

– Italiano (Italian)

– 简体中文 (Mandarin)

हिन्दी (Hindi)

– العربية (Arabic) 

– বাংলা (Bengali)

– Русский (Russian)

– Português (Portuguese)

– Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

– اُردُو (Urdu)

– 日本語 (Japanese)

– ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (Punjabi)

– Basa Jawa (Javanese)

– తెలుగు (Telugu)

– Türkçe (Turkish)

– 한국어 (Korean)

You no longer need to set your native language manually. Engage AI will automatically switch to the relevant language by reading your prospect’s post.

  1. Click the Engage AI extension icon
  2. Click the Gear icon
  3. Find the Label and Input table under Prompts
  4. Click on the text field to edit the default prompts and their labels
  5. Hit Save at the bottom of the page


edit defaults 1


edit defaults 2

Product Trial Inquiries

Try the following steps:

  1. Log out and log back into our web app
  2. Click the Engage AI extension icon
  3. Go on LinkedIn. Refresh the page

After 3 days:

  • You’ll no longer have 500 comment generations per day
  • You can still submit 3 LinkedIn posts for comment suggestions per day
  • You will still get 1 regeneration chance for each of the 3 posts

You can extend your unlimited Engage AI usage by getting your friends onboard Engage AI.

Each successful referral will give you 14 additional days of unlimited usage. Claim referral link

Paid (Pro) Product Inquiries

You can monitor unlimited leads to achieve multiple touchpoints.

We’re sad to see you go! We really appreciate you giving Engage AI a spin.

1. Click the Engage AI extension icon on the top right corner of your page. Click on the link beside your email address: Pro Plan

edit subscription plan

2. Follow the link provided in your current plan

follow the link to web app

3. Log into your account. Select My Profile, then Plan and Billing. Click the Billing button. That will take you to the Stripe page, where you can cancel your plan.

plan and billing


If you create a different browser profile for each account:

You will need to install Engage AI for each browser profile.

If you intend to use one Engage AI account for multiple LinkedIn accounts at one time:

It is best to have one Engage AI account for each LinkedIn account. This way, you can monitor relevant prospects for each Linkedin account on the web app.

Web App Inquiries

Yes. Even without the Chrome tool, you can generate comments to engage prospects and clients on LinkedIn.

kindpng 6060106

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