OpenAI API Key Retrieval for Engage AI

Are you tech-savvy and know your way around API keys?

Then this guide will be a simple one.

Follow the steps below to retrieve your unique OpenAI API key and start leveraging Engage AI at your own pace.

#1: Create or sign into your OpenAI account.

Get started here.

#2: Locate API key.

On the top right corner of the page, click your account name. Select View API keys in the drop-down.

view api key 2

#3: Generate API key.

Under API keys, click the + Create new secret key button.

Once the API key is generated, click Copy.

copy api key from openai

#4: Paste the API key into the extension panel.

enter api key

#5: Update API key.

Hit the Save button. You now have unlimited access to Engage AI chrome extension.

How to add payment method and top up credits in OpenAI

By selecting the Savers plan, you will only have to pay directly to OpenAI. Your total billing will depend solely on your usage (i.e. comment generations).

#1: Manage account.

On the top right corner of the page, click your account name. Select Manage account in the drop-down.

manage account 2

#2: Setup paid account.

On the left panel, click Billing, then Overview.

Click the Setup paid account button.

setup paid account(2)
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